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TopEssayWriting Review: Samples, Writing Quality, Guarantees

Finding good academic companies is hard, but it is our job, and we love doing it. This TopEssayWriting review appeared thanks to recommendations from some of our constant readers. The firm was founded in 2013, but from what we saw, it began working actively only in the last few years. Despite this, it keeps gaining positive reviews almost daily, so we were curious to see what drives such popularity.

TopEssayWriting has a good website with a friendly interface. The design is pleasing, in white, beige, and green colors, and everything is instantly comprehensive. You can discover what you need to know in seconds, price information, reviews, or anything else. We wanted to gain a complete picture of what kind of service students are getting in this company, so we placed our order. Follow us through the stages of our evaluation to see if TopEssayWriting is worth your time and money!

Quality We Hoped for vs. What We Received

Is TopEssayWriting legit? As you already know, to find an answer to this question, we hired a writer to handle our Marketing paper. 6 pages, ten days as a deadline, plus a standard college level was our requirement. We chose the APA formatting style, and as soon as managers found a suitable expert, we messaged them, asking them if they understood everything. To our pleasure, we got a quick response. The writer sounded professional but warm simultaneously: we felt they cared about doing good and meeting our demands. Throughout the days, we contacted them occasionally, and they always got in touch within an hour, usually even faster than this.

Our paper arrived in ten days, perfectly on time, but when we downloaded it, we instantly noticed it had the wrong formatting. Our writer used MLA instead of APA. promises free revisions in case clients are unsatisfied, and we used this option. Once again, everything went quickly: our writer immediately apologized and accepted our revision request. In three hours, we had a perfectly formatted essay in APA. Its content was interesting and academic: our expert fulfilled every line from our instructions, introducing original research, insights, and accurate market analysis. We were completely happy with their work.

Essay Samples: Their Quality and Affordability

Every respectable academic company must have a collection of samples. These are free papers on different academic topics: the more of them are present, the better because students get a chance to gain insights without paying a cent for them. We checked their presence during the Top Essay Writing review and found quite a few of them! This company has over 100K samples of all possible kinds.

Using them is simple: find the category and the topic you’re interested in. There are 29 categories with different subtopics; from our experience, all papers are original. It doesn’t mean you can take and present them as your own. Other students have probably done it already, so your professor will see them plagiarized. Rely on them for ideas plus insights. TopEssayWriting made sure to gather enough samples to suit every student.

Our Personal Analysis of Samples’ Quality

Since we wanted our review to be complete, we read two random samples and checked them for quality.

Sample 1

Category: War

Topic: Al-Qaeda

Title:The Parole Board Essay

Word count: 328

Assessment: This sample has a medium level of quality. On the one hand, it’s clean, and it sounds professional. The prompt is explored properly. On the other, it has nothing to do with Al-Qaeda, meaning that it was placed in the wrong category. Its structure is not academic: an introduction is too long, the body paragraph is too short, and the writer uses contractions.

Sample 2

Category: Health

Topic: Addiction

Title: Campaign to Reduce Alcohol Consumption in Queensland

Word count: 2085

Assessment: We liked this sample much more: it is lengthy, explores the idea of addiction in detail, and uses great sources. The text is fluent, although the writer uses phrasal verbs sometimes, which breaks academic rules.

All in all, TopEssayWriting has samples of medium quality. They are not ideal; some might have issues, so you must be careful when using them. If you want definite high quality for your paper, better consult experts.

Writers’ Experience and Loyalty of Support Team

We spoke with operators repeatedly to make this Top Essay Writing review impactful. They showed great professionalism, although one was slow in her responses. These people gave us informative answers and helped us feel at home. We discovered that operators undergo serious training and performance assessment like writers. TopEssayWriting clearly values them: there would be no service without writers.

To ensure they craft essays of top quality, managers test candidates from different angles, getting them to pass grammar tests, write a sample essay, and submit a detailed CV. The company claims that it works with the best specialists. Since our paper looked perfect, we’re willing to believe it.

Secrets of Payment: What TopEssayWriting Reviews Say about Essay Cost

You may want to know how expensive essays are at TopEssayWriting. Most students aren’t millionaires — they must watch their budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. Fortunately, this company isn’t going to rip them off. Its prices are affordable: one page of high-school-level paper costs just $12.99 if the deadline is 2 weeks.

These prices become even lower when you apply discounts to them. They get as high as 15% — all new customers enjoy it. We liked this because we know how much students appreciate generous offers. There are additional service options for extra payment: for instance, a one-page summary of an essay will cost you $12.99 while proofreading by an editor is $2.55 per page. These offers are good, too, and this lets us evaluate the company highly in this category.

Other Important Features: Policies and Freebies

Most reviews don’t mention additional offers from the company. We wanted to change it. Here are other elements you might want to know about:

  • Free conclusion generator. We loved finding a free tool like this. If you want to finish your paper but there is no time, use this company’s generator, which will cook up your conclusion. It works quickly and doesn’t require registration.
  • Quick paraphrasing tool. Some students want to find synonyms or even re-write their papers entirely. A paraphrasing tool of TopEssayWriting will make their work simpler. It’s a great addition to the website that earned the firm some extra points.
  • Safe policies. TopEssayWriting keeps students’ info secure; it provides unlimited free revisions and refunds, and most importantly, using its services is completely legal. The firm sells custom essays as samples. Students shouldn’t use them by lying that they wrote them; they should rely on these essays for answers, insights, and strategies. It’s like consulting a tutor — once you understand what to do, you should write your own paper.
  • Guides with articles. The company offers guides with various academic tips. They are informative and insightful — if you’ve been wondering about essay writing strategies, you’ll probably appreciate them.

Opinions about the Company Based on Top Essay Writing Reviews

Our team loved our experience at TopEssayWriting, which echoes numerous positive reviews from other customers. Most praise this company for its work: it charges low prices, provides high-quality services, and offers stable communication. It specializes in various sectors and has many free options like samples and useful academic tools. TopEssayWriting’s policies are transparent and aimed at making students feel safe and protected. We readily assign it 9.6 points out of 10. Some operators could be faster, and more samples could have higher academic value, but overall, this is a great company that could easily become your new best friend.

Is TopEssayWriting Your Kind of Company? Let Us Know

We hope that you found our review of TopEssayWriting insightful. This firm has sufficient experience in academic writing: it works with different subjects, maintains client-friendly policies, and writes amazing papers for more than affordable rates. Even if something seems wrong initially, you can request a revision, and your expert will quickly follow it.

We recommend TopEssayWriting as a strong and reliable academic company. If you hire it, be sure to tell us your thoughts. Leave a review or message us on our website — your opinion motivates us to explore more firms and produce more reviews for your benefit.

Ann reviewed

A modern, clear website, I am satisfied with the prices and quality of the finished material

James reviewed

I decided to order a coursework in law, as classmates praise this site. There was no time to write myself, and there was no particular desire. The work was written in 7 days, and reported when ready. The work was issued in electronic and printed form. It remains only to read and go to take. The work is good, but there were corrections. in general, everything was done well and I successfully passed

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