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We are always on the lookout for academic writing and other companies that provide help and resources to students. Our mission is to make sure that students are able to find quality products and services from online agencies that are legit, safe, reliable, and trustworthy. To this end, we search for companies that market to students and pursue all of the information we can gather about them. When finished, we publish a full review that presents the facts, so that students have what they need to make wise choices about the academic services they choose to use. 
We use the same criteria to evaluate every agency we review – a full look at the company website, a review of samples if available, information on writers and other professionals, off-site customer reviews, company-posted testimonials, prices, policies, benefits, and the results of an order we place and then evaluate. (formerly known as has come to our attention because some users of our site have posted comments and given feedback about the company. Here, then, is our full review of Sweet Study.

Step 1: About

SweetStudy was formerly known as and is based in Florida, USA. We are not certain exactly how long this service has been around, but the information on the website is copyrighted as of 2021.
It appears that Sweet Study allows students to post research and reference questions for freelance tutors, who are registered with the site, to respond with pricing quotes. Students then review these bids and select a tutor to complete the task. This is the basic information we can glean from the “bare-bones” website.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

To judge the quality of any academic service, we look at several things – samples, if available, comments and feedback from actual customers that we find on consumer review sites and social media, including Reddit discussions, feedback that users of our website post, and the results of our own order for the answer to a research question. Here is what we have been able to discover:

  • Students who have used this site state that they have a couple of options. They can search through the archives of similar questions and learn how much it will cost to get the answer to that question. Or, they can pose the question, get bids, and choose someone to complete the task. Their complaints relate to the length of time this takes and the inability to really get enough information about the freelancers providing the bids. They feel they are operating without enough information
  • Reviews on consumer review sites are mixed. Some students state that they do get quality answers, while others state they do not. They state that the answers are very superficial and lack the depth they need for the price they have paid.
  • We submitted a research question related to the controversy over critical race theory. We got several bids, but not much information about the expertise of these bidders in this content field. Finally, we chose an “expert” who was able to define this concept and then provide resources that we could use to explore the topic further, as well as suggestions for structuring a research essay on the topic. For this, we paid almost $50, which was the lowest bid. We were disappointed.

Overall, we are a bit confused about what SweetStudy actually offers. Anyone who accesses the website will probably feel the same way. It has very little information. While there are some positive testimonials on the site, we are hard-pressed to get the details – they just don’t exist. Part of a company’s reputation involves being transparent and informative. We don’t find it here. 
There is also a link for teachers who may want to become tutors and a YouTube video that explains how this is done:


Step 3: Writers and Support

There are no writers on There are registered “experts” who will operate as “tutors and then bid on questions that customers ask. It is up to the customers to review those bids and then select the one they believe will best answer their questions. It appears, from some customer reviews, that some of these “experts” actually write pieces based upon the questions they take on, but it is hard to know what you will get from the initial “question.”
In terms of SweetStudy customer support, students only have an email address for contact. This is concerning because there is no way to know when a response will come. Unfortunately, this can slow down progress for a customer who may have an urgent deadline or issue. 



Step 4: Prices

Given the business model of Sweet Study, there will obviously be no set prices or calculation charts. Once a student submits a question, that question is placed on a type of “job board” for freelancers to bid on. The price is what a student and bidder agree upon. Payment is made to the site, not the tutor.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

Obviously, a student will not find a promo code or any coupon codes for discounts. 
There is a blog on the site with some articles related to schooling. Most are pretty “lightweight,” but grammar and composition are good.
There is also an archive of questions and answers. Students can access them, and a set price is included. Students are cautioned that they may not use these answers verbatim, as they will be identified via plagiarism detection software. There is no refund available once these answers are purchased.

Our Verdict leaves us unimpressed. While it is not a scam or fraud, the website provides very little detail, and the only method of contact is via email. We could not find a BBB registration, and that is concerning too. Among the pros & cons, we really only have cons to offer. Our rating is “poor,” and we encourage students in need of tutoring to find another alternative.

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