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PayForEssay is an online writing service. According to its website, it was founded 12 years ago. This is our official review. As always, we put a lot of time and effort into writing this Pay For Essay review. The first thing that we did was to do some background research to see if there are any Pay For Essay scam allegations. Then, we searched for PayForEssay reviews that have been written by past customers of this service. Finally, we ordered an essay so that we could experience their products and services first hand. For those who are interested, this content provider only focuses on academic writing.

Quality of Products And Services

Let’s begin by discussing product quality. We ordered a 5 page essay to be written at the undergraduate level that was due in 14 days. We are sad to report that the writing was very poor. It was quite clear to us that the writer did not have much experience writing in English. This should have come as no surprise to us, as the website itself is written in very broken English. There is no way that a college instructor would have accepted this paper.

Now, let’s move on to services. It is clear that services such as quality control, editing, and proofreading are completely lacking here. Sadly, we don’t think that we are an exception, because other reviews reflected the same experience.

Finally, we also consider a writing service’s website to be both a product and a service. Sadly, there is little about the website to benefit students in anyway. It is poorly written, difficult to navigate, and there are annoying pop ups that are very distracting.


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Writers And Support

At first, our experiences with customer service were quite nice. They answered our questions promptly and politely.  Our writer was also very courteous letting us know that they had begun working on our assignment and sending us status updates. Unfortunately, we did not receive the same level of service when we asked for a free revision due to the poor quality of our paper. We were told that we must wait for our revision to be approved. 48 hours passed and we heard nothing. When we contacted customer support a second time, we were told that we would have to pay to have our paper revised. Pay For Essay ratings are very low in the area of writing and support as far as we are concerned.

Prices prices are extremely high. We paid over 23 dollars per page for an undergraduate essay. That price is nearly ten dollars over the market average. This would not be a problem if the quality was exceptional. Unfortunately, the quality doesn’t even reach the level of average. We are a bit baffled by the website’s claim that ⅓ of their customers provide them with repeat business. This seems like a serious exaggeration to us.

Additional Features And Discounts

Other than some PayForEssay testimonials, there are really no additional features here. There are no blogs, articles, or other interesting content. In addition to this, the only PayForEssay discount that we were able to find was one offering 15 percent off the price of a first time order. There did not seem to be any other coupon codes. We were also unable to find a PayForEssay promo code on any websites or social media pages.

Unfortunately, we have to recommend that all students avoid using this writing service. The product quality is not up to par, the customer service is unhelpful, and the website is poorly design. This combined with bloated prices leaves us unable to recommend this service to anybody.

Checklist Review of PayForEssay by TopWritingReviews

Abigail reviewed

If you have other options you should avoid this company. They promise a lot but then, you look at your paper and could start crying at once. No formatting, no references, no proper research. Though their prices are even higher than average it also took them almost two weeks to finish my paper as the writer assigned at the beginning suddenly got sick. Not trustworthy enough for a writing company. I`d recommend looking for another service if you need your assignment on time.

Landon reviewed

I liked the writer who worked on my order. You can tell at once that he`s professional and experienced. Unfortunately, in a few days after I`d placed my order, they decided to change the writer and gave me an ESL student to work with. No surprises, the essay turned out to be awfully written. Without any proper structure but with lots of mistakes.

Rita reviewed

I have nothing to say about this writing company except for their good discounts. Quality sucks(

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