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Quality is an academic writing service that has been in business since 2008. We have recently dedicated several hours to researching Writology in order to write a fair and comprehensive review. This process began with a thorough exploration of the company’s website. We examined the products and services offered, read through several of the pages we believed customers would find most relevant, and placed an order. We also read testimonials as well as customer reviews that we found posted online.

As part of our review process, we contacted Writology customer support online and over the phone. We also placed an order for an academic paper to be written for college students in the last two years of receiving their bachelor’s degree. We will go into detail about those experiences in the relevant sections below.

Finally, we searched on the keywords BBB and This in combination with the statements made by previous customers has led us to conclude that this writing service is not a fraud or scam.

Step 1: About

Writology offers academic writing services as well as editing and proofreading. A brief listing of these products are essays, term papers, thesis and dissertation writing, lab reports, book and movie reviews, schoolwork, and more. Overall, the products and services offered by Writology are in line with other writing services in this industry.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

We did receive our paper before the deadline. It was generally free from spelling and grammatical errors. However, there were quality issues relating to the level at which the paper was written and the amount of research that was done. To put it simply, it was similar to a paper that an early high school student would write in a single night using Google and Wikipedia. Other college students rating this service also mentioned the same problem.

Step 3: Writers And Support

Before we placed an order, we opened up an online chat session so that we could begin to evaluate the level of service at Writology. We asked questions about placing an order, and about the other products and services offered. These were fairly easy questions, and we may have been interacting with a chatbot. However, this interaction was satisfactory to us.

Later, we placed a call to evaluate what it was like to interact with a customer service agent over the phone. Clearly, they have outsourced their call center to India. This isn’t necessarily an issue. We’ve had perfectly fine customer service experiences with foreign call centers. Unfortunately, the representative that we spoke with did not have the appropriate training to provide us with the answers to our questions.

Step 4: Prices

Prices are a little higher than normal. We paid just over twenty dollars a page. Had the paper been a bit better written and at the appropriate academic level, this would not have been a problem. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

We looked for discounts. Unfortunately, we were unable to find coupon codes on the website. We also searched for any kind of promo code or special offer on other websites.

Add-ons are extra features that customers can add to their orders. There are a few of these available such as elevated customer service. We did not order these and cannot comment as to whether or not they are worth the money.

The only extra content that we found was a blog. However, rather than being a true blog, these are really writing samples. The writing quality is okay, but not outstanding.

Sadly, the more information we had found, the more assured we were in our decision. As we looked at all of the pros & cons, we have concluded that we cannot give this writing service our stamp of approval. The price is simply too high for the customer service and product quality offered.

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Junayd reviewed

poooor grammar, high pricing, false plagiarims report

Sofia reviewed

I asked them to rewrite some articles for my blog a few times and every time it turned out a disaster. In terms of delivery, quality and their authors` attitude.

Isabel reviewed

The worst service I`ve ever found on the web. They couldn`t complete my thesis statement within 5 days and asked for a deadline extension. Then, after a few days, they suggested extending the deadline once again. In the end, I received my order after two weeks. And I should say, it was far from being perfect.

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