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We are writing this review in response to receiving multiple requests from students and others who are interested in learning more about this writing service. JustBuyEssay is a writing service that offers a limited number of academic writing products and services. To write this review we started by placing an order for a college level essay. We also read several reviews written by past customers as  well as JustBuyEssay testimonials. We explored their website, and researched this service online. The following are the details of our experience.

Step 1: About

As mentioned above, this is an academic writing service. In order to determine whether or  not a Just Buy Essay scam exists, we conducted an intensive internet search for this company. We discovered that the company’s claims of being located in TX are likely untrue. The address given on their website at the time we were conducting this review is a nonexistent address between two hotels in Dallas. We suspect they are using a rented mailbox or spoofed address to appear to be a company based in the United States. Companies will do this to obscure the fact that they are actually headquartered overseas.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

We received our essay before the two week deadline. Unfortunately, it was quite poorly written. The writer made several amateurish mistakes. For example, they didn’t have a clearly defined thesis and the body paragraphs didn’t have cogent main ideas. We also found several grammatical errors and awkward word usage that indicated to us that our writer was not likely a native English speaker.

Customer support was polite, but not particularly helpful. They were unable to answer basic questions, and we were left waiting for information on several occasions.

Step 3: Writers And Support

Our writer was very courteous. However, as mentioned above, they simply didn’t appear to be qualified to successfully finish our paper. Much the same could also be said about customer support. Courtesy was never an issue. Unfortunately, there appears to be significant training issues that need to be addressed.

Step 4: Prices

We were charged 14 dollars per page. This means prices are pretty much within the average range of other similar writing services. Unfortunately, poor quality makes even this seemingly reasonable price seem much too high.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

One positive that we did notice in writing this Just Buy Essay review was that they do have an informative blog that is actually quite well written. Unfortunately, other than that there really aren’t any extra features here. We were hopeful that we would find a JustBuyEssay discount. Unfortunately, w did not see a JustBuyEssay promo code anywhere. Other JustBuyEssay reviews didn’t mention coupon codes either.

In conclusion, we struggle to find much positive to mention here. While the prices aren’t bad, the quality of writing is poor. We also were not very impressed with customer service. The company’s dishonesty about its location also factored in our low Just Buy Essay ratings. These are the reasons why we encourage students to look elsewhere for writing assistance. They can do so by reading our other reviews and selecting a writing service that is reputable and meets their needs.

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Ida reviewed

I liked their prices and the service itself can be improved. But Josh (the writer I worked with) constantly forgot something like a reference list and a part of conclusion and then, a few pages from the middle. Too messy for academic writing:/

Quentin reviewed

nice friendly writers but the whole process of ordering and delivering is poorly organized. i had to wait for 2 more days while the text was edited though i knew it was basically complete. wish you improved the communication between your authors and the other members of the team.

Jonathan reviewed

Horrible service. Didn`t help me at all..

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