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Small scr
Delivery: 18 Hours
Prices from: $ 14.0

With over a decade in the writing service business, SigmaEssays should have a sound business model and a solid reputation for quality. This is what we expected as we approached this review. We conducted this review like we do all others – looking at the website content, including the details in the footer pages, on-site SigmaEssays testimonials, any samples or blog posts on the site, reviews that have been posted on the web, pricing, discounts, benefits, and an evaluation of a research paper we ordered from the agency.

Small study.bay
Delivery: 24 Hours
Prices from: $ 6.0
Get $5 off has been in business for at least a few years now, although we are not certain exactly for how long. We have found customer reviews off-site going back three years. StudyBay has a business model of “approved” writers who are free to bid on student orders and to be selected for a project by students based upon their bids. In reviewing this company, we have looked at its website content, at testimonials published on that site, at the writers’ information, at the process for becoming a writer, and at the policies governing both students and writers. Our Study Bay review is the following.

Small samedaypapers
Delivery: 14 Days
Prices from: $ 23.25

SameDayPapers is a writing service that operates with a combination fixed price/bidding model. It has been in business for a few years – enough anyway for us to gather information and feedback based upon the factors we use to evaluation writing agencies. In preparing this review, we read through all of the site content, looked at SameDayPapers testimonials, pricing, quality of customer support, located SameDayPapers reviews we found online, and ordered our own research paper so that we could experience the quality and processes firsthand. This summary is the compilation of all of these factors.

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Delivery: 8 Hours
Prices from: $ 10.0

WriteMyEssayToday has a website that is copyrighted n 2017. While it may have been in business longer than that, of course, we can only find information that dates back a couple of years. We therefore assume that it is a relatively new company.

Small scr
Delivery: 8 Hours
Prices from: $ 12.99
Get 15% off owners state that they have been in business for years; however, we have only found information that goes back just three years. We have prepared this GetEssayDone review using the standard factors that will give visitors a comprehensive overview of the types of writing and support they can expect from the company – information the service provides on its website, Get Essay Done testimonials published on the site, a look at samples and/or blogs that its writers have produced, pricing, discounts, benefits and any GetEssayDone reviews that we found on the web.

Small hirewritersr
Delivery: 24 Hours
Prices from: $ 14.4

Students will have little interest in, primarily because the company focuses on matching customers in need of copywriting with freelance copywriters. Still, we have conducted our review as we would with any service that offers writing. We have attempted to find HireWriters reviews on the web and were moderately successful. There are no HireWriters testimonials on the site.

Small edubirdier
Delivery: 24 Hours
Prices from: $ 19.99

EduBirdie has a business model that operates more as a customer-writer “matching” clearinghouse than as a writing service, with employed research and writing staff. This is not a unique model, and we have reviewed such services numerous times. This review has been based on many factors – the information the company provides on its website.

Small scr
Delivery: 12 Hours
Prices from: $ 17.17 has been around since 2007 – that’s plenty of time for a writing service to develop its policies, refine its procedures, and accumulate a professional writing staff with degrees and superb qualifications. We looked for these things as we investigated this company for our OvernightEssay review, and we used our standard criteria to do this.

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Delivery: 18 Hours
Prices from: $ 7.0

7DollarEssay is an online writing service that may be based in the U.S., but we are not certain. The company website provides a phone number in New York, but Google shows that it is located in the state of Colorado. The site does not provide information on its location. Nevertheless, it is in business and does market its services, it appears, primarily to students.

Small scr
Delivery: 18 Hours
Prices from: $ 17.31

Since we have received many requests to review Helpful Papers, we have decided to go through the steps required to conduct this write up. These steps include placing an order for an essay, reading reviews written by customers, exploring the company website, researching the company online, comparing prices, and reading testimonials. Our complete review follows below.

Writing Services Company Reviews – Getting Some Straight Talk

You need writing help. You may be a student who has just too much to do and too many essays and papers due; you may be a busy entrepreneur who needs copywriting services; you may be a job-seeker in need of a resume or CV. Whatever the writing need may be, you need to find a professional custom writing service that is not a fraud or scam. You have heard horror stories of others who have used fraudulent services, and the results have been disastrous, not to mention a waste of money.

Most people do not understand how to investigate a custom paper writing service to determine its reliability and quality of its products and services. Because they don’t, they are often persuaded by some really unscrupulous people who run shoddy operations. They end up purchasing writing products and services because these scammers insist that they are a cheap custom writing service that can still produce high quality. Don’t believe it. Come over to Top Writing Reviews and get the straight story on the top writing services in the industry.

How We Serve Consumers

Our goal is give consumers an honest and objective review of many of the most popular online custom paper writing services on the web. We are adding new reviews all of the time, so that we can keep the correct information flowing. Here is what you get when you visit our site:

  • Writing services company reviews that are based in factual data, not opinion
  • A listing of the best custom writing services based upon our full investigations
  • Actual comments from customers who have used our featured writing services
  • We go far beyond just studying what the company wants us to see. We order a research paper to judge the real quality a service is providing.
  • We review and solicit comments from actual customers, rather than just reading the testimonials that are housed on a company’s site.
  • We engage the customer support departments through chat and telephone, to assess their professionalism and knowledge
  • We prepare a writing service review that summarizes all that we have found out about individual companies, and, along with actual customers, provide a rating.

But There’s More

Our site is also filled with features that will allow you to streamline the process of finding the right writing service for your needs.

You can search our site based upon the type of writing you need. Just click on the box of the genre, and you will get a listing of those writing services that we know will do a great job for you.

You can request that we conduct a review of a website you have found.

You can post comments about specific companies that you have used, so that others will be better informed.

You can scroll through our blog and find some articles with great tips and advice – lots of timely topics.

Don’t Get Scammed

There are a lot of unethical people in the writing business. And if you don’t take the time to investigate a service you are considering, or, better, let us do that investigation for you, you run a terrible risk of being scammed. At Top Writing Reviews, we do all of the work, so that you can choose a reputable company with confidence that you will get high quality.

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