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When it comes to marketing, takes the cake for having a memorable name. It is one of the few services that offer a small amount of services, but promises to be one of the most used writing services by students from all over the world. We look closely at what ProWriterz has done on their site, but we also consider the inner workings of the company. In order to properly assess Pro Writerz, we looked through customer reviews and testimonials on other websites. We also placed our own order for a product to give a fair review and analyze the pros & cons of the company for the benefit of students visiting this website.

Step 1: General Information About offers a short list of services, however, the prices can go up to the thousands if you are not careful about your budget. Most of it is focused on academic writing, but they have a select list of services with additional features. They are also included in the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) database.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

  • The quality of writing itself: While looking at the site, we noticed that the copies were not very good. The grammar was off and there were many typographical errors. We even thought that their name might be a typographical error.
  • ProWriterz reviews from other parts of the web: When we looked at customer feedback, most of them complained about the expensive papers at Pro Writerz, but we did not see too many complaints about the quality of work.
  • The term paper we received: We decided to order a term paper from Pro Writerz so that we could check to see if they could manage to deliver it on time with the quality that they promised. We directed them to write about History at a college level. Our most pressing concern over the paper was the time it arrived, however, we were also surprised to find that the writer wrote a completely different topic for our term paper.

Step 3: Writers and Support

The site had samples, but there was no sign of the writer’s personal portfolios or profiles. This is not much of an issue considering the quality of the paper we received. Our main concern is customer support.

We asked for a 24 hour deadline and waited until we received our paper. The company missed the deadline, so we contacted customer representatives to inquire why our paper hadn’t arrived yet. They told us that the writer would get back to them shortly. They also promised a full refund if we did not receive the paper after 12 hours. After asking for a revision for the failed paper, we received it within 12 hours so we did not qualify for a refund.

Step 4: Prices

The company offers a full range of payment options that includes PayPal and all major credit cards. We chose to use a credit card to purchase the essay and we can confirm that it was a secure transaction. When it comes to their prices, the computations do not seem to add up. Newbies may be inclined to buy a paper just to avoid having to compute, but we did our due diligence and saw that the price was confusing because they charged a minimum of two pages.

The rate we received for our term paper was more expensive than other better websites. We feel that their service did not live up to the rates we were asked for.  

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

Most of the discounts they offer are a one-time deal. Unlike other companies, they do not offer loyalty programs. They have coupon codes on their banner on the website. The promo code is for a 10% discount on your first order. Other discounts include a 3% discount when you like their Facebook page, a 12% discount when you add a suggestion, and a 15% discount for publishing a video testimonial. We used the suggestion discount and it did not work, so we used the banner code instead.

Extra features on their site include samples, a blog with helpful content, and a custom writing service specifically designed for people looking for work. They could have put that on their services page, but we assume it might be a marketing strategy. The service includes packages for resumes, CVs, cover letters, and more.

We give the site a fair rating, but we do not recommend it based on their pricing structure. We are also disappointed at the lack of loyalty discounts because it could be a huge help to students who are on a budget. ProWriterz is not a fraud or scam, but ordering too many papers may make students feel like they are being robbed.


Checklist Review of Prowriterz

Lionel reviewed

Definitely not a pro lol
However, more like a pro losers than pro writers. Disapprove anything done by them and swear to God I will not leave it that simple! They deserve to be closed and left outside and they MUST pay a fine!

Fred reviewed

No customer support was found. No explanation on why I had to wait for an additional day was given to me. I didn`t like the way I had to ask them over and over again to provide me with the information on my order completion. Also, I still do not understand what kind of additional extra features I was given for extra $50! I will not be pleased to work with them again.

Bart reviewed

Quite old fashioned web-site design perfectly shows the inside situation with this writing resource. Weak writers aren`t able to perform high-quality orders completion as well, as they are not able to give an acceptable answer about the plagiarism level that you have found in your order. Not impressive, not cool guys

Leighton reviewed

Although, the general level of the quality can be rated above the average, putting together all of the proposed services on I cannot say that our partnership was successful. The timing was kept, yet there were major errors in my paper work. Plus, I didn`t get their promised discount for the first order.

Kylie reviewed

My friend was telling me about great service provided by online essay custom writing services. But wait! Why does ProWriterz call itself a writing service when they deliver you a paper full of mistakes? Maybe your writers are school students and are not quite sure how to write CORRECTLY? Or what is it going on? I paid for what I had expected to be a good essay. But received a total waste of money. Even my dog could have written it better than ProWriterz, plus totally for free! Awful service!

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My order was made in time and with a good quality. But the company charged additional money for “higher level of work”. Why didn’t they tell me that straight at the beginning?

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