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Step 1: About

RushEssays was founded, according to their website, approximately 15 years ago. They offer students high quality academic writing services. In doing the research for our review, we took a look at the specific services offered by this content provider. We found that they offered the standard academic papers that are offered by others services. These include, essays, research papers, term papers, annotated bibliographies, thesis and dissertation services, book reports, research summaries, and case studies. They also offer resume and CV services, proofreading, and editing. We did not find evidence that they offered scholarship, admissions essay, or personal statement services on the home page.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

Before we talk about what we uncovered in our Rush Essay review, here is some information about our methodology. We visited the website and input an order for a research paper, 10 pages long, using 4 resources. The subject was chemistry and the topic was GMOs. There was no option to pick a grade level. We were given the choice to pay extra for a more advanced writer. We did not take that option. Placing the order was exceptionally easy. Unfortunately, this was largely because the order form simply does not collect information that could result in the production of better papers. Here are the results of the order that we placed:

  • We received the paper a full day before it was due.
  • The grammar and spelling was okay, but there were some odd word choices and phrasing issues. We believe it is possible that the writing was done by a person who has not fully mastered the English language.
  • One of the four sources came from a source that was decidedly not scholarly.

We looked online for RushEssay reviews. Many of the reviews were good, however there was a noticeable theme among the negative reviews. Almost every negative reviews mentioned late delivery of documents and writers who failed to respond to communications. There are testimonials on the company website. Those are, unsurprisingly, all positive.

Step 3: Writers and Support

In spite of what we had read in other reviews, our writer was actually quite prompt in responding to us. They sent us a brief greeting the day after receiving our order, and answered two other messages quickly. Unfortunately, we did notice some issues with their written English. We called customer service in the middle of the night to ask a question and were able to speak with a knowledgeable individual within a few minutes.

Step 4: Prices

Our chemistry research paper cost $229. There were no upgrades that were chosen. This is higher than what we have found on other websites. Considering that the product we received was less than stellar and we did not receive any extra products or services, we believe that prices are significantly higher than they should be.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

Rush Essay offers a few premium services such as VIP support, the ability to choose a top 10 writer, and proofreading done by a staff editor. Each of these is a premium service and we did not use any of them. We were unable to locate much information about these additional features in other reviews. Because of this, we presume that they are delivered as ordered. Customers who use this service can avail themselves to one of many Rush Essay discounts. There is a link on the home page to their discounts policy. There are also links in multiple locations to specific discount offers. There is currently a ‘Step Up’ discount for loyal customers that involves increasing savings the more orders that are placed. One of the other available RushEssay discounts is 15% off on first time orders. We searched on Google for coupon codes and Rush Essay promo code. We did find offers on other websites, but did not investigate the veracity of those offers. We recommend anybody using these coupons verify them with the writing service before using them.


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Final Rush Essay Ratings

We give an overall rating of fair to poor. This is due both to our experiences and several Rush Essay testimonials and reviews that we found on the internet. The biggest factor for us was the quality of the final product and the inability of the writer to locate and use proper resources. in placing an order. In addition to this, we believe that the writer assigned to our research paper is lacking in some basic skills that should be required of any writer working for a content writing service. This includes the ability to do proper research that was mentioned above, and the ability to skillfully use the English language when writing a paper intended for use by a college student.

Checklist Review of Rushessay by TopWritingReviews

delia reviewed

All the papers seem to be written by uneducated, illiterate people. Many many grammatical errors, with some parts that don't even make sense. No one seems to know how to write a conclusion. My last paper was about hybrid cars and how it effects oil trading. This idiot wrote about how the fuel will be in less demand, causing the USA to not need to keep relations with the middle east, and I quote "The war in Iraq will be a thing in the pas." Unbelievable!!!! How impossibly offensive, insensitive, and unpatriotic is that!!! Top it off, "Past" wasn't even spelt right! Do yourself a favor and skip this damn site!

Hilary reviewed

There`s a Slavic proverb that says If you rush too much - you will fun the people around. Same goes for rushessay and their services. When I got the paper I ordered I was shocked! There were massive losses in content without needed parts! Lying place with lying promises! I wish I wrote myself.

Stella reviewed

Great price with a great support team. Yet, a very weak and notworthy paperwork at the end as a result(((

Neight reviewed

According to their web page, they are more than skilled and can perform a huge amount of different tasks with writing assignments. Not true. Based on my experience with them those are lies and even to finish an essay is a hard and unreal job for them to do. Thus, I can not recommend this place because it is not reliable.

Eugene reviewed

It's a pity that this service doesn't deliver high-quality services. The support team may be friendly, but the important thing is for the paper to be delivered on time and without mistakes. This company failed at both! It's not a reliable or professional company!

message photo


Despite their name they fail to meet the deadlines far too often. I haven't got a single paper on time. They were all at least 30 minutes late.

message photo


The very first essay I’ve ordered from them was awesome. Then, I guess something happened and all of my next orders needed revisions. Maybe someone has the same complaints?

message photo


The number of times they failed to deliver my order on time has no count. At least the essays themselves are made great. Hope this situation with the deadlines will improve in time.

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