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The next few paragraphs contain a summation of our experiences with AssignmentExpert. To do our research, we read AssignmentExpert reviews. We also explored the business’ website and did some internet searching in order to learn as much as we possibly could. This included looking up the company on consumer sites to find any listed complaints or legal issues. Finally, we made arrangements to see an English homework assignment completed for a resource of ours. When all of this was finished, we read through our notes and prepared to write this Assignment Expert review. Now it’s time to find out if this service can be trusted to provide students with the help they need.


It is important to note that this is not a traditional writing service. Instead, this company focuses on homework assignments. Because of this, we didn’t review our usual essay or research paper. We decided, instead, to source out and review a document that was secured after a contact placed an order for a one-paragraph English assignment. We indicated that we needed the work finished in just over 12 hours.

Students who are interested in this service should be aware that it is not a traditional writing provider. They do not offer assistance with major writing assignments or long term projects. Don’t count on them for term papers, long-form essays and research papers, or thesis and dissertation help.

After submitting our assignment, we were informed that it could take up to 6 hours to receive a quote. This was a bit peculiar as most assignment services have live staff ready to take assignments almost immediately. It didn’t help that we had read several reviews that gave negative comments regarding timeliness and on-time delivery.

Quality of Products and Services

Fortunately, quotes are received in about an hour and a half or so on average. Once accepted, the amount of time it takes to receive the completed work depends on the complexity and the details of the assignment. Most people report that finished work is delivered in a reasonable amount of time. That’s good news.

The bad news is that the answer we received to review was incomplete and full of spelling and grammatical errors. Had a student needed to turn this in the next morning, they would have had a lot of work ahead of them. This would include proofreading and editing to fix mistakes, and adding much more detail to the paragraph. We believe that someone could have simply asked friends for assistance, and likely gotten an answer of equal or better quality for free.

Writers and Support

One issue in writing reviews like this is that there is usually little to no contact with customer support or the ‘writer’. Instead, you simply pay your money and receive your assignment. This doesn’t leave much room for anyone to request or provide clarifications.

Students who were unhappy with the work they received did report attempting to work with customer service. Unfortunately, in most cases, they were unable to receive any help. Worse, because these are often homework assignments that are due in less than 24 hours, there is rarely enough time to fix mistakes. Sadly, students are often stuck cleaning up shoddy work themselves.


There are no posted prices. Instead, customers receive a price quote after they submit their assignment. We paid 21 dollars for our paragraph. That’s exceedingly high. When we take quality issues into consideration, This pricing is absolutely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the company provides no insights into how they calculate prices. So, we are unable to determine what goes into consideration when they write up quotes for submitted assignments.

We do believe that it is safe to make payments here. Regardless of quality concerns, we didn’t find any information to indicate that this site cannot be trusted to accept and process payments securely.

Additional Features and Discounts

There is no available AssignmentExpert discount page. We were unable to locate any coupon codes either. While the availability of an AssignmentExpert promo code would have been nice, we were slightly more concerned with quality and customer service than prices.

When we review websites, we attempt to find and read policy pages. We like to know where companies stand on refunds, on-time delivery, privacy, and other issues. Unfortunately, we found none of these documents on this website. Because of this, we do not know how the company handles cookies, student data, or other privacy concerns. EU customers should know that this company may not be GDPR compliant. There was no sitemap or other navigation cues available to help us find this information. We can only assume that it simply doesn’t exist.

A Final Word

To conclude our Assignment Expert Review, we are sorry to say that this writing service does not meet our standards on any level. While we do not believe that it is a scam, we concur with other low Assignment Expert ratings.

There may be some positive AssignmentExpert testimonials. Unfortunately, our experience matched the negative reviews. In the areas of customer service, writing quality, and value this writing service simply failed to deliver. Because of this, we recommend that readers skip this one. Instead, check out some of our positive reviews! We are confident that you will find the ideal content provider for your needs.

Checklist Review of AsignmentExpert by TopWritingReviews

Jamie-Lee reviewed

There was nothing done well. The writer also promised delivery within 14 hours, however it took a week for me to receive my paperwork.

Judah reviewed

My experience with their dissertation writing services has been the worst I've ever had. The dissertation called for extensive research into the global energy situation, yet they produced a piece that I wouldn't even call a dissertation. I squandered $150 on something that was not worthwhile.

Ethel reviewed


Luana reviewed

Don't believe these positive reviews. Notice the images of reviewers have similarities. Charged me $200 for what should have been hundreds of line of computer code. I got 6 jpg image files. After review by their "quality department" promised a refund, always very polite, very responsive, no refund given. Always ""wait a few days."" Don't believe the flashy website. There are a lot of scams in this homework business and these guys are among the best phonies! They WILL answer this review as if concerned. Check other review sites to see much worse, they seem to be particularly interested in maintain a good rating on only this site.
UPDATE: Finally got a refund after much bickering

Dev reviewed

I asked for a literature essay and the "completed" assignment which I got back was totally rubbish which did not follow very clear instructions which I had included.

It did not even follow proper MLA referencing which is a red flag on the capability of the writer which was assigned.

I asked for a review and never got any replies back even until the deadline passed.

I have requested for a full refund and have not heard anything back for more than a week already. This is no different from a total scam.

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