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EduBirdie has a business model that operates more as a customer-writer “matching” clearinghouse than as a writing service, with employed research and writing staff. This is not a unique model, and we have reviewed such services numerous times. This review has been based on many factors – the information the company provides on its website, EduBirdie testimonials found on the writers’ profiles, pricing, discounts, and other customer benefits, and our experiences with writers and customer support as we obtained a research paper. We also reached out on the web to find EduBirdie reviews that former customers have posted on review sites and social media. Is EduBirdie safe and reliable? We’re here to find out!


Step 1: About

As we said, this company operates more as a clearinghouse for freelance writers and student/other customers who have need of writing services. Customers are invited to place orders. Those orders are placed on a “job board” of sorts, to which all registered writers have access. Interested writers then place bids.

At the point of the bids, customers do have the ability to communicate with potential writers via a message board. They also have access to a writer profile, although those profiles are very thin – they consist of testimonials, the number of orders the writer has filled, and star-based rating. It’s difficult to know whether or not a writer is to be trusted, as all on-site feedback on writers skews positive.

Part of our Edu Birdie review was to check the types of products and services that are offered. While most customers seem to be students, there are also other writing products and services offered - business writing, resumes and CV’s, web-based copywriting, and editing. Whatever a customer may want, there will be bidders on that order. Academic writing services included standard writing projects which included essays, research papers, and admissions essays. Thesis and dissertation assistance is available.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Service

To try to provide an assessment of quality, we had to rely on a lot of reviews that we found on writer profiles and on off-site sources. We can summarize these as follows:

  • The testimonials on writer profiles are all quite positive
  • Feedback we were able to find off-site was more mixed. Some customers were relatively satisfied with their products, but a number of others were dissatisfied with both their products and their attempts to get responses from the customer support department
  • Our experience was mixed as well. In our conversations with bidders, we requested information about their academic backgrounds. All of them listed Ivy League schools, which we found difficult to believe. The site itself does not post any verified credentials of the registered writers. The paper we received was mediocre at best. Grammar and composition reflected a probable ESL writer. Asking for revisions and contacting customer support was met with no response
  • Customer satisfaction and receipt of a successfully completed paper appear to depend entirely on accepting a bid from the best writer. Customers should choose very carefully

Step 3: Writers and Support

There were off-site concerns expressed about both quality of writing and customer support. We did share those concerns.

There is far little information about writers on the site. Our biggest concern is that there does not appear to be any company quality control regarding writer backgrounds and credentials. To register as a writer, one need only create a profile and begin. Customers have to rely solely on what writers say about themselves.

While there is certainly no overt Edu Birdie scam, control over quality of writing, writers, and customer support is certainly lacking. It is up to the customer. If you have issues with the completion of your writing project, you are largely ‘on your own’.

Step 4: Prices prices are not set. They are based upon what the writer and customer agree upon. Because of this, there is no EduBirdie discount for new customers, no EduBirdie coupon codes for special pricing events, and no promo code for loyalty discounts. Customers are free to negotiate pricing with individual writers and may be able to get a reduction.

Our paper was the ultimate $134.00 for a paper of 8-pages at the college level. And a new policy will allow a customer to order a piece through the company itself, at $9.99/page. This is quite low, and we wonder about the quality of those writers.

EduBirdie does have a secure payment process in place. They accept standard forms of payment. We are not aware of any breaches or legal issues relating to payments or data security.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

As we already stated, there are no company discounts. In terms of additional benefits, again, these have to be negotiated with the bidding writers. We got a free title and bibliography page.

The company does state that revisions can be requested once the piece is finished and delivered. We requested revisions and have yet to have a response. Customer support told us to contact the writer. This is disappointing and bad PR.

As part of this review, we sought out, and read policy pages. We were particularly attentive to information about data privacy. We were pleased to see that these policies were clear and easy to understand. However, there was no mention of GDPR compliance that we were able to found.


Edu Birdie ratings, based upon a number of former customer comments and our own experience is decidedly “Fair.” The company needs to beef up its quality control and take a larger role in verifying writer backgrounds and credentials before allowing them to register on its site.


Checklist Review of Edubirdie

Adriana reviewed

English was not my writer's first language. I requested a revision and requested that the writer review all the papers I supplied for the project and correct any grammar mistakes. So, you know what I got in the mail. Nothing good.

Sienna reviewed

I've had a bad experience with their translators. They only make excuses, and to be honest, I'm sick of them.

Bernice reviewed

I paid and didn't get my paper - it's a scam!!!!

Olli reviewed

my little sister can write better than their phd writers!!!

Benny Davies reviewed

they didn't send me my essay!! their support was promising that it'll be after a couple of days but a week passed and nothing!!!

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