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We know that many people are stumbling upon iWriter and they want to know whether it’s a platform worthy of trust or not. Because we understand this concern, as well as the concern of various people requesting us to review it. IWriter is a site that works simply, similar to the way most writing services do. More specifically, the client registers, requests a paper, waits for the content, receives it, and decides if to accept or reject it. 

So, we finally found a good time to review this platform and let you know more about it. We’ve looked into aspects such as:

  • The ability of the writers to communicate with the client
  • If the writing is a high-quality one or a bad-quality one
  • Whether the contact service is trustworthy 
  • Whether they have good reviews or not
  • The pricing for their services 
  • Whether they have good writers
  • The content available on the site and what it says about the platform

It’s our goal to make sure people only use high-quality services, and we hope more people will find our review. With that being said, here is a summary of

Step 1: About is a website where people can purchase written content or become writers themselves and help other people by writing for them. On their site, they mention having more than 113,900 writers from all over the world who can deal with writing content for clients. 

The first thing you have to do is create an account, then you can request content and have a writer assigned to do the job for you. You will have to offer proper information about what you want done, such as the style, topic, and deadline. The writer will work on the paper, after which you will receive it when it’s done. You have the right to review the content before you accept it, and if it’s not what you’re looking for or there are mistakes, you can reject it. On the other hand, if everything’s alright, you can download the content and use it as you like. 

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

We’ve analyzed the products and services, as well the blog content of iWriter, and discovered a few things:

  • For the most part, the content on their blog is written in proper grammar and there are usually no mistakes found. The articles are well-structured, with multiple subheadings to make navigation easier for whoever is browsing the blog. 
  • The topics chosen are very interesting and contain useful information for the most part. 
  • They have positive reviews on the site, but what people have told us is completely different. Although a few good points can be made here and there, they still have things to work on to improve the platform. That being said, there have been situations of clients reporting that the quality of the articles left much to desire and that multiple grammar errors have been made frequently. 
  • People who worked for the website as writers have said, in many cases, that they didn’t receive their earnings long after they started doing their job. Accounts have been blocked and writers were left with no money after working hard to please clients. The payment is not that high for writers as it is, but not even receiving it is one of the cons. 
  • Getting promoted to the next level as a writer can be very difficult and takes a lot of time. 
  • Before you request content from, you can check out some samples depending on the writing tiers. While this is very useful before someone decides whether they should pay for the services or not, it doesn’t reflect the quality of all writers so while the samples may be great, it doesn’t mean your writer will be. 

Step 3: Writers and Support

At this point, iWriters mentions having more than 113,900 writers, with more than 7 million articles written to date. When it comes to the actual writers, the platform features a list of the best ones. That being said, you can find a list of the most prolific writers, as well as the highest-rated ones, so you know which ones to look towards. The writers are not always native English speakers, so you may find errors in their writing sometimes. 

The writers themselves are also not treated properly and don’t earn enough money for the time and effort they spend writing their content. According to Reddit, the site even stopped hiring writers from certain countries. 

We tried contacting the customer support as well, to find out how reliable they can be. To get in contact with them, you have to fill out a form with your details and your issue and wait for a response from It took a while until we could get a response from them, meaning the customer service is not too fast. 

Step 4: Prices

Pricing depends on the tier. Basically, there are four tiers available on, respectively standard, premium, elite and elite plus, and the prices increase with the higher the tier is. The pricing is also different depending on the number of words written. Starting with the standard writing, the lowest price is $1.40 for 150 words and raises to $46.50 for 6000 words. For premium content, you will pay $3 for 150 words, and as the prices go up, you will reach the $99 amount for 6000 words. Elite content starts from $4.70 for 150 words and then boosts to $132 for 6000 words. Lastly, elite plus content will start at $13 for 150 words and can be as much as $435 for 6000 words. 

The tiers can indicate the quality of the content so if you want high-quality writing, the site is telling you that you have to pay more. But that still doesn’t mean you will receive the top-notch content you’re looking for. It could just be a way for them to earn more cash, while at the end of the day, there’s no way for you to know the quality of the writer beforehand. 

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

We didn’t find any additional features for this writing platform. There are also no discounts available, so you can forget using coupon codes to pay less for the content. Not being able to use a promo code is a big disadvantage since people look to pay less, especially when you never know how good the content is going to be. 


IWriter is not the worst writing service there is. It has some good things, such as the fact that paying for the services and the overall process of requesting a paper is easy. The content is written correctly on the platform and the blog. But we’re concerned too and can’t say this is the best option you have for content. The writers are not always amazing as not everyone is a native English speaker and on top of that, it’s hard to verify how legit a writer is. 

While the site is not the worst, we cannot say we recommend it either. If you do use it, then you need to make sure you don’t go for the cheapest service and that you find out a lot about your writer before you offer your trust. If you’re lucky enough, you may end up with good content.

Kezia reviewed

If you need someone to write your paper quickly and get a good grade don't use their services. Put your trust in another company to not be let down.

Barnaby reviewed

I asked them to write me a concise report on an important project I just completed. But the draft they sent me was so illogical it didn't even properly cover all the important aspects and formatting as well was below average.

Leo Logan reviewed

I writer support are scammers. I worked for them, and they promised to send me my payments, but they haven't yet sent me the payments. I have contacted their support, but they are ignoring my emails. Please send me my money, and I will stop bothering you.

Hugh reviewed

Dont hire them if you dont want a bad grade. They have no idea what theyre doing.

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