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Finding a Website that Rewords Paragraphs and Essays

  • August 10, 2017
Finding a Website that Rewords Paragraphs and Essays

How Good is a Reword Generator Really? That Depends.

Sometimes it’s called a “spinning” tool. It’s also called a reword generator or reword tool. Basically, it is an app or a website that rewords paragraphs, sentences, or entire essays and papers. Usually, these rewording tools are used by students who want to hide plagiarism. They find an essay or paper that fits an assignment they have; they know that plagiarism scan tools will catch it; so, they decide to use an online rewording tool to cover up their “sin.” But just as any other business, reword a paragraph or essay websites have “good guys” and “bad guys.”

Free and Paid Reword Online Tools

Free and Paid Reword Online Toolssource

You can probably find a free website that rewords essays and papers – in fact a google search will bring up several of them. They also have premium versions and some have subscription offers. So, you’ve got some choices. All of them use machine-automated software, but some of that software is certainly better than others. If you use a free reword website, the software is not going to be as good as a tool that you pay for. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Checking Out Some of the Rewording Generator Websites/Tools

Free Tools

So, what exactly do you get from a reword paragraph generator free tool? As it turns out, not much. Here is the thing about the free stuff. You past in the text you want reworded and within seconds you get back re-written text. Unfortunately, it is of pretty poor quality. The sentence structure is not always good, and the exchange of words is not really accurate.

Moving on to the “reword my sentence generator free” tools. When only once sentence was entered into most of these free tools, the results were a little bit better. But still, some of the word substitutions were not good. Meaning was lost, and in some instances the new sentence was pretty awkward.

If you want to use a free tool, here’s the thing: if you want to use a free website that rewords essays, you would have to enter sentence by sentence, and then check each sentence as it is generated, re-writing what was not really correct. It would almost be easier to re-write the essay by hand yourself. And even then, you would want to run a plagiarism scan on the re-written essay just to make sure. If you do that, check out the top free plagiarism checker tools that you can find on many writing service review websites. It is a good idea to use one that is not commonly used by most schools, like Turnitin, because there will be a record of it.

Paid Tools

If a “reword my paragraph online free” tool doesn’t work so well, how about those that come with a fee? In general, those that are fee-based do a better job of re-wording, but, again, they are not perfect. The problem is that machines, unless they are really programmed well, and unless they are infused with artificial intelligence so that they learn over time, wording can still be incorrect or awkward.

It’s All Pretty “Iffy”

In general, a rewording generator, free or paid, is a bit risky. There will be mistakes; and if enough has not been reworded, it can be flagged for plagiarism in a scan. If you use and essay or paragraph reword generator, you will still need to review the entire piece manually and clean up the awkward phrasing and words.

They Are Getting Better

Now that artificial intelligence is starting to be built into rewording generator tools, digitally automated re-wording a paragraph or essay is getting better. Machines are now able to recognize phrasing and nuances of the language that earlier machines did not. But, most are not “there” yet.

If you are really having trouble creating an essay assignment, you might be better off accessing a writing service review website, choosing a writing service that is reputable, and going there for your help.