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Ways to Avoid Plagiarism: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

  • July 19, 2017
Ways to Avoid Plagiarism: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Have you ever been accused of cheating? It’s not a good feeling. Even something as simple as getting caught looking at a neighbor’s paper in grade school can result in a traumatic series of questions and accusations. Now that you are in college, one of your concerns is learning ways to avoid plagiarism.

Wait a minute! What’s that you say? You already know 3 ways to avoid plagiarism:

  • Don’t Steal Other People’s Writing

  • Don’t Cheat

  • Write Your Own Papers

Actually, to be honest this list of three ways to avoid plagiarism is helpful. But things are just a bit more complex than these three ways to avoid plagiarism. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to condense the issue into 3 or 5 ways to avoid plagiarism. Instead, we recommend that every student takes a studied and diligent approach to finding ways of avoiding plagiarism.

Here Are Some Ways to Avoid Plagiarism For Students

One way to avoid plagiarism is to commit to working hard, and writing quality papers. Know your topic. Even better, know all of the rules and requirements of your citation format. Keep these two ways to avoid plagiarism in mind.

Now, let’s build on these 2 ways to avoid plagiarism. The following aren’t five ways to avoid plagiarism, but they are some concepts that we encourage students to keep in mind.

  • Download and Use Plagiarism Checking Software

  • Give Credit When in Doubt

  • Listen to What Your Instructors Expect From You

  • Become a Member of Your Academic Community And Get Advice on Academic Writing

  • Seek Help From  Your TA

Here’s what we know. Students who focus on 10 ways to avoid plagiarism or 6 ways to avoid plagiarism often fail to understand plagiarism at all.

Be Aware of The Risks Around You

As you explore what are ways to avoid plagiarism, think about the risks that may be impacting you right now. This will help you to define  what are some ways to avoid plagiarism for me. Here are some examples of the risks to be aware of regarding cheating and plagiarism:

  • Your Professional And Academic Reputation May be Damaged

  • You May be Permanently Removed From Your Academic Program

  • You May be Suspended or Expelled

  • The Owner of The Material You Plagiarized May Take Action Against You

  • You May be Asked to Leave Research Projects or Athletic Teams

  • You Could Lose Eligibility to Participate in Sports Student Government or Other Activities

Know Where You May Inadvertently Plagiarize

Not all plagiarism is intentional. You may plagiarize without realizing so you  must be vigilant. For example, if you hire a writing service with a poor reputation, you could receive a document that has been completely or partially copied from other sources. You may be guilty of plagiarising yourself if you inadvertently forget to cite a source.

Who Gets Cheated When a Person Plagiarizes?

First of all you do. You could suffer some very stiff consequences if you plagiarize. Then, there is the person whose work has been used without attribution. There hard work is not acknowledged or credited.


The best way to avoid plagiarism is to use plagiarism cheat scanners, do great research and writing, and if you hire a writing company use one that is high quality.