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What Are The Best Free Plagiarism Checkers?

Every student ends up stressing out about their assignments. “I know I wrote it myself. But what if some kid on the other side of the world had the same topic, wrote it before me, using much of the same words, and now it is ‘out there on the web?” 

Or, “I think I did my research right. And I believe I gave credit to all of the authors I used. But what if I missed something?”

This is the kind of paranoia that serious students can experience as they make every effort to write plagiarism-free assignments. They want to check their work for plagiarism, but they can’t use the free plagiarism checker Turnitin, because that is the one being used by their instructors to check. And if they check it first, it will be in that system, and it will come up as plagiarized when checked again.

If this sounds like you, relax. There are plenty of free student plagiarism checker tools (not only SafeAssign) that you can use before you submit your piece of writing. Let’s have a look at the top 10 plagiarism checker tools you can use. But first, a look at this term “plagiarism.”

PLAGIARISM – WHAT IS IT?                                               

A plagiarized work is any text that features copied content from another text, without making proper references or giving credit to the original writer. The writer whose work got plagiarized is usually unaware that his/her text has been ripped off and that other people are receiving credit for writing that is not theirs.

Plagiarism can be inadvertent or intentional. But to most college instructors, it doesn’t matter. Students are expected to submit writing that is free of plagiarism and to understand exactly how to avoid it. This puts a lot of pressure on serious students who really want to “get it right.” They can get it right by using these free plagiarism checkers.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

  1. Free online plagiarism checker with percentage at

The most precise in terms of detecting plagiarism. Finds sources of plagiarism based on words placement in the corresponding document, even if there are just several of them. Another great advantage of this tool is that it is completely free, as there are not many free plagiarism checkers with percentage. Not without the limitations though, you can check up to 5000 characters at once and up to 3 checks a day. Which is just enough for anyone to know how they did in their paper.


It’s fast, it’s easy to use and most of all, it doesn’t cost a penny! is a free plagiarism checker online for students that returns your report, fully analyzed, in a matter of seconds. You can either upload your file or you can simply copy-paste the text, asking for a free check. While you can only perform one search per day as a registered user, you can check for plagiarism 50 times a day if you register. Each text has a limit of 1000 words.

dupli checker website


Plagiarism Checker can fish out a duplicate anytime, anywhere. A reliable free plagiarism detector for students, it has the ability to check documents, articles, handouts, and even web pages. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, making this the first choice for students and teachers everywhere. As a teacher, you can check whether your student has turned in a plagiarized paper, and as an “Author,” you can see if someone dared to steal your work online.

The good part is that it doesn’t require any installations or downloads, you use it right in your browser window. The downside is that it only checks phrases, so for each new sentence, you will have to hit “Enter.”


plagiarism checker websites


Plagium is an easy-to-use free student plagiarism checker, and it can show you the results in a matter of seconds. This website not only checks content available on the Internet, but it also goes through social media posts such as Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Plus, you will see that it’s equipped with various other tools that may come in handy and that it can scan up to 5,000 words per search. All you’ll need to do is to copy your text and paste it into the box.


plagium website


It’s easy, accurate and an overall great plagiarism detector for students, teachers or professionals who may want their works checked. It will continuously update you on the progress, offering you reports and accurately scanning every source. Plus, it doesn’t ask for any installation or downloads to use it.

The downside is that, just like Duplichecker, it’s only limited to 1000 words per search, so you will have to keep hitting enter if you have a longer thesis. However, the extra features will not fail to impress, and you won’t be able to let go once you start using it.


plagscan website


The software on Small SEO Tools is a perfect anti-plagiarism checker because it automatically deletes any records of the search that was made. This scanner will carefully go through your text and look for unoriginal structures, letting you know of the source where the text was copied from. Plus, it’s free! No strings attached. No catches. And it’s also easy to use. Copy-paste your text there and you’re done! Plus, the website also offers various services, such as grammar check, spell checkers, and many other resources.

smallSEOtools website


While most grammar resources are fee-based, it does have a free plagiarism checker for students. While it does not give many specifics, it will identify plagiarized passages and provide an overall percent of originality. There is a deeper student plagiarism checker with analysis available, but that is fee-based.


  1. Quetext

This free plagiarism software tool is the “basic” plan, but it will find any plagiarized content in your piece. It’s simple to use – just paste the text in. You will get a lot of pop-ups encouraging you to sign up for the premium plan, and that can be a bit annoying. 



Here is a free online plagiarism checker for students and others, and it provides quite a bit more analysis as well. It will give you an originality percent and highlight those phrases, sentences, etc. that are duplicates of other online content. It will also target grammatical errors so acts as a proofreader too - a nice perk. The only downside is that, if you catch the detection tool at a busy time, you will have to wait in line. Premium subscribers don’t have to do this.


  1. Dustball Plagiarism Checker

This tool has free plagiarism detection, but you can also download a free plagiarism report for your own keeping. The free version limits the number of pieces you can upload for checking, but it should suffice for most student needs. 


So, a Free Online Plagiarism Checker for Students is Easy to Find

Any one of these tools will answer your need for how to check plagiarism for free. You may also be asking, “is there a best plagiarism checker for students?” Well, most of the free checkers will give you very similar quality, and they are not perfect.

There are also a number of writing services that have legacy plagiarism detection software. Check out our reviews to learn which ones will also provide a plagiarism report, so that you can relax.