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Table of Contents states that it has been in the writing service business since 2008, providing all types of writing and coursework help to students. We have been asked by a few of our users to provide a review of this company, based upon their experiences with it. While it is our goal to review as many writing services as possible, we do put the priority on those that are requested. In conducting our reviews, we use common criteria for all – the information we find on the company website, including customer testimonials, what we learn about the writers they use, customer comments we solicit and/or find on the web, our review of product quality, pricing, discounts, and any extra benefits the company provides for its customers. In the end, we provide a rating on a scale of 1-5. Here is a summary of Pay for Essay.


Quality of Products And Services

Quality may be in the “eye of the beholder,” but there are some basic factors when we talk about writing. In the case of, quality relates to products that are scholarly, well researched, and written in formal English, with just a few exceptions. focuses solely on academic products and services for students at all levels in their schooling careers – high school through Ph.D. And their list of what they offer is comprehensive – essays, term and research papers, reports and reviews, analyses and critiques, lab reports and case studies, presentations, project proposals, coursework (online courses and STEM homework assignments), and graduate-level projects, such as theses and dissertations. Admissions essays and editing and proofreading round out the list.

To determine quality, we looked at several factors – customer comments, website content, and sample writings the company has published as examples of some of its best work. Here are the results:

  • The Pay for Essay landing page is really crowded with information, and the type font is really tiny – the average customer may not read all of this text, but we did. There are some clear grammar and word usage errors in the content that indicate an ESL writer. While the company boasts American writers, we have to ask why one of those writers did not at least edit this content.
  • The sample essays/papers that are published on the site are on a variety of interesting topics, and students can download them for free. What struck us immediately as we reviewed some of these samples was the lack of citations for the information that was being presented. There are none at all. One essay on Hillary Clinton, for example, contained factual information that had to have come from somewhere, and yet it is not sourced at all. Another piece, on the health benefits of weight loss, was the same, although the content was so thin, maybe it didn’t need any resources. The other issues, of course, related to grammar, sentence structure, and word usage errors – all indicating that ESL writers may have produced these pieces.
  • Customer reviews are mixed. Some were certainly satisfied with what they received; others had to ask for revisions; still, others were deeply disappointed in the quality of both resources and writing. Product quality seems to depend on who the company assigns to each order, and we are not sure how that is done.

Overall, though, we can say that is a legal and reliable writing service that does take and fulfill orders from its customers and deliver them on time. Quality, however, can be an issue.

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Writers And Support

The company states that is uses American writers with Masters and Ph.D.’s. The other information about writers is that they are “educated, professional and confident.” There is no information about how they recruit, screen and employ their writers, so we are “in the dark” on this. Such statements may be a bit of an exaggeration.
In terms of customer support, customers can contact support services via phone, email, and text. There is no live chat feature, something we would recommend the company use. Customers could then get answers to their questions and issues in real-time. The support department is open 24/7, and we verified this by calling them at various hours of day and night. The agents were friendly and certainly tried to be helpful. We asked specific questions about theses and dissertations and were told that they could be done within a few days’ time – that would be miraculous. We were left with the impression that perhaps these agents were not sure exactly what is involved in the production of these major graduate-level projects.


Pricing begins at $11.30 per page for a basic high school essay with a 20-day deadline and progresses up to $44.95 per page for doctoral-level work with a deadline of 6 hours. There is a pricing chart published on the site, which certainly helps students figure out their costs prior to ordering.
There is also a 15% discount for all new customers on their first orders. We did not find a discount program beyond that.
In terms of making a payment, customers can use any major credit or debit card, as well as PayPal. Customers can be confident that their financial information is safe and secure, as the company uses a reputable third-party SSL-certified processor. No financial information is collected or stored by Pay for Essay itself.

Additional Features And Discounts

As stated above, there is a 15% discount for new customers. Beyond that, we could find nothing.
In terms of additional features, offers the standard freebies – title, table of contents and bibliography pages, as well as revisions and formatting according to customer requirements. They also guarantee non-plagiarized writing through the use of Copyscape to review all products before delivery.
There are some resources for customers as well – the sample writings available for download, for instance. They also have a formatting guide which provides a general explanation of differences between format styles, but this is rather worthless, without full detail. Better would be to have a citation generator that students could actually use.


In the end, we can say that is a legitimate service. And its pricing falls within the average range for the industry. The issue we have is the wide variance in quality that customers have experienced. More careful quality control by true professionals might help to fix this problem. Overall, our rating of Pay for Essay is a 3.

Unfortunately, we have to recommend that all students avoid using this writing service. The product quality is not up to par, the customer service is unhelpful, and the website is poorly designed. This combined with bloated prices leaves us unable to recommend this service to anybody.

Checklist Review of PayForEssay by TopWritingReviews

Amethyst reviewed

I ordered an essay there. I gave them very long deadline ( about 3 weeks but I informed them that I have 2 months till the deadline so if they need it they can use it) , gave all of the instructions and even a sample essay from the teacher so the writer could base on it.
I ended up having 3 revisions which were a joke and only wasted my time.( the writer pretended to adjust it but he did not change anything besides rephrasing some sentences.
The writer did not follow the instructions at all!!! I gave him/her/them clear instructions, wrote everything in a seperate word document to make sure the writer has all of the information needed and provided a SAMPLE ESSAY FOR GOD’s sake!!!’

Why can’t the writer follow the instructions? I have seen this thing repeating in the reviews - writers are not following the instructions!!! Is there any reason to this?

After 2nd revision my original writer gave up ( he had no idea what he was writing about and did not do any decent research about the topic) so they matched a new writer.
The new writer was supposed to revise it again. My teacher gave me instructions on what to change and how to adjust so I can pass and get a good grade because he reviewed the essay. I gave the writer these instructions to follow - they were ignored ... again
He actually rephrased some sentences and that’s it. It was more of a “pretending to do something” than actually doing something.
He again did not follow the instructions, he did not even bother to delete my teacher’s instructions so you could see that he totally ignored the whole job.

There were typos and FALSE REFERENCING!!! If you are sensitive about outdated referencing do not use this website. One of my references were from 1968!!!! 1968!!!! My teacher was shook!!!
There were formating Errors and false information ( that is because of how poor the research for this essay was)

I wanted to buy another essay but I knew that I can’t trust this website. Im broke so I ended up buying a new essay from or something like that and my teacher ( after reviewing it) said it was great! I was scared that the website will be shady since it is very cheap but I ended up with better essay than from - this is not sponsored or anything
I am just telling you from my own experience so you can save your money, time and emotions.

Payforessay refunded 80% of the amount that I paid so it is not as bad but since the essay was really useless they should have refunded 100%.
They wasted 1,5 month counting writing and revisions.
The worst part in all of this is the fact that they pretended to do revisions while writer did absolutely nothing besides wasting my time. I could use this time to write this essay myself.

Do not order from there!

Ps: i gave them 2 stars because it is super easy to contact the support and customer service. They respond almost immediately and that is good.If not this - i would give them 1 star.

Gareth reviewed

Work is full of plagiarism. Don't use it

Edward reviewed

the quality of my paper was ok, but they didn't get in touch with me for 2 weeks

Finn reviewed

Service is bad. My order is not done yet. The manager gave the writer full payment without asking me. Never ever would recommend Pay for essay

Enisho reviewed

It was.. weird. I'm not sure what exactly they did wrong but the entire text seems off. I didn't ask for revision, just took it and won't ever use them again.

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