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Step 1: (Generally) About has been around for a while now and does business in both the United Kingdom and in the United States. The website is not specific about its provenance.

Thesis Geek, as the name suggests, is a fairly specialist company which aims at the higher end of the academic paper writing service. Dissertations and theses essay and paper writing services,together with editing and proofreading for these, are their stock in trade. One of the unusual areas in which this company excel is that of writing papers and essays for M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) students at business school. Researching and preparation are another specialist area in which this company specialises; they will sort your statistics, graphs, references and plain old research stuff too.

The site itself is crowded, but well laid out and logical to follow. review sites dislike the layout of the site; they comment on the density and lack of readability.


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Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

As we mentioned above, has positioned itself as a provider of higher academic papers - but - look a lttle closer and you will see that they also cover high school papers, collge essays and term papers, academic papers and even proposals and cover letters. This is neither clear nor terribly obvious from the website though - but - there is a section there explaining these services.

There are no sample papers, or examples, or details of the products offered.

ThesisGeek reviews say that the services offered here are difficult to find within the site layout as it is at the moment.

The ThesisGeek testimonials are from both the UK and the USA, so they give a more balanced view of the feelings of those who have used the services - all are lukewarm about the company..

Step 3: Writers and Support

ThesisGeek say that their writers are of a higher caliber than most because of the concentration on the more difficult types of paper and the level of complexity involved in completing them. They claim that the writers have been thoroughly vetted and their qualifications verified before being taken on as essay authors, or in other specialist writing posts.

Customer support was laboured and difficult to get through to. There is a choice of chat line, toll-free telephone or email. The staff were not terribly helpful nor very knowledgeable about the products or the background against which they were being ordered. Staff were not too enthusiastic either - this was quite disappointing..

The support staff were not fully conversant with the pricing structure and which were the best products for our budget.

A Thesis Geek review which we looked at also mentioned being none too impressed by the customer services here.

Step 4: Prices prices are in two tiers - that for writing from scratch and that for editing and proofreading.

The price for 10-pages at masters level, with a 15-day deadline, was $265.50 - a PhD level paper came in at $288, in the same category. Both were for an essay from scratch.

This makes this company horrendously expensive and this is added to when you realize that many services that are not standard. On other essay writing websites services such as a plagiarism report, an abstract, an outline, and a table of contents; even the choice of writer, are free - are all charged for as extras here - this makes the price simply astronomical. reviews put the prices charged in the most expensive range of comparable services from other sites. coupon codes do not seem to be available.

ThesisGeek promo code offers are not available either.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

ThesisGeek discount offers are simply non-existent!

A Thesis Geek scam is unlikely -  this site has been going for a while and seems to be fully encrypted, gives and sells no personal or financial information on its customers to third-parties, or has any adverse comments about doing so.

Thesis Geek ratings are generally bad - this is because of the prices being so expensive, no discounts, few freebies and; given all of this, the paucity of information regarding the writers - their qualifications, track records, profiles, biographies - anything about them, in fact. We think you need to know more at this level of academia.

For these reasons we do not feel that we can really recommend you to use Thesis Geek for your dissertation, thesis, or other work - there are companies which give far better value, and write far better essays and papers, out there.

Checklist Review of Thesisgeek by TopWritingReviews

Anniebell reviewed

This is beyond any doubt that thesisgeek isn't a geek service. I`m disgusted to find out that my introductory chapter was wasted a lot. What`s moreover saddening the situation is the amount of plagiarism that was found! AWFUL!

Rosemarie reviewed

An excellently ruined paperwork from Thesis Geek. The deadline was two weeks and it was met, yet the quality desired to be much, much better! I expected something solid and competitive (isn`t it a must?!) for a sophomore academical level but I didn`t get it. What a pity that I wasted so much time when I actually could have written a better paper myself.

George reviewed

For master`s paperwork they charge about $25 per page. Somehow, my order of 15+days proofreading (5 pages) was evaluated $146 instead of $115. Their explanation was: it is because your order is a PhD, not a Master`s. What?! Even if it were PhD, how would the price get bigger?! Strange service that I will not use again for 100%!

Serena reviewed

What an awful writing service! First, they didn`t fit in with my deadline. Second, they tried to charge me more making it look like the first price was a wrong one (no way I was going to pay you more!!). Third, the paper was with mistakes. If you are a professional service that helps students, how can you deliver bad writing?! Do not recommend, seriously!

Erik reviewed

I know that a dissertation paper is a long paper to write, but that's why I hired professionals, or so I thought. The delivered thesis looked like something downloaded off the Internet. Different paragraphs put together, without too much thought or consideration. The result was probably copied also.

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It's very pity, but I won't use services of thing company any more! The paper that was sent to me was written awfully!

message photo

M. Ford

Your writing company isn't ready yet to provide the service you write about on your website. The paper is delivered late and there are several mistake in it!

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