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Table of Contents has been around since 2007 – that’s plenty of time for a writing service to develop its policies, refine its procedures, and accumulate a professional writing staff with degrees and superb qualifications. We looked for these things as we investigated this company for our OvernightEssay review, and we used our standard criteria to do this.

  • We read all of the information and content on the website
  • We conducted an Overnight Essay review of the samples that we found on the site
  • We read Overnight Essay testimonials that the company published on its site
  • We located and studied OvernightEssay reviews that other customers posted on the web
  • We reviewed pricing, discounts, and other benefits
  • We ordered a research paper and evaluated its quality
  • We contacted and spoke with customer support agents, asking detailed questions about the company, its products and its policies

The review we are posting here is the result of all of these investigations.

Step 1: About

The website is clear – it provides products and services for students at all study levels, including everything from basic high school essays through Ph.D. dissertations, and everything in between. The company provides a drop-down menu that lists all of the products it offers, as well as services such as editing and proofreading and help with homework and coursework assignments.

The site itself is well-organized with links to informational pages and pricing. Footer pages are designed to give more detailed information about some of the products and company policies.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

We gauge quality with several factors, and these are our findings:

  • We reviewed some of the sample writings posted on the site. the first thing that struck us was that the resources in the research pieces were so old. And we were hard-pressed to find thesis statements for some of the writings – a piece on violence in a Los Angeles neighborhood (years ago) and a piece on the Victorian Age which really was a book review of two authors’ novels.
  • We read OvernightEssay reviews of former customers – most complaints related to poor quality and lack of suitable resources
  • We reviewed the research paper we ordered and received. We got it on time, but, again, the writing indicated that an ESL writer prepared it, despite the company claims that all writers are native English-speaking degree holders.

Step 3: Writers and Support

We are not impressed with the products that this company’s writers produce. There are customer complaints, and the paper we received was not of a quality that could be submitted to a college instructor. Despite their claims, there are ESL writers.

In terms of customer service, we did contact this department by phone and live chat. The inability of these agents to answer some basic questions about products and services is appalling. To be told that an entire original dissertation can be produced in 7 days is absolutely ridiculous.

Step 4: Prices

OvernightEssay prices are a bit above average for the industry. They range from $17.17 for a basic high school essay to $37.37 of Ph.D. level work with a quick deadline requirement. The paper we ordered was $161.36, higher than most services charge. Pricing is based upon academic level of the student, the length and type of product, and the deadline requirements, factors which are standard in the industry.

Step 4: Additional Features and Discounts

While there is no Overnight Essay discount for new customers that we could find, there are discounts for loyal returning customers, and, according to customer service agents, Overnight Essay promo codes provided during certain seasons. We were also told that there are personal discounts that can be requested and an OvernightEssay coupon code would be provided for these. We could not get any information about what would qualify for a “personal” discount.

In terms of additional features, we were not able to find a listing. However, it seems that we were not charged for our title or bibliography pages. We did find out that a plagiarism report would cost extra.


We are not impressed with this company. Quality of products is just not there, for the price. We are thus giving a rating of “Fair.”

Review of OvernightEssay by TopWritingReviews infographic

Rien1996 reviewed

There is nothing terrible nor exciting I can say about this company. Since the order placement to the due date I heard nothing from them and then just downloaded my finished paper. Maximum respect to one's personal space I'd say, haha
As for the quality, it's okay. I run through some free plagiarism and grammar checkers and spotted some mistakes. My supervisor accepted the assignment, I expect to get C-something. Gotta check out other services within the price range.

Elisabeth reviewed

Totally impressed with their support department. They are such a great liars with such creative stories of why my paper was delayed and why it did not have a QA report. Awesome! OvernightEssay, where did you get them? I guess their major was arts (acting in particular)? Yes, indeed!
So glad our "working together" has come to an end!

Helena reviewed

Custom written academic papers delivered on time? Really? That is your slogan? Then why do not you follow it? Why do not you keep the promise of on time delivery? Why do not you give professional support when needed? Out of everything that I had experienced with them I cannot point out a single positive item. Oh wait, actually I can. The never ever co-working again!

Ondrej reviewed

It always makes me laugh when a resource is called something like one day paper or overnight essay or fast essay etc, when in reality the service cannot even complete a small essay within one week. LoL
Like seriously? And after that you expect people to come over for more services from you? Shame!

Misha reviewed

I do not believe that overnightessay has been on the market for ten years. They are just way too unprofessional for a resource with such a huge experience. To my big sadness, working with them did not bring anything good to me. Although they gave me a plagiarism report, when I re-checked my paper for plagiarism myself - the online app told me there were quite a lot of that. Who knows, maybe that is just me who got lucky with them, but I would not recommend relying on them.

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