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Is MHR Writer a scam? That’s not something we wanted to assume right off the bat. After all, many people had asked us to write an MHR Writer review and we wanted to be fair. Because of this, we took several steps in writing this review.

  • We ordered a college essay.

  • We explored the MHRWriter website thoroughly.

  • We compared prices

  • We evaluated our completed paper for quality.

  • We read multiple MHR writer reviews written by other college students.

We even took the time to seek out positive MHR Writer testimonials.

Step 1: About

MHR Writer reviews were nearly completely negative. Still, we wanted to approach the company with an open mind. We weren’t able to find a lot about the company. They appear to offer mostly academic writing. However, ‘job application’ and ‘ghost writing’ are also options. They use a UK telephone number. They have apparently been in business since 2009, however, they remain relatively unknown. No specific location information is given. It does not appear that the website was written by English speaking writers. We suspect the company is headquartered in a non-English speaking company.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services reviews on the topic of writing quality were quite harsh. As always, we realize that every company is going to have some negative reviews. Unfortunately, in this case, the criticism appears to be warranted. Our essay was written well below the college level. The sources were cited incorrectly, and there were many other issues.

Step 3: Writers And Support

It should be clear that our writer was not ‘up to snuff’. They clearly lacked knowledge and experience. It was also pretty obvious that they were not a native English speaker. However, on a positive note, we can say that they were polite and communicative. Unfortunately, we do wish that their communications would have clued us in on the fact that they clearly did not understand the assignment.

In terms of offering information about the company and services offered, customer support performed very adequately. Unfortunately, they did not perform nearly as well when we began to inquire about having our essay revised. At this point they became very terse, and they were clearly determined to hide behind technicalities within their policies rather than assist us.

Step 4: Prices

We compared our price of just over 17 dollars per page with other services. It turns out that prices are on the high side of normal. If there were not so many issues with quality and customer support, this would not have been an issue. Unfortunately, the prices do not work due to the poor quality work we received.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

There are coupon codes available. We used an MHR writer promo code to receive a 20% discount. While it was nice to receive an MHR Writer discount, this doesn’t compensate for poor customer support and bad writing.

In addition to these discounts, we also found an MHRwriter blog. Unfortunately, this was so poorly written that we stopped reading after one post. Finally, when we consider all of the issues we encountered, we agree with the majority of poor MHR writer ratings that list this service as poor or worse.

Review of MHR Writer by TopWritingReviews infographic

Eliott reviewed

Run away from MHRWRITERS. They are not good writers. Poor quality, Time wasting and when it finally comes you'll realised you made a very big mistake.. Waste of money. The English is poor. They don't speak English and not from the UK. There's nothing qualified about their writers. Their work shows none has a degree. Very poor writers. If there was a no star rating it should be theirs.

Aaron reviewed

Their website content is full of mistakes and weird sentence structures, it is definitely aimed for those who do not know English well. And therefore I really doubt this service is able to help those people and anyone at all.

Andrew reviewed

The only time I tried to get writing help from them, they sent me an unformatted text, full of typos and heavy in wording(

Ashley reviewed

Too expensive for the quality your service provides. That`s ok for high school students or people who need to submit at least some paper. And it`s not recommended to those who want a high grade.

Jorah reviewed

All the posts on the website as well as essays themselves are not written by native speakers, do not trust them. Poor grammar, no formatting and rude staff. I recommend you not to make the same mistake. You`d better stay away from this service.

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