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CoolEssay is a writing service that has been in business from 3 – 5 years. We were unable to locate an actual startup year on the site, but other clues provide this general information. We have conducted this review in the same manner as we conduct all of our writing service reviews – by gathering all of the information we can from the site itself, including products and services offered, by reviewing the CoolEssay testimonials found on the website, by reading the reviews and comments of customers that have been posted elsewhere on the web, and by evaluating the quality of written content on the website, its blog posts, and sample writings that CoolEssay itself has posted. All of these factors are included in the Cool Essay review that follows.


Step 1: About

The company provides academic writing of every type to students at every level of study. These products include most everything from basic essays through Ph.D. dissertation chapters. As well, it provides business products that include resumes/CV’s, cover letters, and content writing for web-based needs. Its other services include editing, proofreading, and re-writing, as well as admissions and scholarship essays.

The website is organized with links at the top of the landing page for the most common information. Footer pages include specific types of writing, policies, discounts, a blog, and samples. Visitors to the site are urged to read through these, to get a better overall idea of Cool Essay operations, processes, and writing quality.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

To determine the quality of products, we reviewed the site-based customer testimonials as well as reviews found elsewhere. While the site testimonials were all positive, other customers did provide some negative comments. These related to the quality of writing, and some were also concerned about the resources that were used for research works. They felt that the resource choices were not always appropriate for the academic level of the work. In looking at customer reviews, the blog posts, and the sample products, we have concluded the following:

  • Cool Essay is a legitimate writing service provider. Customers state they find it reliable in terms of fulfilling orders according to their instructions and delivering those ordered products on time. 
  • High school students seem to be generally satisfied with the quality of the products they receive. 
  • College and grad students do report some issues with quality, specifically grammar and composition errors that may indicate non-native English-speaking writers.
  • We reviewed several blog posts and samples and did find some of the issues that customers pointed out. Incorrect word usage and some grammatical structural errors were present. While there is certainly nothing wrong in using degreed and qualified ESL writers, it might be wise for Cool Essay to employ an editorial staff of English natives to fix these before pieces are delivered to customers. 

All in all, we can say that there is no evidence of fraud or scam here, and the company can be trusted to deliver what students have paid for.

Step 3: Writers and Support

Very little information is provided about the writers other than a statement to the effect that they were all native-English speaking professionals from the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia and that they all possessed either Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. This, we believe, is a bit of an exaggeration, given the nature of writing within the samples and blog posts. There are many writing services that do you degreed ESL writers, but it is important that they are truthful with their customers. And, often, such services have an editing department to clean up those minor errors that are so common.
Relative to services, the company maintains a 24/7 customer support department. We called on several occasions at different times and were always able to speak with a representative. We were referred to the FAQ link on several occasions when a support representative was unable to answer our questions. 
Payment methods are standard for the industry, and the payment process is through an SSL-secure third party. Customers may use credit cards, wire transfers or PayPal.

Step 4: Prices prices are high-average for the industry. A basic high school essay with a 7-day deadline is $12.90/page. These prices escalate as the academic level rises and the deadline requirements are shorter. The top charge for Ph.D. writing is $49.00/page. An 8-page college research paper, with a 7-day deadline, will run $151.20.
Payment methods are standard for the industry, and the payment process is through an SSL-secured third party. Customers may use credit cards, wire transfers or PayPal, and can feel very safe using the payment system at CoolEssay.


content coolessay


Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

Free offerings include title and bibliography pages, revisions within the policy guidelines, and formatting. Free email delivery is listed as a $10 benefit, which we found strange since all email is free. Customers may choose to pay extra for a plagiarism report, an editor to review what the writer has produced, and/or a higher-level writer for top quality.
Relative to any CoolEssay discount, we had to really search to locate any information. We did find a footer page link which explained that there was no standard discount plan. However, the company does state that it offers special sales and offers on its site and that coupon codes were issued for those. We could find no current sales. As well, the company states that it is up to the customer to contact the support department and request a discount if s/he wished one. Further down on the page, the reward for anyone reading that far was a 7% discount with a CoolEssay promo code provided.

Overall, this company can be considered a legal and trusted writing service. The one issue will be the use of ESL writers, and this may require that customers pay the additional fee for an editor to review and correct any grammatical or word usage errors. We are assigning a rating of 3.

