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What to Look For In a Free Plagiarism Checker For Students

  • Author: Veronica
  • June 28, 2017
What to Look For In a Free Plagiarism Checker For Students

If you are on the lookout for a free plagiarism checker for students, you have dozens of options to choose from. Plagiarism software, when it works like it should, detect any content that has been lifted from other sources or that has not been properly cited.

Many people are under the impression that a plagiarism checker that’s free for students is only used for nefarious purposes. Their logic is that you should not need a free online plagiarism checker for students if you are writing your own original papers. If you need a student plagiarism checker, you must be cheating.

That’s simply not true. It is quite easy to inadvertently plagiarise content. For example, if you place an end quote a sentence or few before you intend to, the text outside of that quote could be flagged by free plagiarism software. Common words and phrases can also be flagged.

This is why it is important to be proactive and use a plag checker for free. Some students will even use a plagiarism checker for free online for students to double check their work, and then discuss any results with their instructors. This way they know, straight from the professor’s mouth, what needs to be changed before they risk an accusation of academic dishonesty.

Now that you know you need a plagiarism detector for students, let’s review exactly what you should look for.

It Should Support Copy/Paste URL And File Upload

There are three ways in which a plagiarism checker for students to use for free online can accept content. You should be able to upload a file, copy and paste in your text, or provide a URL linking to your content. A good free plagiarism checker for students online should ideally offer all three options. However, at least two are acceptable as well.

Every Common File Type Should be Accepted

You shouldn’t have to use a plagiarism checker online for students that’s free and have to worry about file conversion. Students use a variety of word processing software packages. A well designed product should be able to handle all of the major ones.

There Should be a Downloadable Originality Report

A free plagiarism checker that is online for students should do more than provide a brief interactive message that your paper is acceptable. What happens if you are accused of academic dishonesty later on. You want to have a copy of an originality report to show your instructor.

If It is a Paid Tool There Should be a Handsome Plag Checker Free Trial

There are some great tools that require you to purchase them or pay a subscription fee. Many of these have additional features, and go beyond a plagiarism checker available online for free for students. However, if they don’t offer a free trial, we recommend that you pass them by.

Conclusion: Every Free Student Plagiarism Checker Should Have Positive Reviews

Before you use any plagiarism checker be sure to read the reviews. If they are not solidly positive, move on to another tool.