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Step 1: About WriteMyEssay.Biz

Let’s begin this WritemyEssay.Biz review with some general information about the company and the products and service that it offers. To begin with, this Write My Essay review is being written after we have done some exhaustive research. We ordered an essay from the company, read WriteMyEssay reviews posted by consumers, explored the company’s website, and even did research to determine whether or not there has been any reports of Write My Essay scam.

We learned that this company is an academic writing service. They offer they common academic papers that one would expect from a writing service of this type. These include, essays, admissions essays, dissertation and thesis proposals, research papers, and more. We did not find anything remarkable to note about the services offered. No business or resume writing services are available, however the company does offer proofreading, editing, and formatting of academic papers.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

We ordered a 4 page essay, to be written by a writer with a Masters degree. We selected a due date of 10+ days, and asked that the topic be an essay about subplots in To Kill a Mockingbird. We received our finished essay on the 11th day. This was technically within the given timeframe, but we were a bit surprised that such a simple paper took so long.

To put it bluntly. We were not impressed with the quality. The writer clearly did not read or understand the instructions. What we received was a generic paper on To Kill a Mockingbird. It was full of errors and contained no information on subplots. Unfortunately, there were other WriteMyEssay.Biz reviews that seemed to mirror our experience. Good quality control is clearly lacking here. There is no room for that in the world of academic writing. A student’s academic career could really depend on these kinds of services, and frankly it angers us when things are so subpar.

Step 3: Writers And Support

Our writer was quite polite through the entire process. We just have strong doubts about their qualificiations. Perhaps they haven’t received enough training. When it came to customer service, we felt as if we were being stonewalled when we requested our revision. That’s a shame, because good customer service is such an important component of this business.

Step 4: Prices

Because of a WriteMyEssay promo code, we paid 14.99 per page. That’s a pretty average price, so it didn’t really feel as if we were truly receiving a WritemyEssay discount. Overall, we found prices to be on the high end of average. This might not be problematic if there weren’t so many issues with service and quality. It is too bad that the services aren’t better. This would justify the slightly elevated prices.

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Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

We were not able to find much in the way of extras on the website. If there is a blog or WriteMyEssay testimonials, they are not very easy to find. We searched the internet and did find some Write My Essay ratings. Many were below average. We were also unable to find a discounts page or a WriteMyEssay.Biz coupon code.

Sadly, all of this means that we have to advise that students avoid using this writing service. The quality of writing is below any reasonable standard, customer support is rude and dismissive, and the prices are not in line with quality. There needs to be a very large overhaul of this writing service’s standard operating procedures before we could even begin to consider giving them our thumbs up.

Checklist Review of WriteMyEssayBiz by TopWritingReviews

Alan reviewed


This writing service is okay according to my standards, but not as reliable as others. The prices are good, but don't hire them unless you are sure you have the time to wait a bit longer than the settled date. The essay was fine and didn't have any problems with it.

Daniel reviewed


I ordered a case study from their writers, but it was so bad that I was obliged to buy it from another service. Waste of money. Can’t recommend this writing service. I have already found another one with the same prices but way more professional writers.

Robert reviewed


I ordered a case study from this writing service last week. The paper was late and I sent it back for the revision. It took them three hours to make a revision and I still noticed a couple of mistakes. Apparently they are not real experts even in the English language (which has to be a native one for them). I’m very disappointed.

Richard reviewed


The service is terrible. Support managers are rude and unavailable sometimes. The writers seem to be not as professional as they state. I've got my case study late for an hour and it was full of mistakes. I believe there are better companies with the same prices.

Paul reviewed


These guys only know how to steal your money! I’d ordered an essay two weeks ago and still didn’t get it. I wanted to get my money back, but the support department ignores me. Don’t pay them!

message photo


No one likes to talk with rude people and it is very sad that this writing company hires such people in its team!

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