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Students will have little interest in, primarily because the company focuses on matching customers in need of copywriting with freelance copywriters. Still, we have conducted our review as we would with any service that offers writing. We have attempted to find HireWriters reviews on the web and were moderately successful. There are no HireWriters testimonials on the site. To get a better “handle” on the quality of writing and services, we ordered a 500-word blog post. The following summary is what we have found.


Step 1: About

The site and the vast majority of content on the site relates to writers – how they can register and begin writing articles. For potential customers, there is a short video and a listing of the types of writing those customers can order. The products and services include:

  • Articles for blog posts and forums
  • Editing and re-writing articles
  • Ghost writing
  • Product descriptions and reviews
  • Email autoresponder creation

What we discovered through our Hire Writers review is that customers create accounts and then place orders. Those orders are placed on a job board for writers then to select and fulfill.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

It is impossible to determine quality by samples, because there are none, unless a writer posts an example on his/her profile. There is a modified bidding process based upon a writer category selection.

There are 4 categories of writers – Beginner, Average, Skilled and Expert. A customer selects a category and only those writers in that category then bid. The customer understands that the higher the category the better writing s/he will receive. reviews on the web are not positive. Many complain that their writers were obviously ESL, and there were many grammatical and composition errors. This while the company promises thousands of native English-speaking writers.

The blog post we ordered asked for an “Average” writer. It was, quite frankly, less than mediocre and, again, created by and ESL writer. We requested revisions, but little had improved. The writer was just not able to use proper English or to establish a coherent flow of points to be made.

Overall, while there is no Hire Writers scam going on here, we believe the company is clearly not fully honest in terms of its claims about writers. Perhaps this could be rectified if the company would have some quality control about who is allowed to register as a writer.

Step 3: Writers and Support

In order to become a writer for this company, an individual has a simple registration process. Education and background experience are not checked nor is it required for a writer to provide that information. Most, of course, do, but, without verification, it is easy for a writer to be dishonest.

In terms of customer support, it appears to exist more for the writers than it does for customers. There is a lot of information about how and when writers get paid and how they may progress from the “beginner” level through the other levels.

One big red flag is that there is only one way to communicate with the customer service department – via email. There is no phone number or live chat feature.

Step 4: Prices prices are published on charts by clicking on the “Prices” link. They range from $0.65 for a Facebook post to as high as $1250.00 for an e-book of about 5,000 words and completed by an “Expert” writer. These prices are not set in stone, however, because writers bid, and we assume that negotiations do take place.

Potential customers will find no HireWriters discount, no coupon codes for special pricing. And, even though the published prices are actually quite reasonable, even a HireWriters promo code will not fix issues of quality.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

There are no additional features and discounts offered to customers. This would be rare in this type of business model. The business is conducted through negotiations between customers and writers.


The only customers for this writing company are web-based businesses who need copywriting services. While there are no student grades at stake, the quality, at least at the lower levels of writing categories, will not enhance the reputation of those businesses. Based upon all that we have learned and on Hire Writers ratings by customers, we cannot recommend this service.


Checklist Review of HireWriters

Nella reviewed

They aren't good enough, in my opinion. They aren't a worthy paper writing site, and they haven't any genuine professionals on staff.

Madeeha reviewed

For clients who claim that Hire Writers is has the best writers, this is true! What you don't know is that Hire Writers closes our accounts after we have written your articles and they don't pay our earnings. They then recruit a new lot of writers. After a writer accumulates $500 or so, they close their account and the cycle continues. I am writing this because I know it's good to consider the ethicality and wellbeing of the employees for any company offering you services. If you are a writer, you'll remember this review once it is your turn. And by the way Hire Writers support team are arrogant and the worst towards the writers!!! I wish there was an option to rate them negative(-)

Marvis reviewed

I worked with Hirewriters, and they froze my account without sending my earnings. I have tried to reach their support, and all they could do is give many reasons which never applied in my case. They are petty thieves who want to reap from their writers. Why withhold writer earnings yet a client has paid for the task and uploaded the content on their website? Please, clients, run away from this company.

Anda reviewed

I've been waiting for my 50% refund for over a month and they keep saying I should wait more. Stay away, youll lose money for nothing.

bill w. reviewed

bad business practice. had to claim with paypal. shame on them. there are better options out there....

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