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Law Teacher has been in the writing service industry since 2003. As the name implies, it is focused on products and services that relate to the study of law and is therefore not related to students who are majoring in other content fields. Still, we have decided to conduct this review so that students of the law have objective information about this source for writing help. To complete this Law Teacher review, we spent a lot of time on the website, reading the content and information. Because there were no LawTeacher testimonials published on the site, we scoured the web in search of LawTeacher reviews published elsewhere. Under normal circumstances, we order a short research paper from a writing service we review. In this case, we did not, due to the high prices the service charges.

Step 1: About

LawTeacher is UK-based, although it does provide products and services to students of the law in the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

All product and services relate to undergraduate and graduate studies that are in the academic field of law, so the focus is quite narrow. However, the company states that it does provide everything from essays through dissertations in this field. Additional service includes help with coursework assignments and editing/proofreading.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

We have evaluated quality of writing by studying the sample writings posted on the site and through reviews we were able to find online.

Samples of writing, which the site states are from their own writers, are well researched and written. The website content itself reflects solid English grammar and composition skills.

Customer reviews range from “average” to “good,” and it appears that clients of the service get what they order and get it on time.

It is clear that there is no Law Teacher scam.

Step 3: Writers and Support

One concern that we have is the process by which this company acquires writers. On its site, there is a “call” for researchers. When we accessed that link, we found that the process for becoming a writer with this company does not involve a rigorous employment screening and interview process. There are only three steps – filling out an application form, proof of identity, and submission of a transcript and a 200-word personal statement essay. For a company that is providing products and services to graduate students in law, this is hardly sufficient.

We did contact customer support with some detailed questions and received satisfactory answers.

Step 4: Prices prices are high. Students can calculate the pricing on the site before placing an order. When we priced a 2-3-page essay with the requirement for an “A” grade and a 7-day delivery, we were given a price of $363.00.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

Students will find no LawTeacher discount, no promo code for new customers and not coupon codes for a break on prices. We asked customer support about this and were told that prices were set with no exceptions.

In terms of additional features, students will find a number of free resources housed on the site, such as study guides and lecture notes on various aspects of the law, but these are based on UK case law. American students will not be able to use these.


For students of the law, especially in UK universities, this company offers a good variety of products and services. However, its prices for original products are really high, and it does not appear that the process for employing researchers/writers is rigorous enough. We are assigning overall Law Teacher ratings of “Fair.”

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Adib reviewed

Very satisfied with their offer in terms of price, and timeframe, and quality. Recommend!

Faustino reviewed


Giulia reviewed

I worked with Samuel who seems to be a very dedicated writer. He wrote a brilliant conclusion and introduction but the research itself was not substantial enough. So some facts were missing and my professor decided to give me B- for the piece. Not bad but I expected more than that.

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