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6 Famous Teachers: Real And Fictional

  • Author: Veronica
  • June 02, 2016
6 Famous Teachers: Real And Fictional

A great teacher is both a leader and an inspiration. Not only can famous teachers impact the students in their classrooms, they can also encourage people a world away to study harder and to become a better citizen. Of course, it’s not only the famous educators we encounter in real life that make an impact on the world. Many teachers from books, television shows, and movies have a place in our hearts as well. Check out these 6 greatest teachers in history.

1. Frank McCourt

Many people know Frank McCourt as the Author of Angela’s  Ashes  and other contemporary novels. While he was certainly a great author, what many people don’t realize is that he spent many years as a teacher in the New York City School District. In fact, he remained a teacher even after he became a well known author. In his death, he remains one of the more famous teachers in history.

2. Ms. Frizzle

“It’s time to take chances! Make mistakes. Get messy!” Ask any school kid who watched public television in the nineties and they will recognize this quote from “The Magic School Bus”. This animated series featured a now beloved and famous teacher, Ms. Frizzle. “The Friz” took students on magical educational adventures aboard a magic school bus that was capable of doing everything from traveling through space or through the human body.

3. LouAnne Johnson

LouAnne Johnson is an educator and former Marine who left military service to become an English teacher in the inner city. She wrote a book about that experience called My Posse Don’t do Homework. The book was later made into a movie “Dangerous Minds”. The book is the story of her winning over students in an inner city classroom who had been hardened by gang violence, poverty, and lack of mentorship.

4. Jaime Escalante

In 1988 a film was released about a teacher who, against all odds, successfully taught students advanced math at a struggling inner city school. The movie was “Stand and Deliver” and it was about Jaime Escalante. Mr. Escalante was no character though. He was a real teacher who managed to get 18 of his students to pass the AP exam. Even after his death in 2010, he remains one of the great teachers in history.

5. Salman Khan

Who says that education has to happen in the classroom, or that it has to cost money. Salman Khan created Khan Academy. This is a free online learning website that allows students of all ages to take classes in a variety of areas from business, to economics, to mathematics, to coding. Students may handpick courses that are interesting to them, or complete courses of study to earn medals. Khan is just one of many people who are turning the idea of education upside down. In the future, those we remember as famous historical teachers might be technical innovators instead of classroom fixtures.

6. Wendy Bradshaw

Wendy Bradshaw likely never believed that she would become a famous educator. In fact, she gained fame and admiration by doing something that usually doesn’t earn people accolades. She quit. She left her job as a teacher because, in her words, she could no longer justify making children cry. Her frustration was over educational reforms that concentrated too much on test scores, not enough on students needs, and that were completely inappropriate for students developmental levels. Her letter of resignation went viral and helped to spur a conversation on education that continues today.