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Try now has been in business for at least a few years now, although we are not certain exactly for how long. We have found customer reviews off-site going back three years. StudyBay has a business model of “approved” writers who are free to bid on student orders and to be selected for a project by students based upon their bids. In reviewing this company, we have looked at its website content, at testimonials published on that site, at the writers’ information, at the process for becoming a writer, and at the policies governing both students and writers. Our Study Bay review is the following.


The company offers academic writing of any type and at any academic level, through its contracted writers – writers who view orders and bid on them. Student place an order, put it up for “auction,” receive bids, and then select a writer. There is a system in place for students to converse with their writers during the process. The student pays for the order up front, but the money is not released to the writer until the student has approved of the final draft. Students have 20 days to request revisions from their writers – what the site calls its “warranty.” states that it also checks each finished product for plagiarism.

StudyBay features

Customer Protection/Security

The site states that personal and financial information is secured and protected. It does not reveal this information to the writers who bid on projects. That control, however, leaves the company, once a student and writer are put into personal contact. Should either decide to reveal their personal information, there is no control. Most writing services filter messaging between writer and student through an online account that the student has.

Security of financial information appears to be in place at Study Bay. We placed an order and enjoyed a secure payment process through PayPal.


There are no StudyBay standard prices. Once students place orders, they are placed on a “job board” for bids from writers. If there are any discounts, they would have to be negotiated between student and writer. And, of course there are no coupon codes or any type of promo code for new customers.

Prices are bid by writers, and students are then free to select from among those bids. While this may seem to be attractive, students should not be lured by the cheapest price offer. Sometimes, those who offer the cheapest bids do so because they do not have much work. This may be because they are not the best researchers/writers.

StudyBay prices

Customer Service

We placed an order for an 8-page research paper in the field of political science. We received a large number of bids, and ultimately selected a writer in the medium-price range. Unfortunately, we were not able to contact the company customer support for answers to questions.

When we received our final draft, there were a number of structural and grammatical errors. We suspected that the writer’s credentials were not valid – a Master’s from Columbia University. We suspected that we had an ESL writer.

When we requested revisions, we did get them. Unfortunately, they were not good, and the paper was still not appropriate for submission at the college level.

We can say that is not a fraud or scam. Our issue is with the quality of writing.

We were also unable to find an Essay Bay BBB membership.


Looking at pros & cons, we have to insert some final comments. The biggest issue is that there is little-to-no company control over which writers bid on which orders. The “job board” is large, and any writer with any background can bid. We applied to be a writer, and there was no checking of our credentials at all. This is worrisome. We are applying a rating of “Fair.”

Checklist Review of Studybay

Tyles reviewed

Evidently a poor service. I entrusted them a very important paper for me. I gave the writer detailed instructions. I did not receive the paper on time. It took a week more long to get the job done. Besides, he did not send me the complete job since the beginning and with what I asked for, but he sent me only one part. I wrote him again to send me the rest, and again, and again, he did not send me everything that was missing, if not a bit more, and so on, time passed and the work did not fit or complete. I had to return it with corrections and more corrections and endless corrections because the paper did not fulfill the requirements. But then it got worse and worse. When I showed it to my teacher, he said that he did not even know those fancy words. The writer replaces technical words with little-known synonyms to only show that he does not understand or know the subject, which results in an unintelligible work. Besides, the writer started asking me to pay him when he had not finished the work and promise me to make the corrections after that, the reason he gave me was that he had to pay some bills in order to keep running with his business. He did not send the corrections. Then came a message that had already been paid to the writer and that the warranty time had been fulfilled, that is to say, it is a scam because they do not return the money. My professor told me that the paper was terrible and that he does not know the words that were in the paper, totally a mess. To top it off, with that bad and horrible job I had to throw it out. In the end, I had to do it myself.

Amal reviewed

Horrible work done by the writers. Complete scam.

Abend B reviewed

I will never ever use this website again. First and foremost this was my first time using this website so I was excited to find it and eventually use it. However, things suddenly changed when the first assignment I had the writer write for me he chose to plagiarize my paper, which caused me to fail my class. I then got in contact with the customer service who were absolutely ridiculous and unhelpful. They didn't refund my money and basically told me they couldn't hold the writer accountable, which clearly was his fault. Basically I wasted my money and time with this website. I definitely do not recommend anyone to use this website no matter how desperate you are

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The paper I received from Study Bay is a total nonsense or a bad joke from their writer. Who can possibly deliver an essay with 35% plagiarism? Okay, you have normal prices for your services. But why are your services so bad?? Don`t waste your time on them people!

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