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We use the same criteria to judge every agency we evaluate – offered products and services, guarantees, policies, cost, benefits, writer information, customer service, customer reviews, benefits, and any other unique features. With that in mind, here is our review of

Step 1: About UKEssays was launched in 2003 in the UK, by a lawyer who offered academic help to law students. Over the next 18 years, the company has expanded and now offers a full range of academic writing and editing services to students in college and grad programs in English-speaking institutions. Students can order up anything from a basic essay to research papers, to case studies, to lab reports, to coursework assignment help, to admissions and scholarship essays, reports and reviews, analyses, to research and writing help with theses and dissertations or other graduate-level projects. Today it has three physical offices in the UK but operates as an online service.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

To evaluate quality, we depend upon several activities. We do review the on-site testimonials, but we do not put a great deal of “stock” in them. We are more interested in what customers have to say about the company on consumer review sites and on social media, including any discussions on Reddit. But we don’t stop there. We reviewed a few samples that are posted on the website; we read what our users have posted about their experiences with UK Essays, and we put out a call for pieces of writing that have come from the company. We also ordered an essay ourselves, so that we could see quality first-hand. The results were a bit mixed:

  • Many customers were satisfied with their products or services and gave their feedback on the preferred consumer review site. We looked at other sites, though, and did find some complaints. Some U.S. students had to edit their products because British English was used, rather than American, after they had specifically requested an American writer.
  • Some students stated that the writing and vocabulary were far too sophisticated for their level of study, and they had to simplify the language and sentence structures so that they would not be accused of plagiarism. We reviewed three samples written for a first-year university student and found this to be the case as well.
  • Still a few others believed the ESL writers were used because of grammar errors in syntax, sentence structure, and misuse of some terms and articles.
  • The piece we ordered was a short research essay for a first-year student, and we also found that British English was used and that the sophistication of the writing level was far above that of such a student. As well, we found some terms that would not be in normal use – the term “educationalist,” for example, rather than “educator.”
  • Meeting of a deadline was not an issue.

Overall, our rating of quality is “average.”

Here is a YouTube video that also supports much of what we state about quality.

Step 3: Writers and Support

UKEssays boasts over 500 writers, all of whom possess appropriate degrees from colleges and universities with a solid academic reputation. They further state that each writer assigned to an order will have the appropriate subject field and level of degree to meet the standards for quality that are expected.
Customers are provided a personal account page that they will use to converse with their writers, to provide additional, to answer questions, and to check on the progress of their order. As well, they may use this account to contact the customer support department.
In terms of customer support, most customers say that they have been able to make contact through email, chat, and telephone and that agents are friendly and responsive.

Step 4: Prices

There is no pricing chart on the website. Instead, students will need to fill out an inquiry form, providing all of their specifics, and then receive a price quote, before submitting and making payment. This can pose a slowdown for students who have an urgent deadline. UKEssays did provide an example price, however. A 2–3-page essay with a guaranteed grade of “B” will cost $198.00. That’s pretty pricey, compared to other writing services that may provide a less expensive alternative with good quality.


Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

One of the nice features of UK Essay is that it provides a large number of student writing pieces that have been submitted as samples. These are far more realistic than the company samples that are offered for customer review.
Other features include essay writing guides and a blog.
In terms of discounts, we did find some on the website, under the link “Offers.” There were mentions of coupon codes or a special promo code. We just did not know where or how to find them. This would be a good question to ask the customer support department.
In terms of policies, UK Essays does have terms of use, cookie, and privacy policy. Of particular note is its “Fair Use Policy.” This clearly states that customers may not use delivered products as their own. They are meant as samples for students to re-write as they create their own writing. We are not certain how this would be enforced. We did not see any refund policy if things should go wrong.

Our Verdict

We see a number of pros & cons to While it is certainly not a scam or fraud, students should review this summary before placing an order. Among the Pros are a good website with lots of information and free resources, responsive customer support, and personal accounts that can be used for many purposes. Among the Cons are concerns about getting a writer choice for either American or UK English, no BBB membership, and, of course, the high prices. We believe students can find an alternative that is just as good.

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