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7DollarEssay is an online writing service that may be based in the U.S., but we are not certain. The company website provides a phone number in New York, but Google shows that it is located in the state of Colorado. The site does not provide information on its location. Nevertheless, it is in business and does market its services, it appears, primarily to students. A very unhappy custome came to us and asked us to perform a 7 Dollar Essay review, and we conducted it in the same way we do all of them. We looked at the website itself, especially its content, reviewed the 7DollarEssay testimonials the company published, checked for samples or blog posts, looked at pricing and discounts, and read through other 7DollarEssay reviews that we found in other places. Finally, we ordered a research paper to see for ourselves the quality of product and service we received. What follows is our full review.


The company obviously focuses on academic writing for students in high school through Master’s degree programs. These services and the subjects covered are provided by links on the landing page. From there things get a bit disjointed. There is no link for pricing and discounts – that link is found on the “About Us” page. The site could definitely use some re-working.

What makes matters worse is that the writing is so terrible, it is hard to get through the content. It is obvious that non-native English speakers have composed the text. If they have the expert writers they claim, we wonder why one of them did not write the site content.

Quality of Products and Services

Given the reviews that we read, we were not expecting much with the paper we ordered. And we were right. Here are the major complaints:

  • Writing is of very poor quality, including incomplete sentences, wrong verb tenses, incorrect use of articles, and wrong word usage.

  • Resources used for research were basic and some completely unacceptable, like Wikipedia.

  • Our paper was about as bad as any we have ever received.

We did contact customer service twice, as we normally do. The agents could not answer most of our questions about product details, indicating that this is an answering service, not a company-run department. Support is clearly inferior.


True to its word, prices begin at $7/page for a high school essay with a 15-day deadline. They increase to $35/page at the Master’s degree level with a more urgent deadline. Obviously, this is much cheaper than most services.

Additional Features and Discounts

We looked for any type of 7DayEssay discount for new customers but could not find one. Nor were there any 7dayessay coupon codes for returning customers or those with long or complex assignments. We asked customer support about this and were told that once in a while a 7dayessay promo code is posted on the site.

In terms of additional features, customers can select from three levels of quality – standard, premium, and platinum. We ordered the premium level, and, as bad as it was, we wonder what the standard level must be.

Clearly, there is no 7 Day Essay scam going on here. Customers can order writing products and get them. The problem is clearly the terrible quality that is produced. We advise students to stay away from this company. Our 7 Day Essay ratings in every category are “poor.”

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Charles reviewed

When I`m in a bad mood I just go to their website and watch their fake reviews from fake customers. Such a poor service that I doubt anyone will ever want to share a positive review of their offers. Bad writing with lots of mistakes and plagiarised research. I`ll give them 1 and recommend everyone to stay away from this company.

Paul reviewed

My essay was written using "He" almost exclusively. I don't think the writer had something on mind when did this but this looks super sexist. Obviously, someone who wrote this, doesn't know English well enough.

Anna reviewed

Not the worst service I`ve ever used. It`s cheap and their staff are friendly and helpful.

Luke reviewed

I paid much more than was promised on their website and hoped it guaranteed a top-notch quality. It was quite foolish of me. Paying more doesn't mean they will provide you with a good paper. For example, mine had tons of mistakes and was delivered later than we agreed upon.

Sidney reviewed

Great website design, promising feedback with video from customers, a lot of top-notch services - and in the end you get something incredibly awful. How come? No, seriously. Looks like the website is own by a completely different company than that writing your paper work. I`m disappointed, and I dunno whether I`d be able to trust any resource ever again. Disgusting experience I`d not recommend anyone to have.

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