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This is our review of RewardedEssays. In order to prepare ourselves to write this review, we started by doing some intensive research. We Googled the company, explored their website, and read several RewardedEssays reviews. We were able to determine that this writing service is quite reputable. However, we took other steps to dig a little deeper. This review represents what we learned as well as our final conclusions.

Step 1: About

RewardedEssays is a professional, online, writing service. They offer a variety of products. These include academic writing such as essays, term papers, thesis and dissertation help, coursework and problem solving, scholarship and  admissions essays, lab reports, and more. They also offer resumes and CVs, along with other related products. Small business owners frequently use them for a variety of copywriting services.

In addition to writing services, students and others can also place orders for editing and proofreading services. For our review, we placed an order for an essay. The details of our experience are below.

Step 2: Quality of Products And Services

We placed an order for a five page essay for a college sophomore. We opted for the 14 day deadline. Our essay actually arrived towards the end of day nine. This was nice, but we were a bit worried about quality. As it turns out, we didn’t need to have any concerns. Our paper was perfectly fine. Our writer followed our instructions to the letter. The paper was very well written and we found no errors whatsoever. We could have turned the paper in for a grade with real changes whatsoever.

Step 3: Writers And Support

When we were going through the process of placing our order, we contacted support representatives online and by phone. Each time we were immediately connected to someone who was able to answer our questions, and take action on our behalf. We were treated with the utmost professionalism each time. Clearly the support staff here is well-trained and empowered to help.

While they were working on our assignment, our writer kept in regular contact. He sent us status updates, and always answered our questions within a few hours if not sooner. Our comments and questions were never treated as a bother, and he even offered some very good suggestions for our essay.

Step 4: Prices

We paid just under 15 dollars per page for an essay that had a fourteen day deadline and was written for a college sophomore. These same prices were available for college freshmen and juniors as well with only a slight increase for college seniors. Based on our own research and reading reviews we conclude that prices are competitive enough to be right in line with industry standards. We believe this is a good thing as it means they offer excellent value without being so cheap as to make us worry about quality. These prices mean there is no Rewarded Essays scam to worry about.

Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts

It took us no time at all to find a RewardedEssays discount. Because we were using the company for the first time, we used a RewardedEssays promo code to get a nice, first time customer discount. We were also able to find that there are other coupon codes. These are applicable in a variety of situations. We strongly urge customers to contact customer service for more information on available discounts. There are constantly new offerings.

In addition to these discounts, we also discovered some very interesting blog posts, many positive rewardedEssays testimonials, and writing samples. All in all we were very impressed with the extra features that make this company stand out among its competitors.

As we considered all of the factors that made up our Rewarded Essays ratings, we came to the conclusion that this writing service really does bring its A game. There was not a single aspect of our dealings with this company that we were not impressed with Everything from website navigation to customer service to price to writing quality were all excellent. Because of this, we are very happy to conclude our Rewarded Essays review with our full endorsement. If you are a college student who needs help with any writing assignment, we strongly encourage you to check this writing service out. They have proven that they can deliver an impressive academic paper.

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Nicolethe reviewed

Incredible one! Their writer under the number 91782 saved my college essay in natural science. Even though I gave them only 48 hours - they did it. My paper was in the printed version in my hands the exact morning I had to pass it to the professor. Thanks rewardedessays.

Dixie reviewed

No wonder they are named rewarded essays. They complete even almost impossible tasks within a quite short amount of time. I would give them five for every service at theirs, as every service turns to be well given and you don`t have to rob a bank to be able to afford it.

message photo


Best writer I`ve ever worked with. Their helpful support member perfectly got what I needed and made sure the assigned writer did the same. Spread some love - I`d recommend the place to friends 100%!

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