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We are writing this Essay review as a favor to the many students who have contacted us asking for information about this online writing service. To begin this process we wanted to ensure that there was no risk of an Essay scam. Our research shows there is not. The company does appear to deliver the products that its customers order. We also researched the company online. We read several Essay.WS reviews that had been written by past customers. We even took Essay.WS testimonials into consideration . Of course, our process also involved placing an order for a college level essay, and reviewing that essay for accuracy and quality. Finally, we took the time to explore the writing service website for information on pricing, discounts, and any extras we could find.

Step 1: About Essay.WS

Essay is a writing service that offers academic and business writing services. Their website indicates they are located in San Diego, CA. However, a check of the address the publish reveals that location is a home in a residential neighborhood. Making things even more suspicious, the map provided on their website is of a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, NY. We were unable to discern what if any connection there was to New York. However, a check of the San Diego address made it clear that several not so legitimate businesses appear to be using that address.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

Nearly every Essay review that we read had negative feedback about the products customers receive. Common complaints were that papers were sloppily written, were missing citations, and weren’t written to the instructions given. When we received our essay, we understood these low Essay ratings. Our paper was also full of errors, and it was clear that it was written quickly without much consideration for our instructions.

Step 3: Writers And Support

Writers and customer support personnel here are clearly out of their element. Support reps seemed disturbingly unfamiliar with policies and other basic information. Our writer was definitely unqualified to write even at the lowest college level.

Step 4: Prices

Essay.WS prices run on the low side of average when compared to other writing services. We paid just under 13 dollars per page for our essay. It was written at the college level, which actually means undergraduate. It also had a two week deadline. Unfortunately, even though the prices were reasonable in terms of industry standards, they were not at all reasonable taking quality and customer service into account.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

When we placed our order, we were given the opportunity to enter an Essay promo code. This tells us that there is some kind of Essay discount program available. Unfortunately, no discounts were offered to us, and we couldn’t find information about them on this writing company’s website. We did not find any features or extra content. The website does not link to a blog or other interesting information.

Our final conclusion is that this service is not at all worth using. They return papers that are poorly written. The company has a very dubious backstory considering their location information, and their website is difficult to navigate.

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Becky reviewed


You'll be surprised to learn that my essay was written by an Indian author who hardly knows English! Its a complete rip-off.

Kelan reviewed


They sent me a paper 2 days after the deadline

Jason Quintana reviewed


Don't trust them!! They take your money and don't send a paper!!!

Rebecca reviewed


Old-fashioned website and poor writing by some ESL students. Don`t recommend.

Agrican reviewed


This was a pitiful experience and I don't think I'll ever be using writing services again. They sent me a wrong paper ad when I told them it wasn't my paper, the chat operator spent some time arguing with me that it actually was my paper but they had to change the subject slightly. When I called them and got another agent, they agreed the paper was wrong. Yet, I had to wait for half a day to get the right paper. And it wasn't any good.

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