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Table of Contents is one of the oldest writing services around – 21 years to be exact. According to the company, it opened its doors in 1998 as one of the first online writing services for students to meet their college writing assignment needs. It has not changed its business model much since those times and provides a simple website for students to explore what they offer.
In conducting this review, we used the same criteria that we do for all companies – the content on the company website, posted testimonials, samples of products, off-site customer feedback and comments, pricing, discounts, and other benefits of using the service. The following summarizes what we have discovered.

Step 1: About

As stated above, the company has been around a long time and has not changed much of its business model since its beginnings. It began as a writing service for college students and continues to focus on just that today. The company offers every type of academic writing an undergraduate student might need – all types of essays, research papers on any topic, critiques, book reviews, presentations (oral with PowerPoints), application and scholarship essays, and something the company calls “corporate writing.” We are not certain what the last one is, but we did not see any references to writing services for businesses.

It doesn’t appear that offers major graduate-level projects, such as theses and dissertations.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

Ace Your Paper states that it uses only qualified native English-speaking writers who are experts on the topic of each order. And it provides a number of sample essays to demonstrate the high quality of its typical products. Further, there are testimonials from customers on its site, as is common with all writing services.

  • The on-site testimonials are all very positive, as we expected them to be.
  • The writing samples reflected good grammar and mechanics. However, a lack of clear thesis statements and solid transition between paragraphs or sections was noticeable in many of them.
  • Off-site customer feedback is mixed. A few stated their deadlines were missed; others were satisfied; still, an equal number of others felt that their pieces were written by foreigners, as there were some typical word usage errors.

Overall, in terms of product quality, it seems to depend upon the specific writer – some are fine; others not so much.

In terms of services, it should be noted that students can get sample essays on a variety of topics and perhaps use those as the craft their own pieces. There are also some guides and tutorials about how to write specific types of essays. These may be helpful, although we found them a bit basic and very general in content.

Overall, we can say this: is a legal and generally reliable writing service.

Step 3: Writers And Support

As we said before, the business model of Ace Your Paper does not seem to have changed over the years. The website is very basic and the process for ordering a piece of writing very basic as well. Students place their orders with detailed specifications and then receive the final piece via email. We were struck that there is no direct communication between student and writer. If a student wants revisions, he contacts customer support and requests them.

In terms of customer support, the company can be contacted by phone, fax, or email. There is no live chat feature. We tried several times to contact customer support and got a message stating, “All customer support agents were busy and to please leave a detailed message.” This happened at all hours, so we are a bit suspicious about the claim that agents are “on board” 24/7. We did get calls back when we left messages, but those were several hours after the initial message was left. The agents seemed friendly and courteous, but we did receive different answers to our questions about theses and dissertations as well as what their “priority support” feature was.

Step 4: Prices

Pricing is bare-bones too. There is only one pricing column, starting at $18.00 a page for any piece with a 15-day deadline. Prices increase across the column, as the deadline urgency becomes narrower, all the way up to $50 a page for a deadline of a few hours. There are also page limits on orders. At the low end, the limit is 140 pages; at the high-end, 10 pages.

A 10% discount is available for new customers, but beyond that there are none.

Payment methods are standard, and customers can feel safe that their financial information is secure. The company accepts all major credit cards and uses a secure third-party payment processor.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

There are several additional features – writing tutorials already mentioned above, and some tools – APA and MLA citation generators, a paraphrasing tool (we used it and would not recommend it), and sample essays that can be downloaded and used as a reference.

Ace Your Paper also provides a free title and bibliography pages – pretty standard.

On the order page, students can pay for extra services, such as a one-page summary, priority support, and some type of guide for writing. We could not find any type of plagiarism check feature, either free or fee-based.

Overall, we would say this: needs to update its site and add some new technology, such as live chat. Telephone contact is rather “iffy.” In terms of quality, the verdict is mixed. It seems to depend on the writer assigned to a specific product. There should also be better communication between customers and writers as the production is in process. Given these elements, we would assign a rating of 3 – 3.5 on a scale of 1-5.

Review of Ace Your Paper by TopWritingReviews infographic

Mccauley reviewed

The first paper they send me was okay but this time the quality is the worst ever

Enny reviewed

My most extensive instructions were ignored altogether. I asked for a revision and they told me to simplify the requirements. If a writer cannot understand language, what kind of an expert he is??

Jane reviewed

Absolutely unprofessional service which cannot give you any guarantees. But they can deliver a poorly written paper for all the money in the world. Expensive, slow and amateurish.

Theodore reviewed

They say that all the writers at the company are native speakers. Not even close, unfortunately.

Lance reviewed

My article came unformatted and contained some weird pieces that didn't get along with the rest of the text. I believe these were the pieces the writer referred to when writing and never deleted for some reason. I though it was a draft and asked to send me the right document for what they told me it's what their normal paper looks like for orders like mine. Duh.

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