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This is our review of 123 writings. In order to provide you with the best information possible, we read several reviews. This was to get a baseline idea of the company’s reputation. Reading these 123Writings reviews was pretty mixed. There were both positive and negative reviews. We also ordered a paper, and researched the company online. Keep reading to learn more!


This is a content provider that offers both academic and business writing services. For this write up, we decided to focus on academic writing. They offer essays, term papers, IB projects, and a wide variety of other papers. For our review, we opted to order an essay for a college freshman.

Quality of Products And Services

Because of the high price point, we decided we would hold our writer and the customer support team to very high standards. Sadly, they failed to meet those standards. The essay we receive was mediocre at best. There were spelling and grammatical errors. We also found two instances where a citation was not correct. More importantly, the writing was simply below average. We expected more from a website that is designed in a way that seems to appeal to students with higher academic standards and, to be honest, more money to spend.

Writers And Support

Our writer was quite cordial. She was professional and communicative. Unfortunately, she seemed well beyond her depth when it came to academic writing. Support was relatively professional. However, they did become combative when we approached them about the issues with the essay that we ordered.


Our cost per page for a freshman level essay was over 21 dollars per page. Considering that we ordered no add-ons, and this was a very simple assignment that price is very high. Industry standard runs between eight and four dollars less than that. Further, we only received that price because we selected a due date of 15 days or more into the future.

Additional Features And Discounts

Nearly every review that we read made note of the interesting blog posts at the 123writings website. We agree that these posts are well written. While this is a plus, readers should also know that it isn’t easy to find a 123writings discount. In fact, there is no place on the website coupon codes. We had to open up a chat session and request a 123writings promo code.

A Final Word

Now  that we have reached the end of our 123 Writings review, it’s time for a few final thoughts. While there were things that impressed us, there were two important factors where this writing service failed to deliver. The first is that prices are simply too far above industry average. This is further aggravated by the writing quality that just isn’t quite up to par.

While we agree with the many positive 123Writings testimonials on web design, ease of navigation, and secure order placement, we cannot recommend this content provider. We can affirm that there is no 123 Writings scam. We did receive a paper, and our payment was processed safely. We believe that there are and will continue to be 123 Writings ratings that are below average until quality issues can be solved. Meanwhile, please check out our other, positive reviews.

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Salgado reviewed

Never trusted my college assignment to any services and shouldn`t have started. They just ignored all the information I provided, didn`t even look at the list of requirements. No surprise, everything went completely wrong! Wrong structure, wrong sources, bad writing. I cannot recommedn this company to anyone as they simply don`t listen to their customers!

Hugo reviewed

My experience with 123writings can be an illustration of an expectation/reality meme. They look so good and have so many comments out there telling what a great company this is - and I got a piece that was fully rewritten from one blog post that was easily found by me on the very second page in Google. If I can do it, someone else will spot the rewritten thing too (I mean my supervisor, for instance)!

Gabriel reviewed

Easy to use but difficult to understand what you have to pay for. The quality sucks.

Elisa reviewed

They are so overpriced. You know that feeling when ordered from a super communicative seller on Amazon, who had the nicest pictures of the product and provided you with real-life-looking photos and you still get crap? That's exactly what I got from 123writings. They promise a lot and leave you with 3 pages of random sentences supposedly rewritten from the internet. No wonder their support wizard always asks you if it's your first time using a writing service - those who are at home would never make a mistake of messing with this company.

Alme reviewed

I loved the rocket on their website, real cool. Too bad all the funds were spent on a designer as this banner appears to be the best thing about them. My paper had nothing in common with what I asked for in the order form. No, they're super friendly and try their best, I guess they just lack expertise. Classic example of aiming too high.

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