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Prime Writings is an online writing service that provides products and services to students. It has been in this industry for nine years, or 10, if you read different parts of the site content. It advertises original custom writing products to students at any academic level. We have prepared this review so that students may compare the quality and service of this company with the others that we have also reviewed. Our goal is to evaluate every writing service using the same criteria, so that objective and factual information is given and the points of comparison will be the same. We have used the website content, PrimeWritings testimonials found on that website, and all PrimeWritings reviews that we have found on other sites, including social media, that have been written by actual customer of the service. A final check is always a research paper that we order, so that we can gauge the quality of writing. This, then, is a summary of our findings.

Quality of Products and Services

Our first impression when we landed on the website was “mixed.” While the landing page had a few grammatical and incorrect word usage errors in the text, we were not overly concerned. However, as we read deeper into the content pages, it was obvious that everything had been written by foreigners who do not have good command of the English language. Our Prime Writings review places a lot of emphasis on the site content. If it is bad, then we wonder about the quality of the writing products.

While on-site testimonials were all very complimentary, we did find a number of reviews elsewhere on the web that were not. Customers complained about research and writing quality, as well as some missed deadlines.

The research paper we ordered reflected some of the same concerns that customers expressed. There were many English structural and grammatical errors and incorrect word usage. Further, we found the resources used to be too elementary for the university level.

Writers and Support

The site boasts “certified” writers. As most people know, there are no official certification bodies for writers of any kind, so the term is meaningless. We are not provided with information about the writers or how they are selected. Further, there are no sample writings from these writers, so that their quality can be evaluated. This is a major failing of the company, and it should provide samples for customers to review.

There is a blog on the site which can be accessed from the order page, with a listing of recent entries. We click on several and got the same security response that it was a dangerous site and that we were open to hacking if we proceeded. This is a huge problem.

While we can say that worries over Prime Writings scam tactics are not confirmed, and that customers do get their products, there are dangerous links that should not be accessed.

Contacting customer support was interesting. We called both the toll free and the non-toll free numbers, were placed on hold and ultimately were answered by a female of foreign origin. The connections was terrible and we could hardly understand her. We asked about dissertation writing, but our detailed questions could not be answered. We were told to fill out an order form and a great writer would be assigned.


We did find a pricing schedule published on the site. prices fall within the average range for other services, unless there is an urgent deadline. A basic high school essay with an 11-day deadline is $11.99/page. But is there is an urgent deadline, it can be as high as $50. Our 8-page university research paper was $15.92 but reduced to $129.13 by the new customer discount. There was a PrimeWritings promo code for this discount which was entered into the order form.

Additional Features and Discounts

The company does provide the standard free pages that others do, but many other services, such as proofreading, come with additional fees. In addition to the newcomer PrimeWritings discount of 15%, returning customers are provided coupon codes for 5 – 15% off, based on the total number of pages they have previously ordered.

Overall, our Prime Writings ratings in all categories of evaluation are in the “Fair” range. Customers should proceed with caution.


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Checklist Review of Primewritings by TopWritingReviews

George reviewed

I ordered a term paper for my college. The price was acceptable as well as the quality of the paper I got. Though I am not really satisfied with the speed of work. I needed it quicker and didn`t get a positive grade because of delay.

Adrean reviewed

Have no idea what kind of certification they actually pose, but the outcome paper doesn`t represent any at all. To be honest, I still questioning myself, whether it was a good idea to order an online help with a place like this... and I keep doubting it over and over again now. Sad, sad story.

Virginia reviewed

Descriptive essay of mine was ready in 5 days nevertheless the deadline was 4. Due to that Primewritings gave me a discount that made the ultimate price lower, which is good. But the communication with their support is unbelievable! The girl from that department wasn`t able to give me answers to my questions. How?

Derec reviewed

They said it is possible to reach the support any time of a day - somehow I wasn`t able to contact them when I needed. My order of a term paper proofreading was done quite nice, yet with a few mistakes that hadn`t been noticed and I had to correct them on my own. The final price was affordable but a bit above than the average among similar services.

None reviewed

Just sucks and sucks!! Always late! don't believe it!

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I have a lot of complaints! This company has rude employees and its writers aren't able to create well even a simple essay!

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It's a big, big mistake to use any of the services of this company! I ordered a content for my website and got material of low quality! I don't need this!

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