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Content startups tools you need to survive
Startups: Tools you Need to Survive

Congratulations, you have started a business! This is the stuff dreams are made of. You go to school, you get your degree, and now it’s time to build on what you know, or think you know. The first year of any business is always the defining point of collaborators, or sole proprietors. They jump out there after business training and think that the money is going to start pouring in, but if they are not savvy in their preparation of that first year and grounded in their expectations of what the business world is really like, it could all lead to despair.

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June 10, 2016

Content 10 top online learning platforms coursera is not the only option
10 Top Online Learning Platforms: Coursera is Not the Only Option!

While considering what school you will be attending in the fall, and even if you have already picked one, you may also want to consider taking online courses. Your university may have its own Canvas or Blackboard portal that connects to their online learning curriculum, or you may have heard of online learning sites, such as Coursera, that offer many classes that you can sign up for to take in addition to what your curriculum requires. We have gathered some of the top schools that offer high quality, certificate earning classes that may be of help with your search.

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June 08, 2016

Content 6 famous teachers real and fictional
6 Famous Teachers: Real And Fictional

A great teacher is both a leader and an inspiration. Not only can famous teachers impact the students in their classrooms, they can also encourage people a world away to study harder and to become a better citizen. Of course, it’s not only the famous educators we encounter in real life that make an impact on the world. Many teachers from books, television shows, and movies have a place in our hearts as well. Check out these 6 greatest teachers in history.

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June 02, 2016

Content how to critically analyze any kind of research
How to Critically Analyze Any Kind of Research

When students are considering a research idea, they must rely on earlier results on the topic. The work that was previously done is the basis of their research and will determine the value and course. It’s vital to analyze critically the scientific evidence that exists and know what information is considered as plausible. They need to determine if they can trust the result by finding out how it was conducted. These are some things to consider when doing the research article.

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April 10, 2016

Content 12 education apps
12 Apps for Students for Joyful Self-Education

All students have a lot of new things to learn in their classrooms so why shouldn’t they have the tools to help them and make learning more enjoyable.  When people actually enjoy what they’re doing, they always do it better. So, by incorporating the use of apps in the process, they’re given a better chance to succeed. To help students stay engaged and motivated, it’s necessary to make learning more fun.

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March 09, 2016