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Step 1: About

VarsityTutors isn’t a traditional writing service. Instead, it is a tutoring service that was founded in St. Louis, Missouri nearly 15 years ago. Now the company has locations all over the United States. They also offer online services. These have become significantly more popular over the past two years. We are writing this review to ensure that they are legit and trustworthy. Of course, we will also reveal if they are a fraud or scam.

The company has a YouTube video to introduce its services and benefits:


We took the following steps to learn the pros & cons of Varsity Tutors:

  • Read customer reviews
  • Compared prices 
  • Looked for discounts and coupon codes
  • Examined some sample work
  • Researched the company on BBB and Reddit to evaluate their reputation
  • Explored the website
  • Read the refund and plagiarism policies

Our goal was to evaluate the quality of tutoring services and to determine whether customer support and pricing were adequate. Keep reading to learn about our experiences, and to see if we recommend VarsityTutors or not.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

With a business that offers multiple tutoring services at different locations and online, it can be difficult to give an overall rating. We found that there were both customer testimonials and complaints about the services offered. Those who were satisfied generally felt they were matched with a good tutor who helped them complete assignments before the deadline, pass standardized tests, and better understand the subject matter.


Those that complained mentioned the following:

  • The cost was too high
  • Tutors didn’t communicate or provide timely help
  • The qualifications of tutors were exaggerated
  • They didn’t get meaningful results
  • Customer service was unhelpful
  • The website was confusing and hard to navigate

We didn’t encounter anyone who had issues with payment or felt as though the company was a scam. 

Because Varsity Tutors doesn’t write essays or research papers, we weren’t able to review a final document for grammar or accuracy. As an alternative, we relied on a student who has used the service in the past to help with our research. Here is a shortlist of some of the key tutoring services that are available:

  • Standardized testing preparation
  • Tutoring K-5
  • Academic Tutoring 6-University
  • Certification Tutoring
  • Essay Help also offers online classes in various subjects, but this review is based on their tutoring services only.

Step 3: Tutors and Support

According to our research, the quality of tutors here varies widely. This indicates to use that there may be some inconsistency in hiring practices. One review we read indicated receiving information from a tutor that was verifiably false. Others felt as though tutors simply gave them assignment answers without truly explaining the concepts. Although seemingly reliable, we can say that an excessive number of tutors made outlandish claims, such as being Harvard graduates.



We did make contact with support as part of our efforts to explore the VarsityTutors website. The representatives we spoke to were polite and professional. They were able to answer our questions adequately.

Step 4: Prices

Prices are not published on the Varsity Tutors website. This is because the price of services can vary greatly. They may be different in various regions. Also, the subject matter, type of tutoring, and student grade level can impact what the total price will be. This is understandable, and we understand that students must inquire to get a final price.

Please keep in mind that these services are intended for relatively well-to-do students and their parents. They are priced accordingly. It is not unusual to pay more than 20 dollars per hour for in-person or online tutoring. Varsity Tutors may not be in the price range of services for students on a budget.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

In general, the company doesn’t offer discounts. Because of this, we did not find a promo code. The best way to get a better price is to negotiate with the company or your tutor directly.

As far as extras, the site does offer adaptive assessments and a variety of educational videos. They also have an after-school club to encourage intellectual curiosity in students and help them explore STEAM topics. That is a pretty cool thing. There are also free large group classes on many different topics, and free self-study courses. Finally, there are free tools such as study books, a blog, flashcards, and sample test questions.

Our Verdict

Our overall rating of this tutoring service is neutral. While some students do get great results, others do not. Because of this, we recommend approaching with caution. It is also imperative to manage expectations. If you do consider using Varsity Tutors, vet your assigned tutor thoroughly. Examine their credentials, and don’t be afraid to ask for a new person if they aren’t doing a good job. It is also important to set expectations and goals, so you know you are getting your money’s worth.

If you want more intensive help such as essay writing services, you will not find that at Varsity Tutors. However, that help is available to you. We have written dozens of reviews on writing services, and you can read those here on our website. It won’t take long to find a safe service provider who can give you the assistance you need at a reasonable price.

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