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Step 1: About

My Assignment Help is an academic assistance service that is based in Australia but offers services to students on a global scale. They offer some academic writing help, along with a variety of other online academic writing assistance. To write this review, we have taken several steps and done extensive research.

Our review of MyAssignmentHelp has included:

  • Comparing prices
  • Reading customer reviews
  • Researching content on Reddit and other social media sites
  • Reviewing the BBB site for complaints of plagiarism or scams
  • Reading customer testimonials

We’ve also spoken with students who have used these services and arranged to receive sample work to review. Finally, we explored their website to read policy pages on guarantees and how to obtain a refund, looked for discounts and coupon codes, and learn about available payment methods.

Here is a video that showcases some of MyAssignmentHelp services.

Is reliable and trustworthy? Keep reading to learn about our experiences. We’ve included a final rating at the bottom.

Step 2: Quality of Products and Services

Normally when we review the quality of products and services and a company’s reputation we review the website, take a look at prices, and review a sample work or two. That wasn’t so easy with this company. TopEssayWriting at first glance appears to be a clearinghouse of academic services that include writing, daily assignment help, and other resources. There are also links and headlines advertising a variety of writing, proofreading, and rewriting tools.

Unfortunately, the further we explored the website the more confused we became. The company definitely focuses on students, and that they do offer help in the areas of essays, case studies, assignments, and other areas. However, the exact type of help offered is varied and inconsistent. For example, at the time of this review we tried to look into help with case studies. Unfortunately, instead of being able to order case study assistance, the link simply leads to random examples of case studies. We tried the dissertation help link, and were taken to a page that was focused on help with homework. The design and navigation of the site is all over the place. It almost seems as if the people working here don’t understand what any of these academic terms actually mean.

Eventually we just clicked on the button to place an order. This forces you to choose a course number which may or may not exist in their list, or even be relevant to your request. Customers are also forced to give their phone number. No price is given unless you enter into chat. A representative completes the process at that point.

Step 3: Writers and Support

We didn’t complete the order process as we were in receipt of an example work from an undisclosed source. We reviewed the essay from My Assignment Help, and were fairly troubled by what we saw. Although, we weren’t surprised based on the disjointed website and other issues. Overall, the writer had decent ideas. Unfortunately, their vocabulary and grammar wasn’t good, transitions were poor, and references were not academic.

Our experiences with customer support were also negative. They seemed more interested in selling than providing any meaningful help.

Step 4: Prices

My Assignment Help Costs are not posted on the website. You have to place your order, and then speak with a representative via chat to learn what your cost will be. This means enduring pointless conversations, and enduring several sales pitches attempting to get you to buy additional products and services. We do know that the essay we reviewed was around 20 dollars per page for a college level paper. That is higher than average, and ludicrous considering the poor quality. 

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

We were hoping to find a promo code or other discounts. Unfortunately, there is no such thing for the most part. The closest we found was an offers page that is meant to be an alternative to a savings page. Unfortunately these aren’t very helpful. They require students to make an unreasonable number of orders in a given time. For example, someone must order two assignments in 48 hours to receive a 10% discount. In reality, most students may place one order for these services a semester. They certainly don’t place two orders in two days. Another offer was for six orders in seven days. This is also clearly an MLM scheme as students are recruited to get others to sign up as well.


We went over the pros &  cons of My Assignment Help. There are too many negatives and customer complaints to recommend this company. The services are disjointed, the products are of poor quality, and the website is absolutely confusing to navigate. The positives are that the payment processing is secure, and papers seem to be delivered by the deadline.

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