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Quality of Products and Services

To begin our Custom Essay Meister review we received a 5-page research paper from a contact of ours. It was on the importance of performance art to creative society. Other reviews were scathingly critical in the areas of missed deadlines and work quality. While the paper we received reportedly had arrived on time, it became clear to us exactly why Custom Essay Meister ratings are so low among students. There were so many errors that it was virtually unusable. 

This is why we believe this service is to be approached with caution. They appear to have curated very high-quality papers to use as examples on their website. These papers are all very well written. As a result, customers think this is what they will get if they purchase an essay. Instead, they get papers that are of much lower quality, often written by writers who do not have a fluent grasp of English. Ultimately, while we don’t believe there is evidence of any legal wrongdoing, it is clear that this is not a reliable service and it cannot be trusted. We will provide more detail about these conclusions later in this review. 

Before we continue, here is a brief overview of the steps we take to evaluate a writing service provider.

  • We arrange to receive a paper and review that paper for quality.
  • We obtain information from our source about their receipt of that paper and the ordering process.
  • We review the writing service website for ease of use and quality of web content.
  • We engage with customer service.
  • We conduct an online search of the website in search of customer reviews, consumer complaints, and any other relevant information.
  • We review the company's policies on privacy, terms of use, money-back guarantees, etc.

Writers And Support

This writing service does allow customers to communicate directly with the writers assigned to their order. At first, this is encouraging because the writers are reportedly communicative and insightful. Unfortunately, this does not reflect the papers that are received. It is our understanding that many students believe that they are actually communicating with ENL online service agents. In the meantime, their papers are actually being completed by writers who are not qualified to work on academic papers at a college level.

Because quality is so low, many students find themselves asking for revisions and corrections. Unfortunately, this process appears to be deliberately difficult and confusing. Students are forced to deal with so much frustrating red tape that they give up trying to have their papers fixed. Most simply cut their losses, and accept that they have been taken for a large sum of money. CustomEssayMeister testimonials claim that support and writing are both excellent. We definitely did not find this to be the case. It is telling that the testimonials on the company website are almost completely positive while the reviews elsewhere skew highly negative.

We should also note that we found and reviewed the service’s policy pages. There is a privacy policy document and terms of use. While they are both short and easy to read, they are missing some very important information. The pages do not indicate anything about the company’s cookie policy. They don’t provide any information on what customer information is collected or retained, how it is used, or if it is sold or gifted to third parties. Customers are not told if they are able to find out how their data is used, to view that data, or request that data be deleted. As such, we cannot say that the company is GDPR compliant. That’s something that should be concerning to all customers, especially those in the EU.


In addition to all of the other issues, prices are very high. Our resource paid 22 dollars per page for this paper. Considering the lack of quality of care, that was extremely high. In fact, that’s rather high for a good paper considering that we didn’t get any additional perks or request an early due date. We simply cannot imagine how devastated a college student on a tight budget would be to pay so much money for a poorly written paper. Standard payment methods such as Paypal and debit cards are accepted. The company uses a secured payment processor via a third party website. Making payments appears to be safe. In spite of our other misgivings, we can verify that students placing an order do appear to receive a product.

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Additional Features And Discounts

It would be nice to be able to end this review on any sort of a positive note. Unfortunately there just isn’t a way for us to do that. We searched the website to see if there might be any blog content, graphics, or other useful information, and there simply is none. In addition to this, the website itself is poorly written, cluttered, slow loading, and difficult to navigate. A side note to students who have never used a writing service before; this is a red flag that you are probably dealing with a fly by night operation.
It was of little consolation to find a CustomEssayMeister discount for first-time customers and a CustomEssayMeister promo code for referring a friend. Bad business practices cannot be overcome by coupon codes.
Our final recommendation is that students avoid this writing service. If they do choose to place an order we suggest that they order well in advance of their assignment due date. They will likely need to spend time making edits and corrections. Our final rating is poor.

Checklist Review of CustomEssayMeister by TopWritingReviews

Alesha reviewed

I'm wishing I hadn't paid for their services. It's a complete waste of my time.

Ralphie reviewed

Although their support ws very nice, the writer made too many mistakes. I won't use them again

Eve reviewed

awful quality!!! i paid $200 and got D for my assignment

Lee Witt reviewed

Very disappointed with result as essay gave me a fail 30 % so had to withdraw from unit.

Denise reviewed

That's a disaster in the world of writing services. Companies like this one set the wrong tone for the entire niche. Their customer support is impossible to contact, and when you finally succeed they will switch you from operator to operator back and forth and won't tell you anything helpful. Plus, writers here are also not too reliable.

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