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Step 1: (Generally) About EssayEdge is a high-level essay editing company that concentrates on the more professional market. Medical, legal studies, college, graduate, MBA, interview preparation and academic papers are all in a day's work. The writer's pedigree is important here - Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and Harvard, are the preferred Ivy League colleges from which EssayEdge recruits.

If you are looking for an ordinary essay or paper to be written, this is not the place to come. review sites emphasize this aspect of the operation constantly, and we would reiterate - this is a proofreading and editing service at a high level of academic achievement; it is not an essay writing service. Keep reading to learn if this is a reliable service for prospective college students.


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Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

EssayEdge reviews concentrate on the personal statement editing services which are available for MBA institutions, graduate schools, along with medical schools, law schools, veterinary schools and other specialized areas of education. There is also an academic proofreading and paper editing service, which covers 17 subcategories of assistance along with a dozen personal statement editing services. No mention is made of editing and proofreading of thesis or dissertation chapters.

EssayEdge testimonials are complimentary about the quality of the products and services offered - but do bear in mind that these are internal and not independent views - and should be treated with the appropriate caution.

Much, of course, depends on the raw material put before the editors in the first place, as to how much work is needed, how long it might take, and so on.

Step 3: Writers and Support

As mentioned above, EssayEdge recruits only from Ivy League colleges, and their writers are second to none. All of the writers have a higher-level doctorate or Ph.D. qualifications, and all are thoroughly tested, and their abilities confirmed, before being engaged.

There are in-depth biographies showing the specialties and skills of the top 10 editors, as well as some personal details, to give their backgrounds. These are used as examples of the kind of quality that can be expected from the writers at this site. If they prefer, students may request a specific editor. Of course, this does depend on availability, and the student’s willingness to wait for that editor to be able to work with them.

We found the customer support to be quite difficult to navigate.

When we contacted the site and tried the chat line, it was offline. When we went on to try the helpline, we were confronted with a rather confusing template called, “Resolve” which looked more like an internal messaging system than an ordinary inquiry form. We never did get a query sorted.

An Essay Edge review that we looked at confirmed that this was a problem that had been encountered before.

Ultimately, it appears that this site can be trusted to deliver an edited copy of a student’s writing. However, the quality of that work may vary greatly.

Step 4: Prices prices are far from clear. There is no real pricing structure which is applicable. All products here are treated separately under the headings of proofreading, standard, and premium service. The distinctions are that the standard service is proofreading with a critique that shows where improvements can be made. The proofreading service is simply to polish the paper and tidy it up. The premier service includes a brainstorming session, two rounds of critiques, a run-through of the essay, and a phone conference to finalize all the details.

Pricing wise - the standard proofreading service, for a word count of 600, comes in at $69. For the standard service, again 600 words, comes in at $149. The premier service, for 600 words, comes in at $379. The mock interview service is available for $199, with each extra hour charged at $69, and includes an e-mailed evaluation. reviews back up the view that this is certainly not a cheap option; but that it would seem to answer a need.

Their coupon codes offer a saving of $20 - although it is not clear why or how this is applied.

Company's promo code offers are equally vague - There is a $50 discount offered but no details of how to apply or redeem it.

Standard payment methods are accepted and appear to be safe. Data is secured via SSL.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

No EssayEdge discount offers seem to be available - we could find no reference to any on the site.

The service scam set up is simply not possible - this site is far too professional. In fact, the company has taken the time to write a helpful privacy policy. Not only does the site provide standard information on how they collect and use data, but they also provide information on agencies students can contact within the United States for assistance in the event that their data is somehow compromised. European students should make note that the company does not mention GDPR. This service is located within the United States, and may not intend to serve students outside of those borders.

Essay Edge ratings are not particularly glowing, and there are many gaps in the service which could do with attention.

The means of making a payment is completely absent - it is virtually impossible to try and find out from customer services how to go about actually engaging the service - and it is only possible to use it once you have already written your essay.

If you need such a service, are willing to pay, and happy to try and find your way through the customer service maze - then this is for you!

Checklist Review of Essayedge by TopWritingReviews

Finn reviewed

The quality could be much better - they had much time to deal with my order

Max reviewed

I received my paper on time but it wasn't okay. I asked my writer to make edits and he ignored me. Do not recommend this company

Ray reviewed

horrible service! didn't get my paper in time

Margaret T. reviewed

This service is a perfect self-esteem booster for a grammar nazi. Their work gives lots of opportunity to practice in editing and proofreading. Or rather it would be if I didn't have to pay for this.

MA reviewed


HORRIBLE service and people. The owner of the site, will pretend to be your best friend and be easily accessible, until you make the payment - which is overpriced anyway. Then, after he has received your payment, he essentially disappears. You are promised a high grade, yet the grade that you receive is far below what is promised.

Then if you are able to get in contact with someone to complain about your grade, all they say is that they will redo it - but you have to pay again. The 100% guarantee that is advertised, is COMPLETE SCAM.

message photo


The support team is very unprofessional. I've had some questions about company's work and nobody could give me answers.

message photo


I didn’t like cooperation with this service at all. From the support team to the paper I received everything was not ok. I asked for a revision and they corrected only a couple of mistakes. Having wasted 3 hours waiting for the revision to be made, I still had to make it by my own.

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