Checklist Review of CoolEssay by TopWritingReviews

Dimitri reviewed

very slow, don't recommend

Sam D. reviewed

very bad service no recommend

Nameo F. reviewed

I have used the services for some time now for a friend (no, seriously) who didn't want to open his own account. The work has always been low quality - received low pass marks and sometimes even failed. However, my friend did not mind because he just wanted the papers written (without doing it himself) and as most of them passed he did not care of the grade.
This time around I needed help myself because there was a lot on my plate and I needed someone to help me out a bit.. after all they offer a FULL refund if you are not satisfied, right?! (no, hell no)
This is long, so here's a quick overview: they provided me with very low quality work, that would never in a million years pass. Took a mick with revision, the writer was obviously not serious. I asked for a refund and found out the full refund policy is a SCAM! On their website refund policy: They promise to sent a pdf file (which is the only time you can get a 100% refund) and then when you approve send a doc file (on which you can only get a refund up to 30%), however, they have NEVER sent me a pdf file first. Also the support team confirmed that they always send a doc file straight away (no pdf at all). The dispute team told me you cannot get a full refund after they have 'provided the service' (sent you the paper), hence you cannot actually get a 100% refund if not satisfied.
Long, detailed version:
So, I received my paper within the time limit I had paid for (they don't miss deadlines to be fair). Went through it and it was RUBISH! Very low quality, not any valuable information, just fluff to fill the pages. That would have been a miserable fail at the level I asked. I was getting the paper for ideas and guide (honestly), but needless to say it was useless piece of.. sheet.
Act2: I asked for revision (I wanted a refund which I expressed in my response to the writer, but though to give it another go). I told him to base the discussion on facts and figures, also made it clear that I was not happy with the WHOLE paper. I bought an example what to add to one of the sections (as facts and figures) to have an overall idea what I was expecting. The writer literary added ONE figure (unreferenced), and only changed the section I had brought the example of. Also told me that I had asked for a discussion and that is what he delivered. I mean, I PAID YOU, you done a TERRIBLE job and think this is the time to be sassy?! To which I respond that I also clarified the level of proficiency and this work was nowhere near that level.
Act3: I went to ask for a refund and support team informed me I needed to have 2 revision completed before I can ask for that. I obviously had not yet wasted enough time on this. So I send it to be changed again, this time gave a much more detailed outline of what I expected (I was pretty much writing it myself at this point). So this person, the writer, has the guts to ask me for an EXTRA payment because he had written more pages I had paid for (by following the guide I had sent). So I asked to see the pages I HAD paid for, and if I was happy with them (hahahaha) I would pay the extra and receive the rest. Guess what, I was NOT happy. So I ask for a refund again, and the support team informs me that I need 2-3 revisions to be completed to get a refund. They tried to convince me that I HAD to get it revised once more to qualify for a refund. I explained them of course that I had 2 revisions done which falls in the limit of 2-3, so.. ?? but then they tell me as I had not paid for the full paper (the extra payment) I cannot yet ask for a refund. Yes, they wanted me to pay MORE for a paper I was not happy with!!!!! We came to a solution (because I refused to pay more): I had to ask the writer to revise the paper back to the page limit I had paid for etc. Still bad of course after that revision if not worse, so finally I went ahead and asked for a refund. Gave them plenty of reasons. Even added my chapter of what the work should have looked like. Partly so they can see that the writers work was indeed very low quality and partly to show that I had not used that work.. at all (I am not trying to fail you know).
Act4: refund team informs me I can only get maximum refund of 30% plus 10% discount. (they also gave me an option to get it written by another writer, oh thank you so much)
So I ask for explanation, because I did not need it written any more (had already written most of it myself which is what I should have done to begin with). Also I was not that excited about that discount.. it's not as I was going to use their services again. So they told me (I got a response after a very long wait and actually had finished my work and more) I CANNOT get a full refund because they had already 'provided the service'!!! oh and that part of it was done right.

Lorcan reviewed

Just another proof that bachelor`s degree doesnt necessarily mean that you can do proper academic writing. bad writing quality, poor structure...myprofessor will be disatisfied

Nancy reviewed

I don't think the writers here can write anything that's a bit more specialized than a general 'How I spent summer' essay. I'm not gifted at expressing my thoughts on paper and I was pretty sure anyone about my age could do it better than me. Thanks cool essay for showing me I'm not as bad as your 'professionals' are.

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Their writers are pretty bad, comparing to the other services. I've got "C" for the book review from CoolEssay and, what is more, it was an hour late. Won't recommend it.

message photo


I got my case study late for an hour from CoolEssay. It was written fine, but the impression was spoiled anyway. And the support didn’t provide me with all the information I asked for. I’m not sure I’m gonna order more from them.

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