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Table of Contents is a writing service that has been in business since 2008. We have recently dedicated several hours to researching Writology in order to write a fair and comprehensive review, that several of our site users had requested. 

  • This process began with a thorough exploration of the company’s website. We examined the products and services offered, read through several of the pages we believed customers would find most relevant. 
  • We also read testimonials as well as customer reviews that we found posted online.
  • We reviewed pricing, payment processes, policies, and any unique benefits or features.
  • We looked at all of the products and services offered.
  • We read a few blog articles to evaluate the quality of writing there.
  • We contacted Writology customer support via phone and live chat, asking very detailed questions about their products, policies, and benefits.

Step 1: About

The Writology website is confusing. Most of the content relates to the types of business writing. Students would not at first think that the writing service is a match for their needs. Only when someone gets to the order form do they realize that it offers a full array of academic writing services.

The company acts as a job board. Freelancers register and then bid on orders that come in. Customers can review the bids, “Interview” the potentials, and then pick one that they believe will be a fit. Bid prices may or may not be negotiable depending on how “hungry” the bidder is.
The company will also pick a writer for a customer if they choose that route.

Writology offers academic writing services as well as editing and proofreading. A brief listing of these products are essays, term papers, thesis and dissertation writing, lab reports, book and movie reviews, schoolwork, and more. Overall, the products and services offered by Writology are in line with other writing services in this industry.

In addition, there is a wealth of business writing available, as most of the content on the website indicates.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

We have to judge quality on all of the website content we review, blog posts, and, most important, what actual customers have to say. 

  • The content is well-written and all geared toward business needs and types of business writing available.
  • The blog is mixed. There are some articles with pretty glaring grammatical errors, and others are fine. The topics, again, are all geared to business needs, not academic.
  • Customers who submitted comments to us or whose feedback we found on the web reflected a lot of variances. Some customers were happy; others were only moderately so, and still, others were very dissatisfied. Quality seems to depend on the writer the customer chooses.

Certainly, is a legal and reliable company. Customers do say they receive their orders on time. The question is one of such great disparity in quality. 

Step 3: Writers and Support

Writers are freelancers. They have their own profiles, but there is no company verification. Customers are on their own to interview them and determine if they have the expertise. This is a lot of responsibility to put on a student’s shoulder.

We opened up an online chat session so that we could begin to evaluate the level of service at Writology. We asked questions about placing an order, and about the other products and services offered. These were fairly easy questions, and we may have been interacting with a chatbot. However, this interaction was satisfactory to us.

Later, we placed a call to evaluate what it was like to interact with a customer service agent over the phone. Clearly, they have outsourced their call center to India. This isn’t necessarily an issue. We’ve had perfectly fine customer service experiences with foreign call centers. Unfortunately, the representative that we spoke with did not have the appropriate training to provide us with the answers to our questions.

Step 4: Prices

Prices are a little higher than normal but they are not set. It is the price that a bidder provides and/or is negotiated between bidder and customer. In general, however, prices are a bit higher than average. Payment methods are safe and secured via a third-party SSL-certified processor. Customers should have no worries when supplying their financial information.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

Obviously, there are no company-side discounts or special pricing.

Add-ons are extra features that customers can add to their orders. There are a few of these available, such as elevated customer service. We did not order these and cannot comment as to whether or not they are worth the money.

The only extra content that we found was a blog, which we commented on above.

A Final Word

Sadly, the more information we had found, the more assured we were in our decision. As we looked at all of the pros & cons, we have concluded that we cannot give this writing service our stamp of approval. 

The owners are not involved enough in the process. Anyone can simply sign up to be a writer for the company. Further, prices are a bit high, considering that quality is not a given. 

Overall, we are providing a rating of 2, on our scale of 1 – 5.

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Sabiha reviewed

They were unable to assist me. You spend a lot of money to get your paper done quickly, but they don't do it correctly, and it takes another 2 days or more to repair it.

Tarun reviewed

They didn't sent me my essay although I paid for it

Stephen reviewed

Worst service ever! I wish I had written my essay myself

Olaf reviewed

The worst writing website that works with some freelancers who cannot write in English, who don`t really care about academic writing and who aren`t able to do proper research. I`m super disappointed because I paid almost $200 and got almost nothing.

Dani reviewed

I placed several orders here, each in a couple days after the previous one, without having any completed. I really liked their customer supports, they call trust. But after the first order came I was terrified, they did everything wrong! I called them immediately to ensure they got the instructions for the rest of the orders correctly (I can't cancel an order), we'll see... For this one that I have I'll try to talk the instructor into tweaking the topic otherwise I don't know..

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