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Welcome to our review of We are written this review due to several requests we have received. Is this the writing service for you? We’ll let you know!

Step 1: About

FastEssay is an online writing service that focuses on academic writing. The following paragraphs contain our detailed review. In order to prepare for this review, we placed an order for writing services. We researched the company online as well. We also explored the writing service website and read customer reviews. Our criteria for endorsement are quality writing, on-time delivery, excellent customer support, and reasonable prices. Unfortunately, this service just didn’t make the grade. Keep reading to learn why.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

We were not impressed with writing quality here whatsoever. Our writer claimed to be very qualified. Unfortunately, it was clear that they were not able to complete even a simple, English 101 writing assignment. Customer service agents were equally unhelpful.

Step 3: Writers And Support

We read more than one Fast Essay Review that was very critical about writing and customer service. Unfortunately, this was also our experience. When you are considering writer bids, and interacting with potential writers, everyone seems very communicative and helpful. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case when we received our paper. Our essay was sloppily written. The writer failed to follow our instructions.

Other reviews mentioned poor customer service. We also had poor interactions with their support staff. They refused to help us with a revision request and were just disappointingly unprofessional. It also appears as if this company uses an answering service much of the time.

Step 4: Prices prices vary. You won`t get a price ahead of time. Instead, you fill out your order and receive bids from writers. Although, you do get an ‘expected price’. All of the bids we received were at or below the expected price. However, the price quoted was 25 dollars per page. While this doesn’t indicate that there is a Fast Essay scam, these are exceptionally high prices. We accepted a bid at random as the prices were close, and all of the Fast Essay ratings of writers were positive. We made our payment using PayPal. We did not encounter any issues.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

If you’re interested, you can read FastEssay reviews directly from the writing service website. There’s also a blog. Unfortunately, there are some issues. First, the reviews aren’t very balanced. They are more accurately called FastEssay testimonials. The blog is kept up to date. Unfortunately, the quality of writing isn’t great.

We searched for a FastEssay discount. However, because of the nature of the site. There are no coupon codes available. Rather than hoping for a FastEssay promo code, the best bet is to try and negotiate a good deal with a writer. Of course, given the problems that clearly exist here, we believe students are better off finding a different writing service.

Waqar reviewed

I have placed the order for essay and asked the writer to choose the topic. I thought the essay I got was nice. But when I submitted it, my tutor said that this topic is incorrect. She allowed me to resubmit and I asked the writer to choose the new topic and rewrite the essay. But then I was contacted by customer care and informed that I should pay more! Why should I pay for their mistakes?!

Tomos reviewed

I`m not satisfied with this company. They really promise much more than they can do. Also, the delivery was late so I got a reduced grade because of that. Not recommended for those who have strict deadlines.

Philippa reviewed

NO THANKS FROM ME! Horrible company with super slooow support who cannot help with anything!

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