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PrivateWriting is an internet-based writing service that provides academic paper writing services, resume writing, and web-based writing for businesses. The company is registered in Arizona, but most of the writers, customer service agents, and other staff appear to be based in non-English speaking foreign countries. We have been assigned the task of writing a comprehensive review. In order to complete this Private Writing review, we follow a series of steps. First, we do some internet research and read other reviews. Then, we look for any evidence of allegations of a Private Writing scam or legal troubles. We also explore the website to review web content quality and any extra features. Finally, we obtain a paper through a source of ours so that we can experience writing and customer service first hand. We hope readers will find this review to be thorough and helpful.

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Quality of Products and Services

As a general rule, we arrange to receive a fairly simple paper. We didn’t make an exception to that in this case. We received a five-page, college-level, essay to be written within 14 days. That should have been a very easy assignment for a company that claims to have over 700 writers with graduate degrees. Unfortunately, our paper arrived almost 24 hours late, and the quality was abysmal. This was clearly written by somebody who is not a native English speaker. Needless to say, we were displeased, although not surprised. Several other PrivateWriting reviews also mentioned serious quality issues.

Writers and Support

Like many other writing services, this one offers a range of writing products. These are aimed at college students, college applicants, business professionals, and job seekers. This review is largely written for students. Students will find all common forms of writing assignments here, including essays and research papers. Graduate students can get help with thesis and dissertation assignments. Students can also place orders for academic assistance, including help with math problems. Finally, proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing services are available for order.

While our writer was courteous, they clearly were not qualified to do the job. We’re not sure if this was due to the fact that they struggle with English or if they were also academically unsuited to the work. Regardless, their lack of ability showed in the product that we received and that was quite disappointing. The only positives here were that the paper reportedly arrived on time. The writer stayed on the requested topic. The paper was also the appropriate length and citation format.

Next, we will deal with customer support. This was quite frustrating for us. We had a paper that clearly was not written to any reasonable standards. Unfortunately, instead of making things right, customer support was initially unresponsive. Then, when we were able to get someone to communicate with us, they wanted to hide behind technicalities and fine print. Customer support is available online or via phone.


We paid 14 dollars per page for a paper that was late and that was completely unacceptable when it came to quality. While this price is pretty close to the industry average, it certainly was too high considering the quality that we paid. prices need to be reduced and their customer service and writing quality need to improve immensely.

Payment methods here are standard. They accept debit and credit cards, and PayPal. They use secured sockets layer technology to keep financial transactions safe. The process of placing an order appears to be as reliable as any other online service.

Additional Features and Discounts

The only PrivateWriting discount that we were able to find was a progressive discount that kicks in after the customer spends a significant amount of money. There were no coupon codes. We even searched the internet to find a PrivateWriting promo code and came up empty-handed. There are several articles on the website’s blog. However, most of them are poorly written and are really just prolonged sales pitches for the companies own products and services. This is a shame, considering that other writing services produce great blogs that are actually relevant to their audience members. We also did not find any PrivateWriting testimonials. This may be because at this point Private Writing ratings on the internet are quite low.

As part of this evaluation, we take the time to read various policy documents and frequently asked questions. Due to rising concerns in data privacy, we are especially interested in privacy and cookie policies. We located the privacy policy and found it to be reasonably clear. It details how customer information is collected and stored, what is done with it, and what the customer’s rights are. Because students are allowed to access their information, request deletion, or make changes, we believe the company is likely GDPR compliant. Students are advised to verify this for themselves, however. Other policies were clear, but there was nothing noteworthy about these.

We are sorry to announce that at this time we have to give this writing service our thumbs down. There are just too many problems for anybody to risk spending their money here. Instead of using this service, why not check out one of our highly ranked writing services so that you can get your money’s worth. We are proud to provide our endorsement to several other writing providers.

Checklist Review of PrivateWriting by TopWritingReviews

Paulina reviewed

The only issue I have with them is that they are unreliable. They stated that they will provide my paper within 24 hours, but they never did

Arielle reviewed

My worst experience with essay writing sites

Amalie reviewed

awful service! they sent me my paper 5 days after the deadline and it was 70% plagiat!!!

Michael reviewed

It was one of the best company but has become one of the worst after it decided to exploit its writers. Demanding that new writers complete 15 free orders when they are paid by customers is despicable

Olivia reviewed

I hate my piece, that's so gross. What's even worse, when I turned to support asking for refund, they told me that I probably made my guidelines not clear enough and that they cannot refund if the order was made wrong because of the wrong instructions. The instructions were fine, its just the writer is lazy! Now I have to waste more time, making sure the dumbass can read them as he obviously isn't going to clarify if somethingseems vague.

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