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Welcome to our review of As we will explain below, this review is a bit different from others we have written. Still, we did take many of the same steps in order to gauge the quality and other factors. These included.

  • Reading TutorsUmbrella reviews posted by other consumers and reviewers

  • Searching for evidence of a tutors umbrella scam or other issues

  • Placing an order for services

  • Researching prices

  • Reading TutorsUmbrella testimonials

  • Exploring this writing service website

Please continue reading to find out more.

Step 1: About

Researching for this review of Tutors Umbrella, we discovered that this is not the usual writing service. Instead of offering students help with writing assignments, they offer to complete, courses and even degrees for students. They are also an assignment writing company. To write up a proper review, we ordered a couple of very small essays. We also sought help on a math assignment.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

We only ordered some short-term writing assignments. When each was returned, it was much later than a student needing homework help would require. Worse, the errors were very cringeworthy. Simple mistakes were made. Writers did not seem to grasp basic writing. Unfortunately, we have nothing positive to say about any of the documents we received.

It appears as if other customers feel the same way. Most reviews were negative.

Step 3: Writers And Support

Rather than writers, the company has tutors. Unfortunately, none of them did adequate work for us on any of the services that we ordered. In addition to this, support is very lacking. This at this company are clearly disorganized. Our experience here was entirely negative.

Step 4: Prices

Prices are not published. Quotes are provided when you place an order. In our experience, quoted prices were extraordinarily high. Most writers appear to be working in other countries. There is no tutorsUmbrella discount. We searched online, and we were unable to coupon codes. If there was a tutorsumbrella promo code, ti would not have been of much value. Savings simply does not trump poor service and questionable ethics.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

In terms of quality, we agree with other tutors umbrella ratings. This company failed to impress us at all. Customer support was poor. We rank our overall experience as poor. However, even if we did find the service to be adequate, we simply cannot endorse them. We have serious ethical concerns about a company that would take entire classes or earn degrees and certifications on behalf of students. They could potentially be responsible for placing completely unqualified people in positions where they could get jobs that could lead to them doing great harm.

We do not believe that any writing service should ever complete a full class or a degree for any student. The potential for fraud is just too great. Instead of using a service like this, we would love for students to read our other reviews. There you will find the perfect writing service.

Review of TutorsUmbrella by TopWritingReviews infographic

Kurt Kyle reviewed

Beware. On top of promising a service, stealing your money, and threatening to blackmail you (which they can't. Don't let them scare you). They will go as far to send you an email that is at least, half way legit looking, from government officials, to further scare you. They have several domains, using the same IP address and use different name to trick you. If you are somehow scammed by these people, immediately GO TO YOUR BANK and dispute this transaction. That is the only way you will be getting your money back and they will be responsible for paying a $50 fee (as they should). Do not become a victim of financial fraud. Do not let them intimidate you. I will be creating a post to share all of their websites. Also, if you receive the fraudulent email, contact the U.S. Department of education to report them. Impersonation, in this case, is a felony.
The positive review, are fake.
Names include Kurt, Kyle, Oliver, Monty, and more to come

M. reviewed

The tutor himself was ok. He knew answers to most my questions and helped out with a couple papers on biology. But the support team is literally the worst! They could`nt help with anything! I struggled with payments for hours and they didn`t know what to do. Moreover they were rude and pretended it was my problem. Very unpleasant

Jasbir reviewed

I ordered here twice and must say it's pretty much the matter of luck. The first time my order came late but generally was OK. This time they messed it up badly and delivered late so I didn't have any time to fix it and got 50%.

Sandra reviewed

I'm an associate and each year I'm given a test to check my professionalism. And the part about methodology is driving me insane! It is so boring and has so little to do with how things are in reality! I asked Tutors Umbrella to do this test for me and it was obviously done by someone who knows nothing about teaching. I'm disappointed.

Zaynah reviewed

I found this website useless. You cannt trust on them.

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