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Several students who follow TopWritingReviews have asked us for information on JetWriters. It’s taken a bit of time to get around to it, but we have finally been able to do some investigating and create this write up. As is traditional, we started with some investigation. We started researching the company online. We read several reviews online. We placed an order for writing services. In our case, we ordered a college level essay. We explored the JetWriters website. We even looked into pricing and for any coupon codes or other similar offers. We hope readers will find our review to be very helpful.


Step 1: About

We were not able to find a lot of information about this writing service. However, our exploration of our website leads us to conclude that this is an academic writing service. They offer a limited but expected range of services. This includes essays, term papers, research papers, admissions essays, lab reports, book reviews, and other similar products and services. They do not appear to offer business copywriting services, resume writing, or other non academic services.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

Nearly every review that we read was extraordinarily critical of the writing and editing here. Sadly, we believe these reports to be accurate as they matched our own. The paper we received was full of errors that should have easily been caught in any editing process. Worse, there were factual and citation errors.

Step 3: Writers And Support

After we received our paper, it was clear to us that our writer was not qualified. They made too many basic mistakes that someone who had an advanced degree (like the company promises) would have never made. In addition to this, support was very unhelpful once we requested revisions. However, when we contacted them prior to placing our order, they were very knowledgeable and eager to assist us.

Step 4: Prices prices are exceptionally low. At ten dollars per page, we do not believe this enables the company to sustain quality writers or customer support agents. That would explain the quality issues that we had and that are mentioned consistently in other JetWriters reviews. A JetWriters discount is not available. There was no preloaded JetWriters promo code when we placed our order either. We chose to make our payment using PayPal. However, other methods are also offered. Payment was made with no incidents.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

On a positive note, there is no Jet Writers scam. Unfortunately, that faint praise is the most positive remark we have to make. We must conclude this jet writers review by giving a final ranking of poor. The writing and customer service were both exceptionally poor. Because of this, we must agree with the majority of other low, Jet Writers ratings. We believe the few positive JetWriters testimonials are largely a fluke. We strongly advise students to look elsewhere for a trustworthy, online, writing service.

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Carry reviewed

I placed an order for revision of a 7 page paper to see if it's fine. They charged me more than I expected and I agreed as I didn't want to look for another company. The paper returned to me within the deadline and I immediately spotted a gross error where it wasn't before! Iregardless isn't a word, even writing here I see it underlined with red!!! I asked for revision and there were mistakes again. Stay away from this website!

Jennifer reviewed

At first glance, they may seem trustworthy but don`t be fooled by their promises. They cannot guarantee anything at all! I paid quite a sum of money and have been waiting for my order for almost a week. Moreover, they said the topic was too difficult and asked for an additional payment. I think it may be a scam.

Joe reviewed

They try really hard, that's obvious. I don't know about their 3 years' experience, to me they sound like a new company on the market, who are young and motivated and strive to get the audience's preference. I enjoyed talking to the support guys, and the paper I received came on time and written in a professional language. Unfortunately, looks like they are not good in researching for whatever reason. Also, no one excludes formatting, references and the title page from the pricing today.

Laila reviewed

Huge thanks to your support staff! They are truly amazing. They did their best to keep me informed during the whole process. I wish I could say the same about your writers who are absolutely irresponsible and unprepared for work on academic writing.

Jeremy reviewed

WTF, guys? I paid in full for the order, sent you all the requirements and your writer didn`t manage to finish a 3-page essay within 2 days. I am very disappointed and will never order from you again!

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