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SameDayPapers is a writing service that operates with a combination fixed price/bidding model. It has been in business for a few years – enough anyway for us to gather information and feedback based upon the factors we use to evaluation writing agencies. In preparing this review, we read through all of the site content, looked at SameDayPapers testimonials, pricing, quality of customer support, located SameDayPapers reviews we found online, and ordered our own research paper so that we could experience the quality and processes firsthand. This summary is the compilation of all of these factors.

Step 1: About Same Day Papers

Same Day Papers focuses only on academic writing, to include all of the expected essays, papers, reports, reviews, and such. It also offers admissions and personal statement essays, coursework help, and editing.

The website itself is well-organized with links to several pages explaining the products and services, as well as an FAQ section and a blog.

The model operates as several other writing services we have reviewed. Customers place orders by completing form fields, and submit them. They are then placed on a “job board” of sorts, and available writers provide bids. Customers then select a writer and make payment based upon the writer’s bid.

What we noticed as we conducted our Same Day Papers review of the website content were a number of English usage errors – in sentence structure, vocabulary, and incorrect vocabulary use. It appears that at least the site content writers are not ENL.

SameDayServices services

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

There are no samples of writing available so we relied on three elements things to determine quality:

  1. SameDayPapers reviews found on the web. We did find customer comments and feedback. The most common feedback was concern about the quality of writing and then attempting to get revisions completed. Customer complaints were related to the same issues we found in the website content.
  2. Website blog. Again, we were disappointed to see so many English usage errors and some posts that were rather disjointed in structure.
  3. The paper we ordered. We selected a that appeared to have experience in political science writing for our research paper on the U.S. election of 2016. We requested reputable journal articles, but the resources used were not those. The paper did not propose a thesis, and many points were repeated in different words, almost as if the writer was trying to fill the eight pages rather than focus on substance.

Based upon these factors, and especially the reviews from customers and the poor quality of our product, we cannot recommend this service.


Step 3: Writers and Support

There is no background information on the writers. There are photos, user names, and a profile link for each one. The profile link only lists how many products they have completed and a few testimonials and titles. We were hoping for degree and background information.

We contacted customer support via live chat to ask for information on the writer we were considering and were told that it was confidential. Why?

Customer support is available through live chat and email, but not by phone.

Our conclusion? There is not Same Day Papers scam per se, but the company is not very transparent or forthcoming.

Step 4: Prices

There are no established prices. Customers will find a calculated price as they complete their order forms, but this will not be the price paid, because the bids will be different. Our price was calculated at $186; however, the lowest bid we received was $204. Needless to say, there is no SameDayPapers discount with a SameDayPapers promo code, as is often offered to new customers, nor are there any coupon codes for special pricing. Customers can try to negotiate a lower price with individual writers perhaps.

The other concerning thing about the pricing is that there is no discrimination between a high school or a graduate level essay or paper. The customer is not even asked for academic level at the time the order is placed.

SameDayPapers features

Step 5: Additional Features and Benefits

Again, the company does not offer and specials or benefits. If a customer want the company to select a writer, there is an extra $10.00 fee attached. There is a statement in several places that all work is checked for plagiarism before it is sent to a customer.

General Comments

Same Day Papers has a lot of improvements to make. Poor quality writing is the biggest issue, as well as lack of transparency about it writers. Our Same Day Paper ratings in all categories are “Poor.”

Checklist Review of Samedaypapers

Austin reviewed

Same Day Papers sent me a plagiarized essay. It's ridiculous, taking into account the rate they charge. Stay away from these scammers!

misettybruce reviewed

This service very helpful me! Really cool and professional company!

Hussein reviewed

same day papers do fraud
no support. and expensive.
please don't use them so you wont be in my position right now. one of their best professional with 5 star rating and many years of experience got me 0 in my assignment. i have been trying to contact the support service sent lots of emails but no respond.

Bernadette reviewed

Next time I`d better ask my granny to complete my multiquestion assignment in math, I believe she would make it much better than the guy in here, who called himself an expert of a high level lol. Dunno what they are thinking of but such a premium level of help is nothing to come to for the second time.

Trevor reviewed

There are a lot of restrictions in my university due to what each assignment has to be of the highest quality. But wait, what did samedaypapers make for me? Correct. They made a total s*it. THANKS A LOT! What a "wonderful" writing. Really "GRATEFUL" for that!

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I ordered my dissertation proofreading here. Well, when the time of delivery had come - I didnt receive anything. I tried to contact them via e-mail - but no result. Even the live chat that works 24/7 (according to their resource) didnt breathe a single word to me. And the day after the deadline! I received my paperwork. I mean, seriously??

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