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Welcome to our review of UniversityTutor. As college students increasingly seek a wider range of academic help, we are frequently asked to share our opinions of tutoring and other academic services. Our write up today is on a tutoring service that was founded several years ago by an enterprising university student. To write this review, we ordered tutoring services, read reviews online, and explored the tutoring service website.

Review Criteria

Here is a list of the questions that we kept in mind while conducting research, and writing this review.

  • Is the website easy to navigate?

  • Are the services clear and easy to understand?

  • Is customer service helpful and accessible?

  • Are prices reasonable?

  • Is it easy and safe to place an order?

  • Do tutors provide the help that is useful?

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

There are no writing services offered here. Instead, students pay for local tutoring services. Initial contact is made through the website where students can meet and research tutors. Then, the student selects the tutor, and they communicate with them over price. Meeting times and places are arranged between the student and the tutor.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

We are not aware of any scams here. However, not all students are satisfied with the tutoring they receive. Some indicated that their tutors were not as qualified and capable as they were led to believe. This service doesn’t appear to provide help in these situations.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

Level of quality really varies. Some students were quite satisfied while others were not. Our tutor was helpful. We did not feel as if he was worth the price we were charged though.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

There are no standard prices at University Tutor. There are also no discounts. An exhaustive search revealed no coupon codes. We did not see anywhere to enter a promo code either. Instead, students are charged based upon the tutor and the work they have done. We found that overall prices were a bit on the high side. This is compared with other online tutoring services as well as local tutoring services.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations presents a fairly well designed website. We took this into consideration when we evaluated the pros & cons. They also share customer reviews. Unfortunately, this is where their extras end. This is a relatively bare-bones website, and not something that students would really seek out as an informational source.

Concluding Comments

Our final rating of is poor. We are providing this rating largely because of inconsistency, and lack of guidance. Students who may be inexperienced are expected to select the best tutor for their situation. In the  meantime, University Tutor doesn’t appear to adequately screen the people they have working for them. This means that a student can easily be taken in by someone who claims to be qualified, but truly isn’t. We aren’t generally bothered by a lack of BBB membership. However, it is concerning that the site doesn’t appear to be very well-known at all. We found very little in the way of testimonials, for example. Ultimately, it may not be a fraud or scam, but students interested in UniversityTutor should definitely proceed with caution.

Juniper reviewed

They didn't help me with my Math assignments, I needed to complete tasks on my own at the last minute. Tutors were helpful with literally nothing!!

William S. reviewed

Complete waste of time. Not impressed. Don't get me started - it would cause your ears to burn.

Ronald reviewed

Used this company to look for a tutor on computer science. The result is just too frustrating. They literally can provide you with no guarantees that your tutor will be professional enough or there will be any results of your cooperation. Plus, the prices are super high compared to other similar companies.

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