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Table of Contents if part of a growing number of writing agencies that operate more as job boards than in the traditional model of the majority of writing services. The company has been in business since 2015, which is a short time in comparison to many other companies.

We have not conducted a review of Fast Essay before this, because we have tried to focus on some of the older writing companies. But we have received enough comments and feedback by our users that it is time to do one. As usual, we have used the following factors in our evaluation:

  • We looked at all of the website content, evaluating both the information and the writing itself.
  • We read through the company-posted testimonials
  • We checked out sample writings and a few of their blog articles
  • We reviewed all of the feedback and comments that our users have submitted to us and that we have found on other places on the web
  • We looked at writer profiles and communicated with several of them as a potential customer
  • We looked at general pricing for various products
  • We contacted the FastEssay customer support department on two occasions, to gauge quality of responses

In general, we want to see professional services and high-quality products – in short, a company that can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

Below is our summary of

Step 1: About

As we stated, the company has been in business for about five years. It is set up as a job board. Students or others (e.g., job seekers, businesses) can order up any type of product, provide a detailed explanation of that need and then post that need for company-registered writers to bid on. Once writer place their bids, the customer can contact them and engage in discussions with them, asking any questions they want.

Ultimately, the customer and the writer agree on the price and deadline. And through the process, the customer is supposed to be able to speak with that writer at any time. Fast Essay holds the payment on account until the customer notifies it that the job is finished to his satisfaction.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

This bag is fully “mixed.” When we look at quality, we consider several factors:

  • The quality of written content on the site. While this may not directly relate to the quality of writing from the registered writers, it is related to the owners’ value of quality. The text is not well-written, and there is a lot of movement and popups which are pretty irritating. Things don’t “calm down” until a customer get to the order page.
  • The quality of samples and blog posts. We don’t know who wrote these, but, again, the quality if not great. We found a number of grammatical and word usage errors in the few we read.
  • While some customers who ordered and received products were satisfied with the results, others were not. It seems that satisfaction varied widely among the chosen writers. Those who were unhappy complained about poor research and writing, as well as lack of quick responses from their writers. And many also stated that, even after revisions were made, their products were not satisfactory.

Overall, we can say this. Product quality cannot be trusted.

Step 3: Writers and Support

Registered writers are profiled on the website. There is no information about their backgrounds or education. That is left to the customer to find out. There is a list of products and testimonials which cannot be verified.

Support from the company itself is minimal. It takes payment and posts the orders. When issues occur, the customer is directed back to his writer. When customers look for refunds, they state, the process is arduous and often not successful. Again, they keep being sent back to the writer for more revisions. We cannot say that customer support is reliable.

Step 4: Prices

Obviously, prices vary, although the company does post what it calls “expected costs.”  It is up to the customer’s ability to negotiate a price with potential writers, and this puts a lot of onus on the customer’s shoulders. If you are not a good negotiator, you will end up paying what the writer bids. In comparison with other professional writing services, we find that Fast Essay customers tend to pay more for the same types of writing.

Payment methods are safe and secured through the use of a third-party processor. Neither FastEssay nor any writer ever has access to a customer’s financial information. Payments can be made by any major credit card.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

Other than the blog and samples, we do not find any features that make this company stand out. And obviously, there are no discounts offered by the company. Again, you will pay whatever you can negotiate with your writer. 


We have serious concerns about First, it is really operating as a job board and taking a commission on each finished product, paid out of the writers’ fees, of course. The company itself does not take an active role in seeing that writers are bidding on pieces they are really qualified to write. The testimonials that are posted on each writer’s profile are all positive, relatively anonymous, and cannot be verified. Quality of products depends on who a student chooses for a writer, and that can be very risky. 

While Fast Essay is obviously a legal company, we would not recommend it. Overall, we have assigned a rating of 2 on a 5-point scale.

Danny reviewed

I occasionally get an ok writer, but most of the time I get someone with whom I have to go back and forth to get it right. It's depressing for me :(

Sabiha reviewed

It wasn't fast at all. I got my paper 5 hours after the deadline

Romeo Farrington reviewed

service called fast essay isn't fast at all. they delivered my paper 6 days after the deadline

Tom reviewed

This company is completely unprofessional. Im not satisfied with the quality of my essay at ALL!!!

Clark reviewed

Their writing quality differs from a writer to another. I wish they had a certain standard for their workers but they do not.

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