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Welcome to our review. Because APStudyNotes is not a traditional writing service, we are unable to take the same approach to this AP Study Notes review that we do with standard writing services. However, we have kept in mind the questions and concerns that students may have about a company such as this. As a result, we have taken the following steps:

  • Researched to verify that there is no danger of an AP Study Notes scam.

  • Read ApStudyNotes reviews posted online and studied AP Study Notes testimonials

  • Compared prices with similar websites

  • Searched for coupon codes or other special offers

  • Explored the website to read content and learn about policies

  • Interacted with staff

  • Placed an order for services

Step 1: About

This is a service designed for high school students who are enrolled in advanced placement classes (AP). These are classes that top students take that allow them to take exams in order to earn college credit in particularly challenging courses such as calculus. AP study notes offers study guides to these students. They also offer sample essays. These are crowdsourced from students who sign up to the website and upload their content voluntarily.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

The study guides were of relatively good quality. The few sample essays we read, were also well-written. Unfortunately, there is not much else to say as these are crowd-sourced materials that are not created to order.

Step 3: Writers And Support

There are no writers to evaluate, as this is not a writing service. All essays have been written previously and published to the website for students to study. No custom writing is done. Since there is a signup process, we thought that customer support of some type should be available. Unfortunately, it was not. As a result, we cannot provide insights into that either.

Step 4: Prices

Students may access study guides for free. Some of the essays may be viewed on the website free of charge. However, in order to access full ‘packets’ of essays, students will be charged 29 dollars. Some may find this worthwhile. Many will not as there are plenty of free sample essays available to review online. For the sake of this review, we did purchase an essay package. We did find the essays to be reasonably well-written. However, they were certainly not earth-shattering in their depth or insight.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

Students should not bother looking for any APStudyNotes discount. For most, they simply will not need it. It also does not appear that any APStudyNotes promo code or other savings is offered. This is of no concern to most students as they will likely not bother with paid services from this company.

We have read reviews. We have considered other AP Study Notes ratings. After doing these things and taking our own experience into consideration, we rate this service as fair. While they appear to offer something of value to students, they are simply not a writing service. They also serve such a narrow population of students, we do not believe that many people will be interested. Those that are should be warned that the essays provided truly are samples only. They should not be used for any other purpose.

Pamela reviewed

They charge rather big and their research lacks in many terms, so I wouldn't recommend using it. Their supports are nice.

Otis reviewed

APstudynotes look good, a bit confusing at first but I quickly figured out what it is about. The communication was good but my paper came later than I expected and also lacked some parts that I required it to have.

Samantha reviewed

Nice website and a wide range of services offered by the company. But unfortunately, they cannot guarantee on-time delivery or good quality. So, you pay money but you cannot be sure you`ll get a paper your professor approves. What`s even worse. They are completely sure that everything is fine.

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