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The next few paragraphs contain a summation of our experiences with AssignmentExpert. To do our research, we read AssignmentExpert reviews. We also explored the business’ website, and did some internet searching in order to learn as much as we possibly could. Finally, we placed an order to have an English homework assignment completed for us. When all of this was finished, we read through our notes and prepared to write this Assignment Expert review.


It is important to note that this is not a traditional writing service. Instead, this company focuses on homework assignments. Because of this, we didn’t order our usual essay or research paper. We decided, instead, to place an order for a one paragraph English assignment. We indicated that we needed the work finished in just over 12 hours.

After submitting our assignment, we were informed that it could take up to 6 hours to receive a quote. This was a bit peculiar as most assignment services have live staff ready to take assignments almost immediately. It didn’t help that we had read several reviews that gave negative comments regarding timeliness and on time delivery.

Quality of Products And Services

Fortunately, we did receive our quote within about an hour and a half. We accepted it, and we got our ‘answer’ about 8.5 hours later. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that our answer was incomplete, and full of spelling and grammatical errors. Had a student needed to turn this in the next morning, they would have had a lot of work ahead of them. This would include proofreading and editing to fix mistakes, and adding much more detail to the paragraph.

Writers And Support

One issue in writing reviews like this is that there is usually little to no contact with customer support or the ‘writer’. Instead, you simply pay your money and receive your assignment.

We did contact customer support about the errors in our assignment. We asked to have the assignment fixed, or possibly given to another expert. They were unwilling to help us.


There are no posted prices. Instead, customers receive a price quote after they submit their assignment. We paid 21 dollars for our paragraph. That’s exceedingly high. When we take the quality issues into consideration, This pricing is absolutely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the company provides no insights into how they calculate prices. So, we are unable to determine what goes into consideration when they write up quotes for submitted assignments.

Additional Features And Discounts

There is no available AssignmentExpert discount page. We were unable to locate any coupon codes either. While the availability of an AssignmentExpert promo code would have been nice, we were slightly more concerned with quality and customer service than prices.

A Final Word

To conclude our Assignment Expert Review, we are sorry to say that this writing service does not meet our standards on any level. While we do not believe their is an Assignment Expert scam, we concur with other low Assignment Expert ratings.

There may be some positive AssignmentExpert testimonials. Unfortunately, our experience matched the negative reviews. In the areas of customer service, writing quality, and value this writing service simply failed to deliver. Because of this, we recommend that readers skip this one. Instead, check out some of our positive reviews! We are confident that you will find the ideal content provider for your needs.

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Ella-Grace reviewed

I was on chat support and the person I was talking to was rude and kind of made fun of me.

Aine reviewed

Assignment Expert has been inconsistent with their material. Assignments are often late, and incomplete. We must remember, these are people working and attempting to start a business so the influx of orders may be more than the staff is able to handle. After voicing some initial complaints, the company received them with full intention of fixing the issue - at least that's what I see from my perspective. I addressed all concerns I had with the company and stated I would walk away if they were to continue. The next assignment was nothing short of perfect followed by further inquiry on how they could better themselves. This is definitely a company that wants to be seen as reputable and thorough.

Jill reviewed

They are cheap and offer discounts so you can pay almost nothing for a decent volume essay. I said volume because there isn't much to say about the quality of their research and writing. You get a generic essay that was most likely rewritten from some blog post. The bonus of this: you'll get it really quick.

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