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Terms of Use

We have established this Terms of Use so that our visitors and users may understand the regulations that govern the use of the website. When anyone accesses the website, s/he is automatically bound by and has agreed with these Terms of Use.

Our Definitions

  1. Concerned Parties
  1. “You,” “Your,” and “You’re” refer to anyone who accesses the website for any purpose whatsoever
  2. “We,” “Our,” “Ours,” and “Us” refer to the website and anyone employed by or directly affiliated with the website.
  1. Content and/or Text
  1. The terms “content” or “text” refer to anything that is housed on the webs, including written text, photos, images, graphics, audios, videos, and so forth
  2. User Content refers to any text, photos, images, graphics, audios, videos and so forth, which any user, including you, publishes on the website.
  3. “Third Party” text or content refers to anything published on our website that has its origins from anyone not defined as a user or the website and that is made available to any user.


  1. Amendments to these Terms of Use

The website has the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and without prior warning. Should we change them, we will announce those changes on our website. It is the user’s responsibility to make himself aware of any changes. Changes become effective as soon as they are published unless stated otherwise.


  1. Use of the Website
  1. Eligibility for Use: Any user who accesses our website must be 18 years of age and thus able to enter into legal and binding agreements. Anyone, including competitors, who have been banned from the site may not access it.
  2. Permission: It is within the website’s power to grant permission to you to use our website. We also reserve the right to suspend or ban your use should you violate any terms of this agreement.
  3. Risk: You use our website at your own risk and is in no way responsible for any consequences to you as a result of the use of this site; we are also not responsible if you should access content that you find offensive, false, or in anyway unsuitable.
  4. Site Changes, Disruptions, Closures

We reserve the right to change or modify any or all parts of the website; further, we have the right to interrupt or disrupt service or to close this site without notice, should we choose to do so.

  1. All users are required to set up an account on our website, if they wish to access any of our information or services. Users’ accounts will be password protected, and it is the responsibility of the user to keep his/her password confidential. We are not responsible if a password has been shared with anyone else; further, it is the user’s responsibility to notify us if there has been a breach of his/her account. We also have the right to close any account at any time, without prior notice.
  2. Users are limited to one account only and may not set up accounts under false names or in an attempt to impersonate someone else. Use of an account if personal and non-commercial. Anyone using his/her account for commercial purposes shall lose that account and be banned.
  3. Once an account is established, the user agrees that s/he will receive notifications for the website, either on that account or via email. Users should read the Privacy Policy to understand how their information is held and shared.
  1. Content You Publish on Our Site
  1. The user if wholly responsible for the content that s/he publishes on our site, with the understanding that, once published, it cannot be rescinded. User assumes total risk for whatever s/he publishes. At no time may a user indicate that his/her content is in any way endorsed by the website.


If a user publishes content that is false or that is offensive, inflammatory, plagiarized, or in any way violates copyright, child endangerment, or pornography or privacy laws, the user is wholly responsible for any consequences that may occur. The website accepts no liability for the content of its users.


  1. Waiver of Your Exclusive Rights to Your Content

All content that you publish on our site is automatically open for use by the website, by other users, by other websites, by third-parties, and by any media organization. Use of your content includes sharing, copying, modifying, displaying, removal, and reproduction for any reason. Users have no exclusive rights to the content they publish.

  1. Our Content is Protected by Copyright Laws

We own the copyrights to all content that we publish on our website. By using our website, you agree that you will not violate that copyright by distributing, sharing, or in any other way using any of our content without our express permission. If you should use our content in any way, you will be subject to prosecution under copyright laws.

  1. Our Placement of Advertisements

We have the right to publish advertisements or any other content next to any content you may publish.

  1. Content Made Available through RSS and Atom Feeds

Some of our content is made available through these feeds, and you may access it and use it for personal purposes. Should you choose to use this content on your own site or social media platforms, this is no way indicates our agreement with the statement or opinions you express, and you must include such a statement when you publish this content. In addition, you must provide attribution of any of our content that you re-publish. We may discontinue our feeds at any time, without warning.

  1. Users understand that publishing content on our site in no way indicates that we agree with the information or opinions expressed therein. We also may, at our own discretion, modify or remove your content. You also agree that you content on our site has not rights of confidentiality. It is available to us and to anyone else using our site.
  1. Guidelines and Policies

Users agree that they have fully read these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy published elsewhere on his site, and that they understand all of the terms and conditions contained in both policies, along with any other policies that exist now or may exist in the future. Should you not agree with any of these policies, then you must cease to use our website. Other things you agree to are as follows:

  1. We may share information about you and your content to third parties if we believe it is necessary.
  2. We will institute legal action against you should we suspect that you have engaged in any illegal activity or any violation of our Terms of Use. Further, we will cooperate with any legal entity as it seeks information about or investigates you.
  3. We are not responsible nor liable for any legal action taken against you as a result of your use of our website. You will indemnify and hold harmless this site, any of its staff and direct affiliates, and any of its employees should legal action be brought against you.
  4. If you are accessing our website from any country that is not the country of origin of this website, you understand and agree that your personal information is processed on our country of residence.
  5. Our sites is in full compliance with all regulations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Should you need to read the provisions of this act, you may access it at:
  6. If we believe that any user content violates any copyright laws, we will block and remove that content. As well, the user will be banned from the site and his/her account closed.
  7. User Obligation to Inform Website

If any user believes that any content published by another user does violate copyright laws, then that user is obligated to contact the site and report the event. User will be required to provide details of both the content and where on our site it has been published. We will immediately disable the content, notify the publisher of said content, and begin an investigation. If the content publisher is guilty of violations, we will block all content, close that user account, and ban that user from our site.

  1. Any user whose account has been closed due to determined copyright infringement or other law violations, has the right to appeal to the website and to prove that the content violated no laws. Should our further investigation prove the user correct, we will immediately re-instate the account and the content.
  2. If a user violates copyright laws and is caught by our website, that user understands that we will notify the original owner of that content, and that owner may then take legal action. We will cooperate with any legal redress being pursued.


  1. Third Parties on Our Site has the right to publish links to sites, apps, and tools on its site. We are not indicating any endorsement of these products or services. When a user uses a link on our site to access other sites, we are not responsible for any consequences of that access. Once a user accesses another site from our site, our terms and privacy policies no longer apply.


  1. Indemnity

Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless for any repercussions, results, and/or consequences that they may incur as the result of the use of our website. As well, users agree to indemnify and hold harmless any other users of the website and the third-parties who may be present in any form on our site. If the website should be forced to incur legal fees as a result of legal action against you, the user, will be held responsible for payment of those fees.


  1. Termination of this Terms of Use Policy

These Terms of Use may be changed, amended, and fully terminated by, without prior notification.

  1. If any of these Terms of Use be suspended or terminated, the website retains full use of any copy you have published.


  1. Entire Agreement and General Regulations

This Terms of Use Document is the full agreement between you, the user, and the website. Other general terms are as follows:

  1. We have the right to change, alter in any way, update, or terminate our website for any reason at any time, without prior notification to users.
  2. We will inform users of changes by on-site publication and by email.
  3. If we should terminate any one or more of these Terms of Use, the others will remain in effect and binding.
  4. If a court should determine that any one or more of these provisions is illegal, all other provisions of this Terms of Use document shall remain in force.