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WritingUniverse Review: Find Out the Truth About Services, Prices, Quality

Our WritingUniverse review is based on the experience of our team with this writing company. It hasn’t existed for a long time, but its seemingly generous terms attract a lot of attention. Many students show interest in it, which is why we decided to explore it. WritingUniverse works at an impressive speed: it’s already built a helpful platform with 100K free papers and hired experts who specialize in a variety of industries.

Its website has a cool design: an alien with the UFO is the last thing people expect to see when they’re looking for academic help. Since the name of the firm justifies it, it looks fitting. The content is professional and detailed, though it has some typos that made our review team feel skeptical: if managers don’t bother with proofreading, who knows what kind of quality clients should expect? To find out, we placed our order.

Quality as a Heart of Writing Universe Review

We asked WritingUniverse to create a market analysis on university level. The order form was simple and detailed: we mentioned all nuances, such as the number of pages, formatting style, number of sources, our preferences, etc. Be sure you do that, too — if you miss some details, you won’t get what you’re paying for. Our essay was 6 pages long and we set a 15-day deadline. In academic writing market, this term is ideal for creating a paper with this length.

We were informed that a writer picked up our request four hours after we placed it. Occasionally, we asked questions about its status, and we were reassured that everything was progressing just fine. The essay arrived when we expected it, so honors its promises. The analysis was satisfying, too, which was a relief. But there was one problem: we ordered university level yet got college one instead. The vocabulary wasn’t complex enough and the analysis itself could use some extra depth. When we contacted operators with this complaint, they quickly resolved the issue. Our writer apologized and revised the document within a day. So, it wasn’t all perfect, but for the most part, the review team remained satisfied.


Samples as the Basis of Service Quality

Plenty of Writing Universe reviews mention how grateful they are for the company’s samples. It’s not surprising: not everyone could afford hiring professional writers even when their work is cheap. Average students have to work on numerous essays week after week, year after year, and unless they are rich, they can’t pay for all their assignments. Samples mean general examples of essays that you don’t have to buy. They might be written on a similar topic you need, and from reading them, you’ll see what structure an essay should have and how ideas should flow. So, what does WritingUniverse have to offer?

As soon as a student accesses WritingUniverse, they notice samples in the very first column. Because of this, our review team believes that this firm really prides itself on its paper examples.


It’s all free. There is no need to buy a subscription or create an account — when you see the title or the category you like, simply click on it. The website works smoothly and there shouldn’t be any delays.

Range of categories

Here, our review of Writing Universe became somewhat conflicting. Apparently, students can select between 100K samples, but there is contradictory information on how many categories the company offers. On its home page, it claims to have a crazy number of 5K of them, but we counted only 30 manually. In any case, though, the range of choices is large. Whatever topic or subject you’re interested in, we’re sure that WritingUniverse is going to have it.


Almost all paper examples we checked are original in the sense that we didn’t find their copies online. Still, keep in mind that any student could submit them. WritingUniverse stores these samples, it doesn’t create them, so if you try downloading a copy and passing it as your own, it might get you in trouble.   

Examples of Samples

For strengthening our review of WritingUniverse, we decided to share two direct examples.

Example 1

Category: Communication, Social Issues, Love

Topic: Relationship between Women, Sexuality and Technology

Words: 2381

Introduction Essay Example

Assessment: The quality of this sample is pretty bad. As you can see from the screen shot, it has disastrous grammar and sentences that make no sense. The ideas themselves are interesting, but the way they are expressed is weak.  

Example 2

Category: Movies, Literature

Topic: Communication Concepts: The Great Gatsby  

Words: 1539

Great Gatsby essay example

Assessment: This essay example, on the other hand, has a pretty high quality. It still has some language issues, but it explores concepts on a deep level and a writing style is more than acceptable.  


Based on these two examples, quality of samples at WritingUniverse is medium. Students could find great insights with their help, but they should still be careful and follow standard academic rules.

Writers & Support Team as a Foundation of a Company

You don’t need reviews to know that no agency would be able to function without writers. They are the foundation of any firm, and quality of their performance determines client satisfaction. WritingUniverse selects its employees carefully. Every candidate is a graduate who has to prove their experience and pass various tests before they are hired. We are certain that exceptions can happen, but it looks like the company takes thorough care when choosing who’s going to work for it.

Operators are often underestimated, but as soon as you place an order, you’ll realize how vital they are. They are a bridge between clients and managers/writers: if clients have any questions, operators are the ones who answer them. WritingUniverse has 24/7 chat and most of its operators are properly trained. They know what they are talking about. Not all of them work quickly enough, though, which is a drawback.

Prices as a Determining Factor in Students’ Decisions

Those reviews of WritingUniverse we saw often mentioned prices. It’s understandable: most students are on a tight budget and service costs can make or break a deal for them. At WritingUniverse, prices start at $11.99 for one page. It’s a low sum, so we consider these writing services affordable. We didn’t notice any discounts, but there are some extra options you could pay for. They include the following:

  • Plagiarism report for $29.99
  • Summary for $11.99
  • Urgent assignment for $9.99
  • Drafts for 20% above your price.

Additional Features as Bonus Points

WritingUniverse gives students a great chance to expand their knowledge. There are writing guides they could get for free; there are lists with topics for different essays that could boost your inspiration and creativity. If you aren’t certain what essay you should write, you can figure it out by studying descriptions and explanations this company prepared. 

Also, we liked the fact that its policies are transparent. They honestly warn that you purchase an essay as a sample, not as a paper you’ll submit as your own. They also make it clear that you cannot ask for refund if you get a bad grade because, officially, this is not the service you purchase.

Final Word On Ours and Other WritingUniverse Reviews

WritingUniverse is a strong company. It offers a high level of service for affordable prices; it has numerous samples and guides students will find useful. There are some issues like typos and occasional inattentiveness, but overall, the firm knows how to do its job. Out of 10 possible points, we give it a score of 9.6.

Kylie reviewed

I was really helped by an amazing tutor who helped me complete my assignments on time. I would definitely recommend.

Angela Williams reviewed

I’m always so worried about my orders, but so far, everything’s fine. They always follow my instructions.

Eva Montressori reviewed

I’m sure there are more good companies out there, but I like and trust WritingUniverse. It never failed me before.

Gregory Berkly reviewed

Always on time and don’t ask for a fortune. I’m happy with our arrangement.

Simon Peteres reviewed

These guys helped me graduate with all As and Bs. Great price-quality ratio.

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Well, you’ve never been wrong before, so I’m going to give this agency a go!

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I’m glad you reviewed WritingUniverse! I thought their terms look good, but with no feedback, I wasn’t certain.

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