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Since we have received many requests to review Helpful Papers, we have decided to go through the steps required to conduct this write up. These steps include placing an order for an essay, reading reviews written by customers, exploring the company website, researching the company online, comparing prices, and reading testimonials. Our complete review follows below.

Step 1: About

HelpfulPapers is one of many writing services owned by parent company, GrandDominie Ltd. It’s mailing address is in London. However, it should be noted that it’s legal address is in Cypress. This may be of concern as this country is known as a preferred location for dishonest business people to house their companies. This is not guarantee of a Helpful Papers scam. We simply advise people to take precautions. According to their website, they appear to offer a limited number of academic writing services only.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

The first concern we encountered was the website itself. The pages loaded slowly. It was difficult to find the information that we needed, and placing an order was needlessly complex. Our interactions with customer support were also frustrating. We were frequently unable to contact anyone. The essay we received was short by more than 100 words. It was poorly written with numerous factual errors. The writer also selected sources that were quite dubious and inappropriate for academic writing.

Step 3: Writers And Support

Customer support here seems to lack meaningful training. While not quite rude, most didn’t seem very interested in providing proper service or helping customers. While our writer was cordial enough, we were not at all impressed with their abilities.

Step 4: Prices

We paid more than 18 dollars per page for our essay. These prices are on the high side of average. This would have been find had the quality of our essay been quite a bit better. As it is, prices here are too high for what you receive in return. In order for this pricing to be worthwhile, we would have to see a significant improvement in both customer service, and quality writing.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

As far as additional features, we didn’t find much worth mentioning. There is a blog. Unfortunately, the posts are written in very broken English and aren’t very informative or insightful. There are HelpfulPapers discount programs available. From what we read there are coupon codes for seasonal discounts and repeat purchases. Customers with big orders can call and request a special HelpfulPapers promo code.

Ultimately, the vast majority of HelpfulPapers reviews we read were quite negative. We believe the low Helpful papers ratings were mostly due to low quality writing. However, customer service and poor website design also stand out as significant issues. Unfortunately, our experience was negative as well. Because of this, we are forced to conclude our Helpful Papers review by strongly encouraging students not to use this writing service. They are simply not worth the money given the fact that they seem unable to deliver satisfactory, college level papers.

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Robert reviewed

I paid a lot of money (at least for me), it was a complete waste. I attempted a revision but was unsuccessful, and the paper was due before I could make another. I'll most likely seek assistance elsewhere the next time I need it

Wendy McBean reviewed

Had to make some corrections

Wendy McBean reviewed

A bit disappointing. Had to make some corrections

Usaamah reviewed

They didn`t understand my task and just wrote it as they wanted. My professor gave me C- because of the wrong structure and non-existent references.

Terry reviewed

Helpful papers appear to be not that helpful, unfortunately. They had trouble meeting the deadline and we agreed on a later date they assured me was fine. And yet they messed it up. What's more, they didn't use the references I told them to.

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