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Welcome to our review. We have recently expanded our review offerings to include tutoring services, along with online writing agencies. This is one of these services. To conduct this review, we researched this service, sought out opinions from students who have used 24 Hour Answers, reviewed their policies, and explored pricing and other matters. The following paragraphs contain information that we gathered during this process. 

Overall, all of our reviews are aimed at the same thing: we want to see online academic help companies that are reliable and that can be trusted to provide high-quality products and services. 

The following paragraphs contain information that we have gathered about 24HourAnswers.

Step 1: About

24HourAnswers is an online tutoring service that matches students with tutors based upon their orders. Students are contacted by potential tutors after they place their orders. They can then select the tutor that they believe will most meet their needs. In addition to this, the service also offers real-time homework assistance and a library of answers to common academic questions. This company is located in New York. Their contact information is available on the company website. This information includes a phone number, email, and physical address.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

Unlike most of the services we review, there is no product delivered. Instead, tutoring and other services are offered. So, we based this 24 Hour Answers review on students’ feedback on tutoring services, an exploration of their online academic library, and students’ experiences receiving online homework help. 

In short, students using this service had fairly lukewarm feedback. Some felt as if they received adequate help from their tutors. Others claimed it was mostly like having someone else do your homework for you withou9t a lot of conversations about how that homework was actually completed. Most felt as if they did not learn much from their tutor – they only got answers to their problems. (this was particularly true with STEM homework).

Students who used this service for homework help had similar feedback. The assistants seemed more interested in simply doing the work than providing any real instruction.

Finally, the academic library seems a bit hit or miss. Some of the information is very helpful, but other answers provided are incorrect. This information appears to be crowdsourced and not properly vetted.

Step 3: Writers and Support

There really aren’t any writers here per se. The service doesn’t offer writing and editing. Instead, there are tutors available to help students with their academic assignments. We worked with students who placed an order and made contact with several tutors. The final consensus was that they were not entirely unhelpful, but in most cases, they were not worth the price they charged. We believe that most students could receive better help through a local tutor, or free academic help through their college campus. And, many high-quality writing services also provide homework help with direct conversations with their assigned professionals. These conversations can include explanations rather than just answers.

Students who used 24 Hour Answers and who provided feedback generally felt as if they received the same level of support they would if used their school’s academic center or hired a local tutoring service.

We contacted support after exploring the website, with detailed questions about the qualifications of tutors, the processes, and the policies for customer satisfaction. We did receive responses, although they were a bit slow in coming. It seems that resolutions of problems and issues are to be handled between student and tutor, not with a lot of company involvement.

It is important to note that students who are unhappy with their tutors will not get much in the way of support or assistance. Buyer beware.

Step 4: Prices prices are not published on the website. There is also no available 24 Hour Answers discount. This is because all prices are set by the tutors, and can be negotiated between the student and tutor. 

Students are able to make a payment via PayPal which is probably the most secure and safe method. Other standard payment options are available. We did not encounter any reports of problems with submitting financial information. This appears to be a safe and reliable service in terms of making online payments. Still, we recommend using the safest payment method available when ordering services online.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

While we don’t believe that there is a 24 Hour Answers Scam, we do agree with the low ratings that we have encountered in our research. In other words, there are no legal issues, just ones of quality. Students will not find any unique features with this company. It is basically a job board that matches students and tutors – everything from that point forward is up to these two people. The company’s role is passive. 

In this respect, we also looked at policies that 24HourAnswers has published on its website. There are policies that address privacy, satisfaction, and a money-back guarantee. Students are able to disable their accounts but that does not wipe their personal information from the system – this is not a good thing. 

In the End…

We have a very mixed feeling about While the concept of getting quick answers and solutions, as students are completing assignments and facing urgent deadlines, is a great one, this company does not yet have the processes in place that will provide that quickly and responsively. And, when we compare these services with those of traditional writing services that also offer homework help, we have to go with the writing services. Overall, we are giving 24 Hour Answers a rating of 2, on our 1-5-point scale.

April reviewed

My paper was poorly written, and I almost failed my exam. The writer was late and never followed my directions. And customer service was unhelpful.

Kristen reviewed

Unacceptable performance, if I wanted to get incorrect answers or ineffective tutoring I would not bother to get help. I don’t know who they hire, but you can be sure they know NOTHING about the subject you need help with. It is similar to asking a literature major to explain statistics. If they care that little about hiring people who have knowledge in the subject they should hire me, I can give wrong answers and get paid for them all day long.

Bia reviewed

This site is not good for students , just make money for themselves and their tutors. No one is responding if tutors don’t deliver good solutions of assignment. I wonder how they work, just making their money. Fake site... is possible I could give them zero rating. Tutor Vivek is the worst in communication and even not replying you. He gave me only half page work for $30.... so bad experience. Be Aware and don’t waste your precious money.

Claire reviewed

Placed an order and waited for 2 hours till they decided to contact me. Not the best start as for me but ok. I have no high expectations for their services but we`ll have a look at the final paper.

Ti reviewed

So far it is good but now the website said 503 service unavailable and can not access the site. I can not download the solution either

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