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Table of Contents has been around a while – seven years actually. It is headquartered in Cyprus as are many writing services that are owned and operated by individuals the world over. When the company states that it was founded by former U.S. college students, then, we are a bit suspicious. Nevertheless, we have decided to complete a full review based on requests from users of our site. To conduct this Write My Essay Online review, we looked at the following factors:

  • Content on the company website
  • Products and services provided
  • Information about writers – their credentials, backgrounds and academic writing experience
  • Customer reviews – testimonials published by WriteMyEssay on its site as well as those that have been posted elsewhere on the web and submitted to us
  • Policies, pricing, and other benefits
  • Experiences with the customer support department


Step 1: About

The WritemyEssayOnline website is a bright, white affair - very modern looking and well laid out. It looks smart and is easy to read. There are sections explaining the site and how it works and they make great play of their current activity, showing, what they describe as their “average” quality score, visitor numbers and writers who are active online at any one time. They claim to have been in business for over nine years, but we suspect it is more like seven.

Lots of service review comments find the whole set up a bit sketchy, from the lack of transparent pricing, the strange, email only, contact system, non-existent contact details, (aside from a reference to “Frog Pog”). All of these things are a little worrying.

Write My Essay Online testimonials just keep on scrolling through automatically as you look at the site. We found this quite distracting. The testimonials are scored out of ten and the ones we saw offered no score below 9.3 - which seems a bit of an exaggerated claim - treat these ratings and comments with caution - they are probably not independent.

One has to wonder whether Write my Essay Online is a scam. How can any company possibly expect people to sign up to a scheme where prices are not given in order that a decision can be made regarding whether to use them or not? Then again, its business model is a bit different from most online writing companies.

Basically, a customer places an order and provides all of the details of the need. The products and services are all academic, and students can order anything from a basic essay to a Ph.D. dissertation, as well as admissions essays, and editing and proofreading. There is no pricing provided. 

Once an order is placed, the student has two options. He can have the site “system” automatically match him with the “best writer” for the job or can have the company assign one. Only then is the price provided. 

The customer puts the payment “on account” with the company and the writer then proceeds with the order. Once the customer has approved of the final draft, the money is released.


content writemyessayonline

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

To gauge quality, we look at several things. We like to see samples of writer products, but these were not available. We did look at the following:

  • There is a blog on the site. The articles are mostly about topic ideas for various types of essays, primarily on literary works. Even with these, there were grammar and composition errors and incorrect word usage. 
  • On-site testimonials, as already stated, are all glowing
  • Off-site feedback and comments are far more mixed. While some customers were pleased with their products, many more were unhappy. The complained about writing that was too simplistic for their academic level, including grammatical issues. In some instances, customers stated that content was repeated more than once, perhaps in an effort to get the page length. 
  • Customers also stated that, while they were set up to speak directly with their writers, they sometimes had difficulty getting responses quickly enough, especially when they asked for revisions. Those who were really dis-satisfied had trouble getting refunds and, even then, were only partial.

Step 3: Writers and Support

There are writer profiles on the site. Students can access these when they are going through the selection process. If they want “top” or “premium” writers, they will pay more for their products. 

In all, getting a good writer can be difficult. The student can choose to have an automatic match through the system, can have the company assign a writer, or can choose among those top writers that are featured on the site. 

Relative to customer support, this is an area that is really lacking. The only way to contact the department is via email. So, responses are not as rapid as we would like to see. If students have urgent matters, this could be a problem. In all, it seems that the Write My Essay Online is more of a matching service than a true, traditional writing service. The company plays a pretty passive role, primarily collecting, holding, and then dispensing money.

Step 4: Prices prices are not shown - and not available without leaving an email address! That is not really acceptable - there should be an indication of the prices before any commitment is given - a strange decision. Many reviews mentioned this as a negative about the company.

Payments are by Visa only, and there is a safe and secure payment method.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

There are no additional features or discounts that we could find that would motivate customers to use the service. In fact, students will not even get a price on their order except by email after they have submitted their orders. 

In all, we are disappointed in WriteMyEssayOnline. There is little transparency, customers are on their own to get a writer, and many are not happy with the refund process if they are not satisfied. There are policies that guarantee no plagiarism, revisions, and privacy, but practical application is not known. Overall, we are giving a rating of 2, on our 5-point scale. We cannot recommend this service.

Checklist Review of Writemyessayonline by TopWritingReviews

Darcie reviewed

I paid to use the services but they simply took my money out of my pocket and said it was not our business after doing an online chat with their rude representatives, and they also did not respond to emails

Ariyah reviewed

very poor quality

Tyrell reviewed

spent $200 to get C-. waste of time and money

Steven reviewed

Not great experience at all! Customer service wasn't great, I had an issue with a writer and they didn't handle it! Wouldn't use this website!

Carson C. reviewed

cause i don't want to but it won't let me go to my order if i don't do this

message photo


Awful service. My paper was full of grammar and spelling mistakes. I doubt their writers are native speakers.

message photo


According to testimonials and reviews this is very good writing service, but I have other point of view! They don't provide reliable service! Their papers are written quite badly! This writing company doesn't worth attention!

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