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Privacy Policy wants its users to have full understanding of how we do business, and a part of doing business is a solid policy regarding user privacy and protections in place relative to that privacy. This document outlines the types of information we collect as users visit our site and, as well, the use of personal information that users provide when they establish accounts on our site.

Information that is Collected

Two Types of Information are Collected:

  1. Aggregate information as visitors and users access our site. Our system may collect the browser type, the IP address, what pages are visited, and the length of time that a visitor/user remains on the site. This information is anonymous and used for purposed of improving the website.

We do store information from browsers using “cookies.” Most cookies are temporary but a “persistent cookie” may be stored with a user’s login information. Storing that information makes its easier as users return to the site. Anyone may disable cookies by changing his/her browser settings, but this may reduce the effectiveness of site usage and loading of information may be impacted.

  1. User Personal Information. This is information that a user provides to us when setting up an account and personal profile on our site, when communicating with other users, when performing searches, when posting and sending/receiving information. This information is collected from you so that you are able to use all aspects of the site and to receive communications from the site.

Content Posted by Users

When a user posts content on our site, he does so at his own risk. There are privacy setting that can be set up but these will limit access to all pages, as you decide. There is no guarantee that the privacy settings are fully secure, and we have no responsibility for the actions of any other users who access your information or your pages. If hacking should occur, you are urged to inform us; however, we are not responsible for that consequences of such behavior.

If you should remove content that you have posted, there is no guarantee that it has been removed from the site. Other who have accessed that content will still have it and may have shared it elsewhere. It may also be present in our archives, so your removal cannot be considered permanent.

The type of content you post on the site is governed by the Terms of Use Policy. All users are bound by that policy and are responsible for adhering to its elements. If you become aware of violations of our content restrictions, we ask that you inform us. We do have the right to terminate accounts and to block individuals from using our site.

Invitations to Join

Users may invite others to site membership. This is done through the invitation service that is provided on the website. Users supply the email address to us and we will send an invitation in the user’s name. We do store those email addresses, primarily to collect data regarding the response of our invitation program. If someone invited wish their email address to be removed, they should contact us with that request.

Transfer of Your Personal Information

When you use this website, you automatically consent to the processing and transferring of your information across the U.S.

Children Under Age 13

We do not collect nor do we ever solicit any information from any visitor who is under the age of 13. If we discover that someone under 13 has registered with our site, we immediately delete all personal information from our system. If we receive verifiable permission from a parent or guardian for a registration, then we shall restore that account. Anyone who believes that another user may be under the age of 13 should contact us right away.

Children Ages 13 – 18

While we allow you to register with our site in this age bracket, we also recommend that you obtain parent permission to do so. Your parents should know to where and to whom you are providing personal information.

Our Use of Your Information

To register on our site, you provide your full name and email address to us. When you set up your profile and your privacy settings, however, you will only be known by your first name and first initial of your last name. When you access other user profiles that is the information you will have on them as well. If you decide to share more personal information with other users, you do so at your own risk. As well, if you change your privacy settings and those changes allow other to access your profile, changes made be made to your profile, and we are not responsible for those. It is the user responsibility to decide how much information and how much access to give others, and all consequences are the user’s responsibility as well.

We will use your provided personal information to send you emails and other information about features and new developments on our site. If you decide to opt out of our emails, we will still contact you with important announcements that will impact your account.

Sharing You Information with Third Parties

Based upon your profile, we may share your information with third parties, and then you may see promotions and advertisements based upon your interests. This is much the same way as third-party ads and promotions appear on your Facebook page, and they will relate to your interests. At no time will we provide any third-party with your personal information, only information that you have posted on your profile and released publicly.

Permission form User Before We Share Contact Information with third Parties

There are times when your information will be shared with a third party. Some examples of this include the following:

  • If we use a third-part email distribution company, that company will have your email address
  • If you make a purchase on our website, a third-party payment processor will be used.
  • If any law enforcement agency or representative of a court should request your information, it will be provided. We will also provide that information if we suspect that a user has violated the law regarding posting of certain content (copyrights, pornographic, etc.)
  • Should the site, or any part of the site, be sold or transferred to another person or company, than user information will also be transferred. The terms of this Privacy Policy will still be in effect until users are informed that new policies have been put into place.

Your Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties: Any user who posts anything or shares anything with a third party does so at his own risk and is fully responsible for the consequences of that sharing. Once anything is shared by a user with a third party, that information or content does not fall under this Privacy Policy.

Links Found on Our Site

There are links to other websites and to third parties on our site. We do not check their privacy policies, nor are we under any obligation to do so. If you access any sites or third-parties from our site, you are then bound by their terms of use and privacy policies, not ours. Ours end when you leave our site. We are not responsible for any effects of your linking to anyone else from our site.

Changing and/or Removing Your Information

At any time, you can change, modify, or remove your profile information. There are tools on our site for you to do this and you can access those tools from your account. When you remove information from your profile, it may remain in our archives for a while; however, once you remove it, no other user will have access to it.

Any posts that you have shared with others are considered public. Removing those posts from our account will not remove them from any other places to which they have been transferred, and they may show up on the site and elsewhere on the Internet.

Security of the Site

We use the latest technology to protect information of our users, including a secure server and strong firewalls. When a user sends messages and emails, however, this content is not secured and does not have any privacy protections. If you share personal information through such channels, it is not secure and we are not responsible for how it may be used.

Your Acceptance of This Policy

By visiting and using the site, you acknowledge that you have read and have agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy as well as to all of the terms of the Terms of Use Agreement. Should any elements of either of these policies be modified or altered, we will inform all users via email and will publish such changes on the site. Once published, the changes are in effect and users are bound by them.