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Naked Truth About Donald Trump's Victory at the Elections

  • Author: Veronica
  • November 10, 2016
Naked Truth About Donald Trump's Victory at the Elections

In January Donald Trump will become an official 45th President of the United States of America. Millions of people in the US and all over the world question themselves “How did it happen?” and “What to expect now?” We decided to find the answers to these questions and created the infographic given below.

First of all, why did Trump become a President?

He supported working-class white men from Midwest who don’t have college education and feel overlooked, so they voted for him. It brought Trump victory in the states of this area, which you can see on the map of elections’ results.

His personality and independence from Washington helped him to go through all the difficulties and save popularity among people. Also the reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was made right in time to decrease the level of trust towards Clinton.

And of course his unique political campaign, which contradicted all the experts’ views and strategies, turned out to be winning. The reputation of racist, sexist and rude person appeared to be better than no reputation at all.

Now what?

America will no longer have free trade with China and there will be a wall built on the border with Mexico, which will not allow Mexican people to go to the US. All the illegal immigrants will be immediately deported. What is more, Muslims and Syrian refugees will not be allowed to enter America under no circumstances.

Everyone who wants will be able to buy guns. There will be no limits and according to Trump such decision will make America a safer place.

Speaking about environment problems, Trump is going to cancel the Paris climate agreement and eliminate government spending on clean energy and climate research. He is also planning to allow more fossil fuel drilling to retrieve resources for economic benefit.

Another fact which scares a lot of people is a Putin & Trump Union. Vladimir Putin is known for his active propaganda and aggressive foreign policy. Deep relationship with Russia may be dangerous for the countries that suffer from Russian aggression.

Overall, we can never know what expects us in reality. Donald Trump is an unpredictable person with no experience in politics and it is hard to say for sure what kind of President he will be and what future expects for America and the rest of the world. With his slogan “Make America Great Again” we can only guess what actions he will take.